• Best Prepaid UK Sim Card For Tourists in 2020


    September 2020 I took another trip to London to find the best UK sim card for tourists in 2020. For those traveling to the UK and do not want to spend a lot of money on roaming costs: for about £20 you can already get a 10GB data sim card! When arriving at the London or Manchester Airports: Heathrow, ManchesterGatwick, Stansted and Luton you might want to buy your UK sim card there. Click on your London Airport for a detailed guide.

  • Buying a UK Sim Card at London Gatwick Airport in 2020


    When traveling to London from overseas Im sure you want to keep your fooks back home updated about your trip. To avoid crazy roaming costs I would strongly recommend you to buy a UK sim card at London Gatwick Airport. But after such a long flight you rather don’t go through all that hassle and just buy the best one available, right? In this blog about buying a UK sim card at London Gatwick Airport in 2020 I will find the best sim card for you and tell you were to buy it.