While searching for a holiday destination money is for mostly everyone always an issue. Of course you are willing to spend a little extra because yes it is your holiday, but when you travel there are more things you have to think about. Travelling is not like a holiday I have explained that many times in other articles. When travelling you are always looking to find the right balance between comfort and price and that is exactly one of the reasons why Asia is so popular for travellers: the value for money is the best in the world! Bali on a budget does not mean you stay in shabby places or eat crappy food at all! Go for it, you will be fine!

How much does a Bali trip cost?

This of course totally depends what you are after and how long you are planning to stay, which areas you are going and most importantly how much you party! Just like myself most people then tell me: ‘yeah I don’t party that much’. I keep on telling me the same joke over and over! LOL. But somehow I always end up having at least two or three great nights out per week. A trip to Bali cost always a little more than you plan. Bali on a Budget or not; once you are there you just want to have fun, right? ;)

Prices in Bali


You will find plenty of budget hotels in Bali where room rates go around for $20 - $50 per night. Budget hotels in Bali are comfortable; rooms are nice and modern and come with air-conditioning and a simple breakfast. But now I am talking about places that I like: Ubud and Canggu. Are you planning to stay in Seminyak and Kuta then you will find way less value for your money. Just listen to me and please stay away there! ;)

Staying in Bali for a little longer? I shared my experiences in 'Finding A House For Rent In Ubud'!


Alcohol is expensive on the Island of Gods and of course that is where they make the most money of. A beer in the supermarket can be bought for $1 but in a fancy place that same beer can cost you $7. Prices in Bali for the same product range a lot! All the popular villages on the South Coast have amazing sunsets and the beaches are public. So drinking a beer at sunset should not cost more than $1!

If you are not a beer drinker than expect to pay, especially for wine. Cheap wine does not exist in Bali as the cheapest bottle in a supermarket is around $20. Worth it? No definitely not! In restaurants wines are always listed from $50 onwards. Did your trip to Bali cost you more than expected?  Then you probably drank to much alcohol!

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One of my favorite places is Canggu. Find out where to go out and party in my Canggu Bali Guide.


Cheap places to eat are like budget hotels in Bali: you will find them everywhere! These places are called Warungs, which simply means restaurant. A proper meal can be found here for $2, drinking water is free. Depending where you go you will also find street food, which is even cheaper. Fruit shakes on the streets are about $1, in a Juice place up to $3. For me local food is the best food and part of getting to know the local culture. Bali on a budget means you eat out of a banana leaf, but isn’t that just way better than a standard plate? How cheap is Bali? As cheap as you want to!

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The amazing food is one of the reasons to visit Bali, read all of them in 12 Reasons To Visit Bali


Renting a scooter in Bali is the way to get around and it is the cheapest way as well. You have to drive yourself but that is all part of a fantastic experience! If a motorbike is not your thing then use apps like Uber, Grab and Go-Jek. In most places the taxi mafia in Bali is trying to ban these apps but I always use them. It can be a pain in the ass to get a car, but mostly it works. From the airport to Ubud is about 1,5 hours and in an Uber that cost me exactly $10.

Read why I love having my own motorbike so much and tips on how to stay safe in my blog: Renting a scooter in Bali!

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I cant really tell you how cheap is Bali for shopping as this is not really my thing, but it pretty much comes down to your bargain skills. Prices in Bali are obviously cheaper than in the West, but always bargain, as this is normal unless you are not bothered of course!


Most cultural sights are all for free. There is a wide array of free things to do like local villages, markets and mostly all temples. Some major temples ask a little fee but we are talking about a dollar. Prices in Bali for tours can be expensive, so try to arrange everything yourself. Another great thing to in Bali on a budget is to visit the amazing waterfalls, which will cost a dollar each and some are even free.

Bali on a budget

As you have read the most basic things should not be expensive at all. Accommodation, transportation, food and partying are all affordable. How cheap is Bali? I would say for about $30 per day you will have a great time. Are you able to let your Bali trip cost $50 per day then I am sure you will have a fantastic time on the Island of Gods.


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