Stones, stones, stones and more stones, that's Hampi! But these stones have a meaning. With ruins dating back to the Middle Ages, impressive landscapes, hills of boulders, historical carvings and of course incredible temples. Hampi is not just another historical village, Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must visit on your trip to India. In this Hampi travel guide you will read everything you need to know before you visit.

Lately on my third visit to India I finally made it to this sleepy but popular town. I heard a lot of great stories about it and I could not wait to travel to Hampi myself. Loads of backpackers call Hampi among the best places to visit in India. So I was curious and excited!

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1. What is Hampi?

Actually there is not really a village or a city center. Hampi consist of lots of different temple complexes scattered around a vast area dived by a river. Until a couple years ago locals were living in the temple complexes, but since it got declared a UNESCO World Heritag Site, locals had to move out. Now all there is left in Hampi are ruins, temples, boulders, hills and a handful local homes all over the area. So where to stay in Hampi? I will talk about that later.

hampi sightseeing

travel to hampi 2

2. History of Hampi

Can you believe that Hampi was considered the second biggest city in the world in the year 1500? When my guide told me this I had to Google it. It was the capital of the Hindu Vijaynagara Empire and in 1565 conquered and destroyed by Muslims. Ever since Hampi remained in ruins, can you believe it? To me it sounded kind of unbelievable that it never got rebuilt in all those hundreds of years. It is estimated that there are over 2,500 temples and monuments all over the more than 4,000 hectares of the Hampi UNESCO World Heritage site.

hampi tourist spot 1

3. Backpacking in Hampi is popular

Thanks to the popularity among backpackers traveling to Hampi is a popular thing to do in India. The tourism business is flourishing and now that I have been I can understand why. Hampi tourism has everything: nature, history, sightseeing, mythology, tours, spirituality, cheap accommodation, great food and an incredibly laid-back vibe. This is one of those sleepy places where you can escape the hustle and bustle of India.

No honking cars, no street vendors that annoy you, no tricycles that hassle you. When you travel to Hampi be prepared to fall in love and leaving this place is going to be hard. It actually reminded me a little of Pushkar, a place that stole my heart on a previous trip to India.

In this Hampi travel blog I will give you all the vital tips and information you need to know with things to do, accommodation options, places to visit, where to go and some handy Hampi travel tips.

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hampi travel blog

First let me start with some essential Hampi travel tips. As there are numerous temples scattered around the UNESCO World Heritage Site I am sure you will go to at least one of them during your trip. Try to learn some of the values of the Hindu religion, before embarrassing yourself while roaming around the temple complexes in Hampi.

4. Don’t step on thresholds

When entering a temple don’t step on the doorways, always step over it. This also counts when you enter someone’s house. Never even think about sitting on a threshold! 

5. Remove shoes before entering a temple

Always remove your shoes when entering a living temple. There are places to deposit your shoes for just 2 INR (3 cents).

6. Take off your hat

There is no need to take off your hat when entering the temple complex, but when you enter the sacred place within a temple always take off your hat. I wish I had read a Hampi travel blog before my trip as I always wear a hat and I learned about it after it was too late.

7. Dresscode Hampi temples

Officially there is no dresscode and I have seen women in skirts and sleeveless inside the temple complex. Although there are no official rules for the Hampi temples I later heard that religious people judge tourists who do. So please cover your shoulders and knees out of respect, this counts for men and women! Unfortunately I only found out about this later too, so consider this as a vital Hampi travel tip to not upset pilgrims. Just bring a cloth to wrap around your waist so it covers your knees.

places to visit in hampi

8. Enter a temple from the left side of the bull or Garuda

Before entering a temple there will always be a bull or Garuda at the entrance. Move left from the bull or Garuda to enter the temple. 

9. Always move clockwise inside a temple

Once inside the temple complex walk in a clockwise direction so the sacred object/god is always on your right side. Moving around in a counterclockwise direction is considered disrespectful to the god.

10. No photos inside the Gods sanctum

When entering the Gods sanctum not only take off your hat but also turn off your cameras and put your phone away. Taking photos inside the sanctum is prohibited. 

11. Exit the temple on the opposite side of the bull/garuda

When you entered you walked left of the bull/garuda (clockwise) and when you exit you take the opposite side.

12. Hampi temples are free

Essentially the Hampi temples are free but sometimes you need to pay a fee for cameras/phones. It is less than a dollar (50INR) and is used for the preservation of the temples. I only had to pay the camera fee in two temples, so spending $1,5 towards preservation when you travel to Hampi is not that bad, right?

13. Temples are closed between 12.30pm and 2.00pm for lunch

This is the time when priests have their lunch breaks and the temples will be closed.

places to visit in hampi 3

14. Women having their period are not allowed to enter the temple

Just for your interest. This is against the rules of the religion.

