• Best Prepaid Mexico SIM card for Tourists


    March 2019 I decided to go backpacking in Yucatan Mexico for the second time in my life and of course I bought a sim card to avoid high roaming costs. That is what I would recommend every tourist to do when traveling to Mexico. Buying a sim card in Mexico is easy and straight forward and can save you a lot of money. In this guide I will compare all the available Mexico prepaid sim cards and point out the best one for traveling. UPDATED October 2020!

  • Buying a Sim Card at Mexico City Airport

    Don’t waste money on expensive roaming costs, buy a local sim card upon arrival in Mexico City. Staying online makes traveling so much easier: use Google Maps to find thing, translate Spanish to English, stay up to date with the latest travel restrictions, etc. For a couple dollar you and within just a couple minutes you are all set with a prepaid Mexico sim card for tourists.