• Buying a Sim Card at Johannesburg Airport


    Traveling to South Africa and flying to Johannesburg? The best way to get connected on your trip is to get a local prepaid sim card and no easier way than buying one at Johannesburg Airport on arrival. This is your complete guide with all the info you need to know: prices, where to go, best network, my recommendation and even a vlog.

  • Buying a Sim Card in South Africa in 2022


    If you are planning a trip to South Africa then put ‘buying a local sim card’ high up on your things to do list. It is very easy to get a prepaid sim card in South Africa, it will save you big time on high roaming costs and it gets you the fastest data connection. In this guide you will read everything you need to know about a local South African sim card: up to date prices, where to buy one, info about 5G and the best mobile network.