• Best Prepaid Portugal Sim Card for Tourists in 2020


    In January 2020 I traveled to Portugal for only the second time in my life. Definitely one of the most laid-back European destinations and I was just as stoked to find out everything about buying a Portugal sim card. In this article I will help you where to buy one, show you the best network coverage and tell you which sim card for Portugal is the best for tourists.

  • Buying a Portugal Sim Card at Lisbon Airport in 2020


    Early January 2020 I made it back to Portugal and landed in Lisbon. First things first, I researched the airport to find the best Portugal sim card to get connected. In this blog I tell you all about buying a sim card at Lisbon Airport. Where to buy one, the prices and which Portugal sim card at Lisbon Airport is the best.

  • Lisbon Travel Blog: 3-day itinerary + free walking tours


    The capital and largest city of Portugal is a beautiful charming city with several characteristic Bairros de Lisboa (neighborhoods) with historical culture and unique architectural landmarks. It’s one of the oldest cities in Western Europe and in the world. Lisbon is situated at the mouth of the Tagus River and is Europe’s only capital city along the Atlantic coast. English is widely spoken so language shouldn’t be an issue if you travel to Lisbon.

  • Solar Do Castelo Lisbon Review | A Hidden Gem


    Lisbon has been on my travel bucket list for a very long time. This summer I decided it was about time to visit Lisbon, the second oldest capital city in the world (after Athens). Lisbon is built on seven hills, with the São Jorge hill being the highest of the city. Located on the summit of this hill is the São Jorge Castle, overlooking the city with some breathtaking views. On top of this highest hill, and right next to the castle you’ll find (if you search well) Solar Do Castelo, so be prepared for a climb whenever you go to the hotel! In this blog you can read about my stay, a complete hotel review.