Many people travel to Tanzania because it’s a popular African safari destination, but did you know that coffee production is a flourishing business in Tanzania as well? Coffee is Tanzania's largest exported crop, and the production of coffee employs more than 400,000 families. Apart from that, a coffee plantation experience is a great way to learn and explore more about Tanzania’s culture and history.


When I tell you I was touring Africa overland by public transport I bet one of the first things that come to your mind is: backpacking. Don’t worry, I understand and a normal guest staying at Lupita Island doesn’t come to Kipili by public bus and a boda-boda. But I like to be that exception… I did all of the above: the public transport, the motorbike and yes I also enjoyed an exclusive villa on Lupita Island for 2 days.

My overland trip in Africa was to get a feel of the countries I was crossing. Rather than visiting the main tourist destinations, I was instead having local experiences. I stayed in chaotic little towns where people had not seen tourists in a long time and had the most crazy bus rides.

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Many people, when choosing a holiday destination choose between Europe, USA or Asia. Just like I have always done. Only a handful travelers choose to vacation in parts of Africa. We all know the African continent is the land of diverse cultures, natural wonders and home to the worlds most amazing wildlife safari experiences. In this Tanzania travel blog I will inspire you to visit Tanzania and put it high on your bucketlist.