• Buying a Sim Card at Geneva Airport in 2022

    Preparing for your flight to Geneva? Switzerland is already expensive enough so don't get stuck with high roaming costs. The best way to avoid this is buying a local sim card on arrival in Switzerland. Therefore I wrote this guide for buying a prepaid sim card for tourists at Geneva Airport. I will tell you where to buy one, up to date prices as per July 2022, give you the latest info about EU roaming with Swiss sim cards and even provide you with info about e-sim cards for Switzerland.

  • Buying a Sim Card in Switzerland in 2022

    Traveling to Switzerland soon? Don't get stuck with high roaming charges or slow overseas data bundles which reduce the internet speed abroad? Switzerland is already expensive enough so get yourself a local prepaid sim card on arrival. It is easy, fast and the cheapest way to stay connected.

    In this guide you will find everything you need to know about buying a prepaid sim card in Switzerland with where to buy a sim card, the best 4G/5G network in Switzerland, up to date prices for prepaid sim cards as per July 2022, my recommendation, restrictions on EU roaming and info about international and e-sim cards for Switzerland.

  • Davos Summer Tips for 2022 | Switzerland’s Ultimate Summer Outdoor Destination


    After quite some city trips to Dusseldorf, London, Gothenburg and Barcelona over the past six months, Traveltomtom writer Ashely, really felt the urge for an outdoor nature trip. After some research on the internet she looked into visiting Davos, a very famous winter destination in Switzerland. However, checking out the Davos tourism tips on the internet she immediately became very excited about visiting Davos in summer and made it her next travel destination, without any regrets as you will discover reading this Davos travel blog full of tips.