Tips and itinerary for 1 day sightseeing in Delhi

Delhi is not the most popular tourist destination in India. There are only a few interesting tourist spots in Delhi, which are all relatively close to each other and therefore can easily be done in one day.

It was my second time in the city and I still had no real interest in sightseeing in Delhi. But with a population of 25 million there must be nice places to visit in Delhi. So I decided that although it was Monsoon season to give it a chance as I was staying 3 nights in The LaLit hotel close to all the tourist spots in Delhi.

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10 reasons Pushkar is the best city in India

Why Pushkar is the best city in India? I can come up with many reasons, but along my journey through the Northeast of India I have been advised to travel to Pushkar numerous times by fellow travellers. Travellers and locals recommended me to hit the road as soon as possible and drive to this peaceful sandy town in the province of Rajasthan. It has to be said, Pushkar definitely is among my favourite cities in India now.

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Multi day treks in the Indian Himalayas

Dharamsala is surrounded by the beautiful Dhauladar mountain range and offers excellent hiking. Most visitors stay 4km uphill in the mountain village of McLeod-Gansj. From here there are many options to hike around and enjoy the serenity of the mountains. You don’t need a guide/porter since its very easy to navigate. Don’t take too much with you, though in the winter months make sure you have warm clothes for the freezing nights!

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A local guide to McLeod-Ganj in India

For a lot of travelers this little hill town overlooking Dharamsala feels like coming home. Loads of people call McLeod their home for a couple months per year. It is not only the vibe that makes people visit this picturesque town. The historical background is also why a lot people make their way up here. It was the Dalai Lama that found refuge here after he was named persona non grata in China. In his trace loads of monks followed him and everywhere in town you can find them. May be that’s one of the reasons this village radiates such a peaceful vibe. The monks are happy to take a picture with you or teach you about Buddhism if you are interested. Nowadays you can even find iMonks: the ones making pictures of the sunset with their Ipads!

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From Srinagar to McLeod-Gansj

Life after Kashmir changed rapidly as we crossed the border into the next state. The Muslim culture changed into a Hindi culture, the military left the scene and best of all I was again connected to the outside world. Since it is impossible in Kashmir to connect to the local network with a prepaid Indian SIM and Wi-Fi is fairly impossible to find, I was cut off from the world for 6 consecutive days.

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Kashmir Travel Guide And Best Things To Do In Kashmir

Is it safe to travel to Kashmir? Where exactly am I going and is it safe enough to go there? These kind of questions I asked myself only at the airport while waiting to board my flight to Srinagar, the capital of this disputable region. Not that I was really looking for an answer to those questions to be honest, but it did cross my mind while roaming Instagram for the best things to do in Kashmir.

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