• 19 Best Places To Visit in El Salvador in 2021

    Planning a trip to El Salvador? This is your guide to visit the most beautiful places in the country. El Salvador may be a small nation but it is rich in both culture and geography. This stunning ‘must-visit’ destination sits in the heart of Central America on the Pacific Ocean.

    El Salvador boasts incredible national parks, long stretches of breathtaking beaches, enchanting waterfalls, marvellous lakes, mountainous areas with picturesque views, a plethora of inland attractions like the vast plains of coffee plantations and of course volcanos.

  • 24 Best Places To Visit in Honduras in 2021


    Planning a trip to Honduras? Prepare yourself for this tropical paradise, Central America’s second-largest country. This country is full of hidden gems like gorgeous pristine islands, ancient ruins, lush rainforests, and picturesque mountains that attract about 2 million tourists annually.

    Unfortunately the vast majority only set foot on the gorgeous Caribbean islands in North Honduras, but there are so many more beautiful places to see.

  • Buying a Sim Card in El Salvador in 2021


    Preparing for your trip to El Salvador? This blog is to help you find the best El Salvador sim card for tourists. Avoid high roaming costs and buy a sim card in El Salvador on arrival. Good news for you: prepaid sim cards in El Salvador are cheap!

    There are also international sim cards that work good, but more about that later.

  • Buying a Sim Card in Guatemala in 2021


    Planning a trip to my favorite country in Central America? Here is your guide to buying a prepaid sim card in Guatemala. I will show you the best network, the fastest data connecting and of course the prices for staying connected.

  • Buying a Sim Card in Honduras in 2021


    Are you traveling to Honduras soon and want to stay connected? I figured out what is the best prepaid sim card for tourists in Honduras. That way you avoid high roaming costs and you are assured of the best network while exploring this beautiful country.

    Recently I was traveling in Honduras for 3 weeks and enjoyed the most beautiful places on an epic road trip across the country. At the end of this blog I will talk about my experience using and buying a Honduras sim card, but first I will give you the best prices and network in Honduras.