15. Don’t enter a temple with leather products

As you know cows are believed to be sacred and therefore try not to bring your leather backpack or anything else made from leather when you go sightseeing in Hampi.

16. Accept offerings

When visiting the temples of Hampi you might be offered some snacks like bananas. These are offerings and considered an honor. Eat it or pass it on, don’t throw it away!

17. Ask people before taking a photo of them

You don't like to be photographed secretly either so don't do that to pilgrims. Kindly ask if it is ok to take a photo. Point at your camera and ask ok? You will hardly get a no, but I think it is respectful to ask first.

hampi travel guide 2

I wish I had known all these 14 things before visiting Hampi as I definitely made a couple rookie mistakes like stepping on the threshold, not removing my hat and wearing shorts inside the temple. Like many tourists that travel to Hampi it happens because we simply don’t know. Therefore I hope this Hampi travel guide teaches you a little about the customs of Hampi sightseeing. So you know what not to do when you travel to Hampi.

These are the best places to visit in Hampi 

18. Virupaksha Temple

Surely this is the number one place to see in Hampi. The Virupaksha temple is the main tourist spot in Hampi and can be seen from all over the area. With its beautiful golden tower it is the main place for pilgrims when they visit Hampi. I roamed around this living temple for quite some time, took photos with locals and kids and admired its spiritual vibe.

There is an elephant living inside the temple complex, which goes bathing in the nearby river every morning. More about that when I speak about the things to do in Hampi.

things to do in hampi

19. Hampi Bazaar

Back in the days the street leading away from the Virupaksha Temple towards Mantanga Hill was a thriving market place. On both sides there are the remains of a pavilion and until recently locals made this place their homes and converted the place again into a little market place. When Hampi officially got declared a UNESCO World Heritage site everyone had to move out again.

hampi bazaar

20. Monolith Bull

At the end of the Hampi Bazaar, up a couple stair cases, you find the impressive monolith Bull. A huge bull carved out of a rock. To protect this statue they built a shrine around it.

21. Achyutraya Temple

When you pass the Monolith Bull and continue walking up the staircases and slightly turn right you will walk up to the Achyutraya Temple.

places to visit in hampi 2

This non-living temple is unfortunately pretty damaged and there is no maintenance work going on. This temple complex got built by a king in 1534 and was offered to his wife. In front of the temple there was a ladies market.

achyutraya temple hampi

22. Vithala temple

If you continue your walk you pass through several impressive ruins before you hit the Vithala Temple. Here you will find an impressive stone chariot. There are only 3 stone chariots in India.

vithala temple hampi

23. Hampi walking tour

If you are looking for a Hampi itinerary or a kind of heritage walk then combine the first 5 places to see in Hampi: Virupaksha Temple, Hampi Bazaar, Monolith Bull, Achyutraya Temple, Vithala temple. They are all within walking distance. You could even add one of the cooler things to do in Hampi: climbing Mantanga Hill. The start of the hike is next to the Monolith Bull and the Hampi Bazaar.

24. Big Shiva Linga or Badaviling Temple

Carved out of a single stone this big Shiva Linga sits in a bed of water and is now protected by a shrine built around the monolith. There is a priest in front of it sprinkling you with the holy water from the Shiva Linga. People throw in coins for good luck.

big shiva linga hampi

25. Lakshmi Narasimha Statue

Don’t mix this with the Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, which is in Nuggehalli. The statue in Hampi is a huge half man half lion next to the Big Shiva Linga. It was created in 1528, got destroyed in 1565 and reassembled in 1985. Impressive!

lakshmi narasimha statue hampi

26. Sasivekalu Ganesh

This huge monolith Ganesh sits next to the entrance of the Hemakuta Hill Temple. It is protected by a shrine.

sasivekalu hampi

27. Hemakuta Hill Temple

A short walk uphill will bring you to the Hemakuta Hill Temples from where you have an amazing view over Hampi. There are several ruins and temple up here on top of the hill with, a popular sport to watch the sunset. It also gives an amazing view over the golden Virupaksha Temple and the river.

hemakuta hill temple

hampi unesco world heritage site

View over the Virupaksha Temple from the Hemakuta Hill.

