• Best Way To Get From Aachen to Cologne


    As I grew up in the southeast of Holland next to the German and Belgium border I consider Aachen, Germany as my base. Because of that I travel to Germany often and mostly start my blogging trips from either Cologne Airport or Dusseldorf Airport. The Cologne - Aachen stretch is probably one of my most traveled routes in Germany and because there are many ways to complete this route I wanted to help you find the best way to get from Aachen to Cologne.

  • Buying a Sim Card in Germany in 2021


    Traveling to Germany soon? Let this guide help you pick the right Germany sim card for your trip. In this article you will find the latest prices, best 4G/5G network and my personal recommendation buying a sim card in Germany. Avoid high roaming costs, getting a sim card is easy and convenient.

    After seeing with my own eyes that it was a pain to buy a sim card at Frankfurt Airport and Berlin Airport, I figured it was time to help tourists finding better Germany sim card deals.