• EVERFUN Cooler Backpack for the Outdoors | Review

    Cooler boxes, chilly bins and cooler bags are often inconvenient in size and difficult to take with you on a trip. Yet their functionality is often desired when travelling. We have often explored the outdoors, where it would have been great to have a handy cooler bag to keep drinks chilled for a few hours.

  • Fjällräven Nuuk Parka | Review

    In the Winter of 2020 we had our first collaboration with Fjällräven. Back then they provided us with a full Fjällräven winter clothing set to review. It was our introduction to the Fjällräven brand. We really liked their products and quality.

    When we started planning our most recent trip to Lapland, we knew we needed only the best possible gear. Knowing that the temperature in Lapland can drop well below 0, only the best of the best would suffice. With our previous Fjällräven experiences, there was only one way to go for me.

  • Personalized Princess Traveller Sumatra Suitcase | Review


    It’s no secret, I’m a true suitcase type of traveler. It is often much more convenient. For me a suitcase needs to be perfect. The wheels must be smooth, the handle needs to operate smoothly and not unimportantly, it must look good! In this travel gear blog I will show you all about the personalized Sumatra suitcase from Princess Traveller.

  • Rolfstone Focus Headphones | Review


    Some travel items are just indispensable when it comes to travelling and are a true travel essential. To me a travel essential par excellence is an over ear noise cancelling headphone. Absolutely indispensable in an airplane. Especially when you have (young) children seated close to you.

    For the past few years I have never travelled without my noise cancelling headphones, and it’s the first thing that comes out of my backpack as soon as I have found my seat. Definitely a must when putting my travel gear list together.

  • Rolfstone Nova Sport Earbuds | Review


    I have to be honest, when I was offered to test and review these Nova Sport earbuds, I wasn’t too enthusiastic to start with, but let me explain. I've always had problems with earplugs. For some reason they never stuck in my ears and always fall out. Reason for me to never wear earphones and to stick with on ear and over ear headphones.

    I’m a big fan of over ear headphones, but some are quite large and therefore not handy to travel with. I don’t like using them while walking for example. I think they’re just too big for that. However I sometimes would love to be able to enjoy some music while hiking or exploring new places.

  • Teufel Noise Cancelling Headphone | Review

    Noise cancelling headphones are a must have essential when you travel. Not all noise cancelling headphones are equally good especially for traveling. The Traveltomtom team is always looking for the best ones to make traveling for us and for you more comfortable and more enjoyable.

    Just recently we were introduced to a tech company that was unknown to us at the time: Teufel. Have you ever heard of Teufel?

    Who is Teufel?

    Teufel Noise Cancelling Headphone Review 5

    So, who is Teufel then? The company Teufel was founded in 1979 in Berlin as a retailer for loudspeaker parts. The basic idea of offering the market a technical alternative with high-quality hi-fi loudspeakers in the form of pre-assembled components was immediately very successful. With the slogan ‘Teufel – rather build better loudspeakers yourself’, the models were among the most successful on the Berlin Market. And that as a do-it-yourself-kit! Over the following years the loudspeaker kits and components were sold thousands of times. Caught by the success, Teufel now also decides to sell ready-made speakers as a specialist retailer. This also turned out to be a huge success.

    Later Teufel completely changed the sales system by saying goodbye to specialist trade-oriented sales and selling exclusively directly to the end customer. This resulted in products being sold up to 66% cheaper than in the specialist trade.

    Teufel is at the forefront and continues to develop in the fields of wireless, gaming, sound and overall experience. They listen to their customers. This ensures a reliable customer base and a good relationship.

    teufel flagship store berlin

    When we visited Berlin earlier this year, our hotel happened to be located right next to the Teufel flagship store in Berlin. I just had their noise cancelling headphone in use and was super excited to see their store in Berlin. Of course I had to visit the store and check out what else they have to offer.


    Teufel Noise Cancelling Headphone Review 6

    Unboxing these headphones is so much fun already. The Real Blue NC headphones comes in a really nice and super handy Real Blue Case. It also includes a USB-C charging cable, Real Blue NC ear cushions and an audio cable including inline control. Especially the case is a winner for me. It’s an essential when you travel and want to store your headphones safely.

    Real Blue NC

    The Real Blue NC is an over ear noise cancelling headphone. It’s Teufel’s showpiece and surely a high-end model. It offers great active noise canceling, modern Bluetooth, long battery life and best-in-class sound. A headphone that sounds good anywhere.

    Long lasting battery

    Teufel Noise Cancelling Headphone Review 2

    The battery is truly impressive. It has a playing time of over 55 hours without Active Noise Cancelling and over 41 hours with Active Noise Cancelling. The Real Blue NC intelligently controls its power consumption.

    ShareMe feature

    The ShareMe feature lets you share the music you’re listening to with another pair of compatible Teufel headphones. Also ideal for netflixing together.

    Active Noise Cancelling

    Teufel Noise Cancelling Headphone Review 1

    This headphone has digital, hybrid active noise cancelling for highly efficient noise reduction. The new Active Noise Cancelling technology that is packed into the Real Blue NC gives you the ability to take breaks from the outside world. It’s ideal in the train, plane, at the office or when the neighbours are doing odd jobs. From now on you can relax anytime, anywhere.

    Teufel Real Blue NC Review

    Teufel Noise Cancelling Headphone Review 4

    I wanted something different this time and chose the blue color and I loved it. The Teufel Real Blue NC is a real piece of technology. Wearing comfort is very important to me, especially when you use the headphones for a longer time, on a long-haul flight for example. It’s a light, stable headphone with large, soft, ventilated and replaceable ear cushions. Very suitable for long listening sessions.

    Over the past few weeks I have used the headphones extensively. We have multiple noise cancelling headphones we use for our travels. I think this Teufel is now one of my favorites. It’s comfortable, the noise cancelling is really good and the battery life just doesn’t disappoint.

    This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She received Teufel Real Blue NC headphone to test extensively and to write this review.