28. Malyavanta Raghunatha temple

This temple built around a huge boulder on Malyavanta Hill is home to a couple priests practicing their religion with music and chanting. It is a famous tourist spot in Hampi for watching the sunset. Cars and tricycles can drive uphill to the entrance of the temple so for the lazy tourists this is the easiest viewpoint.

travel to hampi 1

29. Durgadevi Temple

On the other side of the river and therefore a little ride by car you will find the Durgadevi Temple. A living temple were every morning and evening pilgrims, locals and devotes come to pray. It is common practice to wrap a coconut in cloths and hang it in the tree in front of the temple. Then exactly one year later you come and pick one from the tree and eat the holy coconut. Continue 10 minutes uphill for another great viewpoint over Hampi.

durgadevi temple hampi

30. Monkey temple

According to the Hindu mythology this is the birthplace of Hanuman, the monkey warrior God. On top of the hill there is a white temple an important worship place for pilgrims of Lord Rama. To reach the top and enjoy the amazing views you have to climb almost 600 stairs.

If you have ticked off all the above places to see that does not mean your trip to Hampi is finished. On top of all these places there are many more things to do in Hampi.

Some more things to do in Hampi

31. Chill on backpacker island

In the middle of the river there is a huge island, an icon in the Hampi tourism industry. Loads of guesthouses settled there and now it is the most popular place to stay in Hampi. If you want to meet other travelers then find your Hampi accommodation here.

You can drink alcohol here, there are many restaurants, coffee places and simply relax in a hammock. Backpacker Island is the reason many backpackers travel to Hampi and don't want to leave.

32. Smoke weed

Of course this is officially illegal in india but with so many hippie travelers around Hampi you will find plenty opportunities to smoke weed. I am not a smoker myself but I have seen many tourists taking a drag. To me it is not, but I am sure for a lot of hippies this is a reason to visit Hampi. 

33. Bathing ritual with elephant

Every morning around 7.30 the elephant that lives in the Virupaksha Temple comes down to the river to take a bath. The ritual takes more than an hour and foreigners are welcome to help washing the elephant in exchange for some gifts in the form of bananas. When I was there in April I was the only tourist, but I heard in peak season there can be hundreds of people.

bathing elephant hampi

34. Climb Mantanga Hill

I already mentioned this Hampi tourist spot when I was talking about the Hampi itinerary. Hiking up to the top of Mantanga Hill is a good option for either sunrise or sunset. The climb can be though during the day when it gets too hot but on top there is plenty shadow. Go to the roof for a 360 view over Hampi and feel free like a bird.

climb mantanga hill hampi

35. Bird watching

If you like birds then arrange a car to take you to Ankhasamudra bird sanctuary to spot endless birds including some rare species, pelicans and flamingos. It is also possible to arrange a boat ride. Definitely a unique thing to do in Hampi that you have not read in any other Hampi travel guide.

birdwatching ankhasamudra hampi

36. Boat ride on the Tungabhadra River

You can take a boat ride on the same river that created the Backpacker Island in Hampi. The boats that have the shape of a bowl are called Coracles and can be hired to take a leisure ride on the river exploring the boulder hills and some hidden temples and carvings. They are pretty expensive (up to 1,000 INR) for less than an hour.

coracles boat ride hampi

sightseeing hampi 1

37. Visit a local village

Head out to the countryside and walk around in a local village. Visit local houses, eat at a local place, visit some handicraft shops and mingle with locals. Anegundi is a good place to go.

local village hampi anegundi

local lunch at a local village in hampi

Lunch at a local home in Anegundi.

38. Rent a scooter

The best way to visit Hampi is to rent a motorbike and drive all around the area. You can visit the temples like this, but also find hidden places in the countryside. It is beautiful to just getting lost in the rice fields. Renting a motorbike in Hampi cost only 500 INR, a push bike cost only 200 INR per day. Ask your hotel or hostel for scooter rental in Hampi.

local village hampi 3

39. Hire a guide

Last but not least hire a guide. The stones and ruins of Hampi are just stones when no one tells you a little bit about it. I am not a fan of guided tours, but here in Hampi it is nice to have someone actually telling you a little bit about it. A professional guide will cost around 2,000 INR, a tricycle guide, who probably tells you anything but the real thing cost 1,000 INR for a day sightseeing in Hampi.

40. Weak phone signal

Phone signal in Hampi is weak and unfortunately you can't rely on the wifi either. The best phone signal can be found with a JIO sim card. I traveled to Hampi with an Airtel sim and constantly lost connection. My secret Hampi travel tip: climb to the top of a hill for a good 4G signal!

41. Hampi Festival

On November 3, 4 and 5 there is the Hampi Festival which will be held at the Hampi Bazaar. Thousands of pelgrims mingle with tourists, Bollywood stars and locals and enjoy the dancing and singing performances. If you want a real cultural experience you have to visit Hampi in the beginning of November.

42. How to get to Hampi

Hampi is located a little east of central Karnataka close the city of Hospet. Through 12Go Asia you can now order you bus, train and flight tickets online. Fixed prices, timetables, companies, reviews and a guaranteed seat. Book online and safe the hassle of dealing with street vendors and weird Indian travel agencies. Try the search engine for transportation in India below.

