• 23 Best Things To Do In Kampala in 2022


    Welcome to Uganda’s capital, welcome to one of the craziest cities in Africa! Little did I know that visiting Kampala was going to be such a wild adventure when I headed out there very recently. On arrival I could sense the intensity, but it only got better when I started exploring the city.

    This is your guide for the best places to visit and things to do in and around Kampala, based on my own experiences and update in January 2022 as all covid restrictions are lifted and life is completely back to normal!

  • Aero Beach | Most Remarkable Beach in Entebbe


    Aero Beach is a very quaint place to visit when in Entebbe. But exactly why is this beach on the shores of Lake Victoria so remarkable? If it isn’t for the plane graveyard then I am sure the random big statues are making Aero Beach an actual tourist attraction.

    On my big overland trip in Africa I ended up in Entebbe for a couple days. Basically I needed some time to rest after some great adventures in Lake Mburo National Park and of course a mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Park. Looking for things to do in Entebbe I stumbled upon Aero Beach and couldn’t resist taking a look.

  • Buying a Sim Card in Uganda in 2022


    Planning a trip to Uganda? Make sure you get yourself a local sim card on arrival. Buying a sim card in Uganda is fairly easy. In this guide you will find everything you need to know about Uganda sim cards for tourists. Where to buy one, up to date prices, mobile operators and the best network.

  • Buying a Uganda Sim Card at Entebbe Airport in 2022


    Planning a trip to Uganda and flying to Entebbe International Airport? This is your guide for buying a sim card at Entebbe Airport near Kampala. It is the most convenient place to get your Uganda sim card for a trip around the country. Don’t get stuck with high roaming costs, get connected!

    When visiting a country abroad and there is no free roaming with your sim card then get yourself a local sim card. It is the first thing I do whenever I arrive in a new country. On my big Africa overland trip I already wrote sim card guides for Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, NairobiSouth Africa, Zambia and many more.