• Buying a Sim Card at Riyadh Airport


    Excited to travel to Saudi Arabia? Don’t forget to buy a prepaid sim card for Saudi Arabia, it is the best way to avoid high roaming costs and get the fastest data connection on your mobile. This is your complete guide for buying a sim card at Riyadh Airport on arrival with where to go, up to date prices, my recommendation, network strength and even a vlog to show you how it all looks like.

  • Buying a Sim Card in Saudi Arabia in 2022

    Are you excited to travel to Saudi Arabia? Whether you are just a tourist or going on a pilgrimage make sure you stay connected. The best way? Buying a local prepaid sim card in Saudi Arabia on arrival. This is the most extensive guide showing you the best prepaid sim card for Saudi Arabia including a comparison of the up to date prices as per March 2022, the best 4G/5G network in Saudi Arabia, where to buy a sim card, info about e-sim cards for Saudi Arabia and even a vlog with all the info.