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Getting to Hampi by train

There are no direct train connections to Hampi and everything goes via Hospet. Once you reach Hospet you will have to arrange a taxi (300 INR) or a tricycle (200 INR) into Hampi. The local bus cost 40 cents but it is a lot of hassle, time consuming, uncomfortable and not worth the $2 you would save taking a tricycle.

Train from Mumbai to Hampi

There are direct trains from Mumbai to Hospet but they only run twice a week and take 18 hours.

Train from Bangalore to Hampi

There are 2 trains daily from Bangalore to Hospet. The journeys take between 6,5 – 9,5 hours.

train bangalore to hospet

Train from Hyderabad to Hampi

There is a daily train from Hyderabad to Hospet that take around 11 hours and cost 900 INR.

How to get to Hampi by bus

  • A bus from Bangalore to Hampi cost about 700 INR and will take around 8 hours.

bus from bangalore to hampi

  • A bus from Hyderabad to Hampi cost about 750 INR and will take around 9,5 hours.

bus from hyderabad to hampi

  • A bus from Goa to Hampi will cost about 900 INR and will take around 9 hours.

Most busses to and from Hampi are overnight sleeping busses, so you save money on accommodation and the sleepers are not too bad.

My experience: I took a sleeper bus from Hampi to Goa with Paulo Travels. A double sleeper was 900 INR per person and a single sleeper 1,000 INR. The trip went by quickly, we left around 9.00pm and arrived at 6.30 am. The AC was not too cold, it looked pretty clean and the beds were pretty long (180cm). So my trip by bus from Hampi to Goa was not too bad!

And wow do I recommend you to visit Goa. It was my second time and this time I ended up in Agonda Beach, a sleepy little beach town with an ultimate relaxed vibe! Check this 2-week Itinerary for Goa & Kerala to see some more cool places to visit.

When traveling in South India I strongly recommend you to visit Hampi, but check out these South India itineraries for 1 month for some more ideas on where to go.

43. Best time to visit Hampi

According to most Hampi travel guides the best time of the year to visit Hampi is in winter. I would not recommend you to travel to Hampi in the monsoon months June to September. The months before the monsoon April and May tend to get super hot, but when you can deal with the heat you get Hampi all for yourself as most tourist avoid this season. Click on the link for more info about the average temperatures and rainfall in Hampi.

hampi tourism 1

The monsoon season in Hampi is as wet as everywhere else in India and lasts from June to September. I once traveled in India in monsoon season and I strongly advice you not to do the same! Trust me! :)

My trip to Hampi was towards the end of April and yes temperatures rose up to 40 degrees Celsius that month. Sightseeing in Hampi is not much fun after 10.00am that time of the year. But the good thing about it: there are no tourists! Yes the heat was draining me fast and it was definitely not ideal, but if you want to avoid the crowds this is the best time to travel to Hampi. Sometimes it was just me and my guide at the temples.

best time to visit hampi

The best time to travel to Hampi is October to March when temperatures are cooler. Peak season is around December, January and February. This time of year thousands of backpackers travel to Hampi and stick around for a while.

44. Where to stay in Hampi

Mass tourism has not found its way to Hampi and a good things about this is that there are no resorts or big hotels chains. If you are a luxury traveler and looking for 5 star Hampi accommodation then you are not spoiled for choice.

Luxury options: Heritage Resort Hampii, IroomZ Hampis Boulder Resort.

For budget travelers there are plenty of places to stay in Hampi. I already told you that staying on Hampi Island is popular but you can also stay on the rice fields or somewhere off the beaten track when you rent a scooter. It all depends what you are looking for.

hampi tourism

Boat to Hampi Island, it only takes 2 minutes!

These are some Hampi accommodation with at least decent reviews.

Mid-range Hampi accommodation: Sathya Dharma Homestay, Clarks Inn Hampi.

Budget accommodation in Hampi: Murali Homestay, Raviteja Guest House, Gowri Cottage Stay

where to stay in hampi

With this Hampi travel blog I hope I gave you an insight in everything you need to know, where to go, the best places to see and things to do in in Hampi. If you have any specific questions I am happy to answer them. Just leave me a comment.

temples hampi

After 4 days I was templed-out, this was a candid shot of me when I was ready to close the book of Hampi the incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site! I sincerely had a fabulous time in this laid-back tourist destination in India. I surely will be back!

If this guide was helpful to you please pin it on Pinterest or share it in a Facebook Group. For you a small thing to do, but to me it would mean a lot. Thank you very much in advance.

local people hampi

virupaksha temple hampi