Are you traveling to Bali and looking for unique places to stay then look no further. You could elevate your trip to Bali to an entirely new level by staying in some of the most unique and awe-inspiring bamboo houses.

In this blog post I will show you the best Bali bamboo houses, where eco-luxury meets paradise. These accommodations offer not only a comfortable and sustainable place to stay but also a deeper connection to the island's natural beauty.

This Bali travel blog is written by Jess an avid world traveler from Switzerland, who has traveled to Bali multiple times. On her Instagram page @jessmelu you can find many amazing travel destinations and unique places to stay. She has stayed in a bunch of Bali Bamboo Houses on her trips and these are her recommendations.

Each bamboo house on our list boasts its own distinctive charm, from breathtaking jungle views to serene rice field or even volcano views.

Keep in mind that the Bali Bamboo Houses are very popular accommodation these days and they very quickly sell out. Book well in advance to make sure that your Bali Bamboo House is still available for your trip to Bali. The cheapest villas start from around $250 USD per night and go up as much as almost $700 USD per night.

Magic Hills

One of the most iconic bamboo houses in Bali which you’ve probably seen all over social media and this was the reason why I had to stay in these beautiful houses and I have to tell you I was not disappointed. Magic Hills has 4 different bamboo Eco-Luxury Lodges in a quiet area in Sidemen with a beautiful view on the lush rice fields. An outdoor bathroom surrounded by nature and a beautiful private plunge pool in the garden.

The design of the villas is made with love in every detail it feels like you are in a fairytale. But the absolutely best is the view on the volcano Mount Agung in the back of the bamboo houses which makes the sunrise absolutely magical and a great drone shot for your album. A night in the Princess Bamboo House you can get for around $390 USD and it fits 4 people.

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Stone House

My personal favorite place to stay in Ubud is only 10 minutes north from Ubud town. Stone House offers 6 individual designed boutique villas in a tropical lush jungle oasis and honestly it’s one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve seen. Most bamboo houses are far away from Ubud or Canggu but Stone House has a great location so you don’t have to travel far to experience a unique place to stay in Bali.

My favorite private villa at Stone House is the Tree House, a villa on stilts complete made out of bamboo. The Tree house is a brand-new open-air room high above the jungle surrounded by coconut trees and a small creek below with a beautiful view on the rice fields. Honestly when it come to the best Bali bamboo houses, this is among the top recommendations.

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The staff is extremely helpful and goes above and beyond to assist with various needs, including free transportation to Ubud and back, arranging tours, lunch, dinner, laundry and much more. It makes your stay totally uncomplicated and that is exactly what you want when looking for unique Bali accommodation.

After having stayed at uncountable Bali hotels I still think Stone House offers one of the best breakfasts as well as outstanding home-cooked dinner or lunch made with love by the staff.

A night in the Tree House you can get for around $550 USD and it fits 2 people.

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Camaya offers 5 individual bamboo houses each totally unique designed and located off the grid in the secluded area called Selat. Selat is an upcoming tourist destination in Bali near Sidemen. One of the most popular private villas of Camaya is the Suboya Bamboo House.

All houses are beautifully decorated, insta-worthy and detail-loving which makes it such a unique accommodation. The buildings are fully open and gives you the raw Bali experience, which means you wake up by the beautiful sunrise and birds chirping. Staying at this unique Bali accommodation is simply a wonderful experience.

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A night in one of the Camaya bamboo houses will cost you around $300 USD but it fits 4 people if you want to bring your friends.

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Samanvaya Luxury Resort & Spa

samanvaya adults only luxury resort bamboo house bali

A must visit place to stay in Sidemen and one of the best hotels in Bali in my opinion. Samanvaya is an award-winning adults only resort & spa in one of the most beautiful areas in Bali. Sidemen, is an up and coming tourist destination in Bali, still a bit off the beaten path. It is just an hour drive from Ubud, but in Sidemen is where you can find a lot of the best romantic bamboo houses in Bali. Sidemen is the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

The private pool villa Rice Barn offers a panorama view over the rice terraces which makes it a heaven of tranquility and the perfect place for relaxation. The in-house Andana Spa personally crafts each treatment by a highly qualified massage therapist for your specific needs. Not to forget that Asri dining offers an unforgettable culinary experience of an authentic fusion of traditional Indonesian cuisine and international-inspired dishes. All these high-end luxury facilities is what makes the Samanvaya luxury private villas stand out from the other bamboo houses in Bali.

A night in Rice Barn you can get for around $350 USD but Samanvaya Luxury Resort & Spa has also other Bamboo Houses like Moana a 2 bedroom villa which will cost you $270 USD and it fits 4 people.

