What to do in Canggu? An easy question to answer: eat, relax, beach, surf, enjoy, repeat! With so many cool places around you are spoiled for choice so I made a list of Canggu things to do and where to go eat.

Canggu Bali Guide

Still deciding Canggu or Seminyak? Forget Seminyak, Canggu is the new hotspot in Bali and loads of hip youngsters choose this village above the overcrowded Seminyak, lets just not talk about Kuta at all! With the three best beaches in Canggu Echo, Berawa and Old Man’s all within just a few kilometers this place is a surfing mecca. Everywhere around town the surfing scene is ever-present and gives Canggu Bali the low-key Bali vibe you are looking for. For those who are not big on surfing (like me) Echo Beach Canggu is your best bid. There are numerous beach huts lined up that serve snacks and ice cold beers, the perfect spot to watch surfers do their tricks.

Things to do in Canggu Bali

This little town is rapidly expanding and therefore I decided to update this blog. I just came back again here after 6 months being abroad and it changed so much I could not believe my eyes. For those looking for hustle and bustle you found it right here on Batu Bolong Canggu, the most popular street in town, this place got popular! Remember that Canggu is just a little village so there are not many things to do in Canggu itself. The main reason travelers come here is to chill out, eat delicious food, meet travelers, chill on the beach, learn to surf or watch pro surfers doing their thing in the massive waves.

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Learn to surf

There are many surf schools around, so learning to surf is one of the most popular things to do in Canggu. If you know how to surf already then you can just head to the beach and rent a surfboard for the day. Some hip hostels and other Canggu accommodation offer surf lesson packages. Check out: The Chillhouse Surf & Bike Retreat.

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Watch the sunset at The Lawn

Get a picture of the famous swing on Old Mans Beach and plunge in a beanbag at The Lawn to watch the sunset with an ice-cold beer in your hands. The place got renovated recently and now even has an upper level for even better ocean views and a little infinity pool to cool down. I told you things are changing rapidly and I bet in less than a year this will become an upscale beach club where you will have to pay an entrance fee. For now it still is one of the best things to do in Canggu for sure!

Eat delicious and healthy food

I can’t keep up anymore with so many places popping up constantly. The food scene in Canggu is lit. Vegan restaurants, smoothie bowl places, one of the best vegetarian options in Bali, super popular breakfast places and so. Delicious food is Canggu Bali, things to do here include a lot of eating! There is a long list of places where to eat in Canggu, but more about that later…

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Thick off cute coffee places

What do you do back home on a Saterday afternoon? Meeting friends for coffee and lunch right? Here in Canggu you will walk past one cute coffee place after another and with so many travelers around to mingle, you can do a coffee hop tour. Cant find a coffee partner? Check out Tinder... and girls: most guys pay the first coffee anyway, LOL! :)

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Attend Yoga Classes

There are numerous yoga classes and places dedicated to yoga in and around Canggu. After Ubud this is the best place to find a yoga retreat. Try Samadi Bali and The Practice Bali, those seem to be popular places.

Stay fit

Being such a hip town there are a lot of health clubs popping up and with the surf scene attracting good looking youngsters, don’t feel you are the only one who wants to hit the gym on your holiday. It will be busy! Check out S2S Crossfit or Canggu Fitness. If you want all in one place then head to Canggu Club, a place with a fitness, swimming pool and a great restaurant with delicious healthy options. Want to know how I stay fit while traveling the world? Click on the link!

Get some work done at a co-working space

For those digital nomads Canggu Bali is a great place as well with a bunch of co-working spaces to meet inspiring people and to get your daily work done. The most popular is Dojo Bali.

Rent a villa with a group of people

Bali is for most travelers an affordable destination and when you decide to come as a group then definitely check out AirBnB for one of those amazing villas and Canggu has a lot of them! If you are traveling with friends this is one of the best things to do in Canggu Bali as here you can live a week like a king! Sign now up for Airbnb through this link and get a $40 voucher to use for your first booking. Thank you!

Things to do near Canggu

There are a lot of Bali attractions close to Canggu and therefore it is a great place to spend your days on the island and explore the area from here. Rent a scooter to make sure you see the real Bali, just be careful on a motorbike, click the link to get tips for renting a motorbike in Bali.

Tanah Lot Temple

The Tanah Lot Temple, which is supposed to be one of the hottest Bali tourist attractions is not far from Canggu and can be reached within 25 minutes by motorbike.

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Golf course on the ocean

Want to hit some balls on the 18-holes Nirwana Golf Course? This gorgeous place is only 10 minutes away by scooter and sits right on the ocean overlooking the Tanah Lot Temple. It is not cheap but if you are a fan of golf an amazing place to go.


Where to eat in Canggu

As I said before delicious food and Canggu are each other’s best friends. Hip hotspots to eat, sip coffee and drink cocktails are one of the reasons this village became so popular over the last years. Most places are lined up along Batu Bolong Canggu.

The Lawn Canggu

To me this place is what the Canggu beach vibe is all about: beach, surfers, beanbags and drinks. Right on Old Man’s Beach you can plunge in a beanbag on a green lawn and enjoy a refreshing coconut or beer. It is a popular place where young people gather for sunset and watch surfers. There was no music, but that changed now.  Still the vibe is extremely low-key and it’s a great place to meet other travelers and locals. The Lawn is famous for its picture perfect swing.

