As part of my recent business trip to Shanghai, attending the Huawei Connect 2023 conference, I had the unique opportunity to delve into the world of 5G technology and artificial intelligence at the 5G+ XtoB laboratory located within Huawei's sprawling campus in Suzhou.

This cutting-edge facility, opened in October 2022, is a hub of innovation and collaboration between Huawei and various industry research institutes, focused on standardizing and implementing successful 5G solutions across diverse sectors.

From Shanghai to Suzhou

I was in Shanghai to attend the Huawei Connect 2023 and I was staying at the Sheraton Shanghai Pudong Hotel.  From there we began our adventure into the world of technology. The drive from Shanghai to Suzhou was about 1.5 hour.

The anticipation built as we approached the Huawei Campus, knowing that we were about to witness the transformative power of 5G and AI in real-world business scenarios. It actually was an exciting moment for me anyway as I had never visited a campus like that before.

 After my trip to Shanghai I also visited the Huawei Campus in Dongguan, a mega project Huawei invested almost 1.5 billion USD in. 

Inside China’s first 5G+ XtoB Laboratory

5g xtob lab huawei campus suzhou 6

Stepping into the laboratory, we were granted special access to not only observe but also film the cutting-edge technologies in action. Below I have embedded my vlog which I posted on my TikTok channel for you to catch a glimpse of what it looks like inside the Huawei 5G+ XtoB Laboratory in Suzhou.

Let me share some exciting highlights from our visit and things that I have noticed and learned.

Production lines connected with 5G

5g xtob lab huawei campus suzhou 3

At the Huawei Laboratory, we were given an insightful tour of how 5G technology and AI are being integrated into various business solutions to optimize processes. One remarkable example was the utilization of 5G to connect multiple robots, enabling seamless data collection and processing. AI, in turn, played a pivotal role in optimizing production processes that were previously relying on human intervention.

Patrol robot

patrol robot 5g ai solution huawei

We were also introduced to a patrol robot, equipped with an array of sensors, cameras, and infrared technology. This robot's purpose was to detect anomalies in parameters such as air quality, reducing the risk of human exposure to hazardous situations in environments like extreme weather, highly dangerous zones in for example power plants or areas with high radiation levels. Witnessing such advancements left us in awe of how technology is making workplaces safer and more efficient.

Inspection and precise positioning

5g xtob lab huawei campus suzhou 4

Fully automated quality checks have been performed for a long time, but with the help of 5G and AI technology it is now possible to show the exact spot of the malfunction. When inspection discovers a weak spot during quality check, manpower used to be searching for the exact spot, but now since data is transmitted through 5G and machines are connected another machine is able to exactly mark the weak spot.

Warehouse robot

5g xtob lab huawei campus suzhou 5

Another robot showed the completely automated process of picking up boxes in a warehouse. With a couple mouse clicks in a control center you could send a robot to pick up the exact box you would want and deliver it to where you want.

The Significance of the 5G+ XtoB Joint Innovation Lab

5g xtob lab huawei campus suzhou 2

The 5G+ XtoB Joint Innovation Lab in Suzhou represents a milestone in China's technological landscape. It serves as a collaborative space where industry partners, research institutes, universities, telcos, and companies work together to incubate innovative solutions in various domains. This interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and expertise has already borne fruit, with 11 commercial 5G standardizations achieved by May 2023.

A Glimpse into the Future

As we left the 5G+ XtoB Joint Innovation Lab, we couldn't help but feel enlightened by the possibilities that lie ahead. The lab's dedication to combining 5G with other cutting-edge technologies, such as cloud computing and AI, is paving the way for smart industrial control, IoT applications, visual detection, and precise positioning and inspection.

Our visit to Huawei's Suzhou Research Center was an eye-opening experience, demonstrating how ICT innovations are driving the digital transformation of industries.

It was not just a journey into the world of technology; it was a glimpse into the future, where the most exciting applications are yet to unfold.

It was an inspiring visit that gave me an extra boost of how to use AI in my field of work in for example writing this travel blog and 5G technologies that can be used in the travel industry.

5g xtob lab huawei campus suzhou 7

In conclusion, our visit to the Huawei Campus and the 5G+ XtoB laboratory left us inspired and optimistic about the potential of 5G and AI in shaping the future of business. The fusion of these technologies is set to revolutionize industries across the board, and we are excited to witness the transformation firsthand.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey into the world of 5G and AI.

Thanks Huawei for the invitation to join the Huawei Connect 2023 and ultimately arrange a visit to the 5G laboratory in Suzhou.