• 11 Best International Sim Cards for Traveling in 2021


    Traveling overseas soon? Avoid high roaming costs and get yourself a travel sim card, an international sim card that works all over the world! Does that exist? Yes!

    In this article I explain you the differences between a local sim card and a global sim card. Then I give you the best international sim cards available on the market in 2021 with all the pros and cons and let you decide for yourself if you think it is worth buying an international sim card.

    Oh for your convenience I ranked the best international sim cards from best to worst. Number 1 is my top recommendation, then number 2 and so on…

  • 11 Best Prepaid UK Sim Cards in 2021


    For those traveling to the UK and do not want to spend a lot of money on roaming costs: for about £24 you can already get a 30 GB data sim card! When arriving at the London or Manchester Airports: HeathrowGatwick, Stansted and Luton you might want to buy your UK sim card on arrival at the airport. Click on your London Airport for a detailed guide. In this article you will find a UK sim card comparison with all the pay-as-you-go deals on the market.

  • Best Prepaid Dubai Sim Card for Tourists in 2021

    Flying to Dubai soon? The first I recommend you doing is buying a UAE sim card for tourists on arrival. A sim card with data, like most other things in Dubai, is expensive! In this blog post I will tell you everything you need to know about a Dubai sim card for tourists: where to buy one, up to date prices as per May 2021, the best network and I will also show you which prepaid sim card for Dubai is the best. 

    Recently I spent a couple days in Dubai in and between my trip to Kurdistan, Iraq and my trip to Syria. This blog is updated in May 2021 to make sure you get up to date info about buying the right Dubai sim card for your trip!

    I will first explain more about a UAE sim card and where you can buy one in Dubai then I will specifically break down all the info for buying a sim card at Dubai DXB Airport.

  • Buying a Sim Card at Amsterdam Airport in 2021


    Damn it! I feel ashamed for my own country! Why? The sim cards for Netherlands or traveling in Europe what we sell in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are a scam, so crazy expensive for just a couple GB of data!

    As a Dutchman coming back to my own country always gives me the hassle of NOT being connected to the internet as I don't have a Dutch mobile phone contract anymore. I always buy a local sim card as soon as I arrive in a country and I strongly encourage others to do so too to avoid high roaming costs. Well in The Netherlands I don't...

  • Buying a Sim Card at Dublin Airport in 2021


    Are you flying to Ireland and landing at Dublin Airport? This is everything you need to know about buying a sim card at Dublin Airport in 2021. Where can you buy one, what are the prices and are they good for traveling in Europe? Answers on all these questions can be found in this article about Ireland sim cards at Dublin Airport.

  • Buying a Sim Card in Honduras in 2021


    Are you traveling to Honduras soon and want to stay connected? I figured out what is the best prepaid sim card for tourists in Honduras. That way you avoid high roaming costs and you are assured of the best network while exploring this beautiful country.

    Recently I was traveling in Honduras for 3 weeks and enjoyed the most beautiful places on an epic road trip across the country. At the end of this blog I will talk about my experience using and buying a Honduras sim card, but first I will give you the best prices and network in Honduras.

  • Buying a Sim Card in USA in 2021

    Stay connected when traveling to the USA! It sounds easier than it actually is, as the American sim card market isn’t as advanced as in Europe or in other parts of the world. But don’t worry, it isn’t that complicated either! Buying a sim card in the USA is the best way to stay online and avoid high roaming costs.