• Trying Nepal Street Food | Kathmandu Food Tour

    Happy as a kid I was when I got my trip to Nepal confirmed in June 2019. My first trip to Nepal in 2013 was still buzzing around in my mind at all times, because when people asked me about my favorite countries, I always named Nepal. Even after 100 countries and the most amazing adventures around the world (click here for my faves) Nepal literally stands out!

  • Best Prepaid Nepal Sim Card For Tourists


    In June 2019 I landed for the second time in Nepal when I attended the Himalayan Travel Mart in Kathmandu. Being online is part of my job and buying a Nepal sim card at Kathmandu Airport on arrival was one of my first priorities. But to find out about the best sim card in Nepal for tourists I also researched the mobile network in Nepal, all the prices for the available prepaid sim cards, where to buy them and what to bring. In this article I tell you everything I found out and you should know for your next trip to Nepal.

  • Buying a Nepal Sim Card at Kathmandu Airport


    In the beginning of June 2019 I arrived at Kathmandu Airport as I was attending the Himalayan Travel Mart. Getting connected to the internet is one of the first things I do when I arrive to a new country. As a professional travel blogger I am constantly updating my social media channels and I don’t want to rely on free Wifi. Therefore I bought a Nepal sim card at Kathmandu Airport.