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Bird Hills

bird hills bamboo house bali

Bird Hills Bali offers an enchanting escape where the breathtaking view, tranquil location, and unique design combine to create an unforgettable experience. The local family that owns the villa stands out for their kindness and exceptional service.

It’s a very special place with immersive natural surroundings, with the sound of birds and sunrise views that left me speechless. When I stayed there waking up to the sounds of nature was my favorite.

It's a one-of-a-kind, fairytale-like retreat that allows you to disconnect from the noise and rush of everyday life and connect with Mother Nature, making it a must-visit destination. Bird Hills is also located in Sidemen.

A night at Bird Hills Bali you can get for around $350 USD and can fit 4 people.

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Bambu Indah

bambu indah bamboo house bali

My stay at Bambu Indah Resort was simply amazing! I stayed in the Moon House and it was very comfortable. The staff was friendly, and the food was delicious. The property is like an oasis in nature, with unique and luxurious rooms. It's a serene and eco-friendly resort, where the tap water is safe to drink.

The only thing to keep in mind is that there are many stairs and narrow walkways, so it might not be suitable for those with mobility issues. But if you're seeking a truly unique and peaceful place to stay in Ubud in a bamboo house, I highly recommend Bambu Indah.

It's an insta-worthy accommodation in Ubud that I would honestly like to stay again one day.

A night in Bambu Indah you can get for around $500 USD and fits 2 people.

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Hideout Bali

hideout bamboo house bali

One of the most popular and famous unique Bali accommodation is without a doubt Hideout. It was one of the first bamboo houses in Bali and nowadays still very popular.

Personally I had an amazing stay at Hideout Bali and it was truly unforgettable, located in a very quiet are next to Selat in East-Bali. Also close to Sidemen. The stunning location, meticulously designed rooms, and delicious food made it a gem. The staff's warmth added up to the experience.

I spent two nights but wished I had stayed longer. However, it is not cheap. The design and attention to detail in rooms like the Falcon and the Cocoon room are unparalleled. When choosing between 5-star resorts in Bali and a couple nights in Hideout Bali I totally recommend a 2-3 night stay here.

A night in Hideout Bali you can get for around $480 USD and fits 2 people.

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Aura House

aura house bamboo house bali

The Aura House is an absolutely iconic Bali Airbnb with the unique egg-shaped window offered stunning sunrise views. This Bali bamboo house completely blends in with the surrounding nature but is a high-end luxury accommodation.

The staff is very friendly and happily prepare you a flower bath to get your unique Instagram photos from staying at Aura House. It's perfect for a getaway with friends or family, this Airbnb is conveniently located near Canggu and Ubud, so not so far off the beaten path in Bali. The Aura House has easy access to famous Bali tourist attractions like Tegenungan waterfall and Tegalalang rice fields.

If you ever dreamt of staying in a treehouse in Bali then this place can make your dream come true.

A night at Aura House you can get for around $450 USD and can fit 4 people.

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oniria bamboo house sideman bali

The Oniria bamboo house and architecture masterpiece is located in an untouched area in East-Bali between Selat and Sidemen surrounded by rice fields, volcano and jungle views. At Oniria the lines between indoor and outdoor living blur completely.

It’s probably the most beautiful villa I’ve ever stayed in. This luxury bamboo private villa harmonizes with nature in such a peaceful area where you can experience full privacy and luxury in once.

There is not much around here so the high quality romantic private candlelight dinner that was organized in the villa came as a complete surprise. Oniria is most probably the best honeymoon villa you can book in Bali.

A night at Oniria will cost you $650 USD and can fit up to 4 people.

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The Nude House

the nude house bamboo sideman

A fairytale bamboo Airbnb nestled in a remote and authentic and extremely quiet area of Bali where you have a view across the rice terraces and Mount Agung volcano from your bed. The perfect place to relax and just enjoy the peaceful view. The bathtub in the Nude house is an absolute eye-catcher and where many Instagram pictures have gone viral.

Like most Bamboo hotels in Bali it is located near Selat and Sidemen.

A night in the Nude House you can get for around $250 USD and it fits 4 people which makes it pretty affordable. This is why Nude House is also listed as the cheapest bamboo house in Bali.

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Veluvana Bali

veluvana bali bamboo house

When looking for the best bamboo villas in Bali I can not go around Veluvana. Unfortunately I have never stayed there myself, but it is on my Bali bucketlist. Undoubtedly one of the most iconic and places to stay in Bali that have gone viral on Instagram multiple times. Guests have been jumping from the bed straight into the pool below the bedroom. The Cobra 

Veluvana has 5 different bamboo villas for rent, the Cobra House is the most famous one.

A night at Veluvana will cost you $500 USD per night.

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I hope you liked my list and recommendation about the best Bali Bamboo Houses and please let me know in the comment below if you have any questions.

Enjoy your trip to Bali!