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Ithaka Canggu

Here the coffee is free is you upload a picture on Instagram. I tried it out and it worked! The staff was more than happy to see my picture on my second Instagram account @tomtomtravel. The place is simple and has not the appeal of other hip places, but the food is good, try the pancakes they are delicious. So are the healthy dragon fruit bowls. Prices are cheaper compared to the super popular places and as said the cappuccino was free every morning. Want to know what is the best Indonesia sim card for tourist? Click on the link as I did the research for you.

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Crate Canggu

If you ask someone where to eat in Canggu there is a big chance they will name this place. Crate is probably the most popular breakfast and lunch spot. Whatever time of the day you pass by, it is always crowded here. The food is delicious and the portions are good. Loads of people keep on coming back here every day. They play really funky music, best in Canggu! Though Crate is rather small, there are not many places to sit and it is hard to secure a spot and waiting times can be a bit longer. The staff is super friendly, the food delicious but for me it was too crowded. UPDATE: Crate expanded! Yeah!!! Seriously an amazing spot to go, since they expanded, the music is still funky and good! Love this place.

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Deus Canggu

This is one of the most popular Canggu restaurants. Deus is more than just that, it’s a shop, bar and restaurant in one! They sell motorbikes, clothes, goodies and souvenirs, have live music, taco nights and give away free tattoos to those who spend more than a certain amount of money. The garden in the back with beanbags to hang out is a popular place at night. Saturday nights are big and there are a lot of events during the week.

The food is good, though portions are small. The chicken burger is not my favourite here, but the beef burger is. The pumpkin soup and the Panini is a good choice too. If you are hungry go to a cheap place first and come here for drinks later.

Old Man’s Canggu

The place everyone knows about if you have been to Canggu. Wednesday nights are big with hundreds of youngsters gather to listen to live music, play beerpong and dance till late at night when a dj takes over. They also serve food and the Indonesian Red Curry is a great choice. It is a lot and it fills you up, so does the risotto. This is one of the most popular places and therefore pricier. I loved their Wednesday nights! Update!!! Old Man’s is huge! Damn this place doubled in size now and there was definitely no place for a beerpong table anymore. No matter which day, the roof is on fire here!

Hungry Bird Canggu

Want to grab breakfast or lunch on your way to Berawa Beach then Hungry Bird is a good stop. The avocado toast with egg Benedict is pretty tasty and for the sweet tooth there is the delicious triple pancake. They take their coffee serious and you can choose beans from all over the world.

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Pretty Poison

The first bar I have ever seen with a skate bowl. In the early evening skaters are showing off their skills, while later in the evening everyone sits around the bowl and drinks beers. Inside there is mostly live music and the place is a great mix between an eclectic ambiance indoor and a very laid-back vibe outdoor.

Shady Shack Canggu

The vegetarian restaurant everyone raves about. I tried it out and it is definitely a place you have to grab lunch or breakfast at some point. Healthy food is presented in such a way that it will make you drool. You have to taste it yourself, but believe me you won’t be disappointed. The white lofty restaurant and its garden setting look really inviting and attract lots of people.

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Le Petite Prince

A lovely little restaurant with the interior of a living room. They serve tasty food in homey setting, portions are small though, prices reasonable. The vegetarian homemade lasagne is worth a try.

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Cloud 9 Canggu

Want to hang out in a beanbag and overlook the rice fields? Go to Cloud 9 in Canggu and enjoy the perfect Balinese setting. The food is lovely and the healthy shakes are yummy, a bit pricier than other restaurants, but the setting is fabulous.

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Ji sushi Tugu Hotel

Finally a trendy and hip sushi place opened its doors in Canggu. Right across the street from Old Man’s and located next to the Tugu Hotel you can find the Japanese restaurant Ji. Let the funky tunes lure you in and enjoy delicious sushi for very competitive prices. Its the amazing mix of an old Chinese temple full of art with some pumping beats that makes the restaurant a trendy hotspot, the perfect place for a great night out.

canggu accommodation

Where to stay in Canggu?


Luxury Canggu accommodation

If you are ready to splurge then try the Tugu Hotel right on the beach. This is the most luxurious hotel in Canggu and with uncountable pieces of art it has the appeal of a museum. Their location is fantastic as it is right in the heart of Old Man’s Beach where everything is happing, opposite of Old Man’s and next to The Lawn. The extremely spacious rooms are in traditional Balinese style and some come with a private pool, a perfect romantic getaway. Use Traveltomtom when you book and you get free massages at Tugu Bali, click here!

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Other well-rated Canggu accommodation options

Mid-range: FRii Bali Echo Beach, Kubudiuma Villas.

Budget: Pondok Nyoman Guesthouse, Echoland Bed & Breakfast.


For a long term room in a quiet location contact Yoman Sudarja on Facebook and get yourself long term accommodation in Canggu. His rooms are all you need if you are on a budget and the location is fantastic. For around USD $300 you live here an entire month. I will be back again!

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Canggu Bali Guide

I hope this guide helps you where to eat, where to party, to gets your through the lazy days and lets you choose the right Canggu accommodation. If you know of any places that I have missed, let me know. I would love to check them out myself, as I am a lot of times a year around. To me Bali is all about Canggu and Ubud and when you cant find me in Canggu I will most probably be in Ubud. Click on the link to check out the best places to visit in Ubud with some great places to stay as well. After you have seen Canggu please also visit Ubud, and then concentrate on the North part where life is still merely traditional.

Curious why I am in Bali a lot? Read my article 12 Reasons To Travel To Bali and you will understand why I am a fan. As I said before traveling in Bali does not have to be expensive. Let me help you making to most of your trip with my Bali Budget Tips or find out how Rent A House In Ubud,


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