For many people Bali is the ultimate destination to celebrate their honeymoon. But as I have been here now 6 times I don’t think I will come back here on my honeymoon. Not to mention that I actually don’t even want to get married anyway! :) Not? Nope I think it is overrated, but that is why I am now creating my own honeymoon trips to at least get the feel.

How to become a luxury traveler

Because marriage is not my thing that does not mean I don’t like honeymoons! Isn’t it the most romantic thing imaginable staying in these amazing places with the one you just promised to stay with for the rest of your life? May be the commitment isn’t my thing but at least I love to hang out in ultimate luxury villas or hotels in Bali and anywhere else in the world.

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Last year I have been luxury hotel hopping in India, Philippines, Bali, Thailand and Singapore and almost forgot Maldives! Because of that people started to recognise me on social media as the guy who always stays in these insanely luxurious places, but I am definitely not born as a luxury traveler. Blog posts like Cheapest Countries to Travel, How I Afford To Travel, How To Travel The World On A Budget will totally explain where I come from. The reason I stayed in these amazing hotels was because of the exclusive content I created and the exposure I gave to hotel brands. How I started doing this? I will write a blog post about it soon and will reveal how I get to stay in hotels for free. There is no need to pay for these kind of things, I will reveal all my secrets to you for free. Sign up for my newsletter to get notified when new blog posts are up! I love to help and inspire you to travel more…

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Checking out luxury villas and hotels in Bali

Because of my Instagram content at @traveltomtom my brand gets associated with luxury travel and I am not complaining. Working with these amazing luxurious places is something I love doing, but also is a lot of work. On top of that even though some people would expect the contrary this job does not bring me any significant income. Most of the times you are basically working for free, which in some cases is fine because the perks are absolutely amazing. I took a little break from luxury hotels for a while but I thought it was time to treat myself and jump back on it. And although it is peak season in Bali I managed to work with a couple cool places: Bulgari Resort in Uluwatu, Infinity Villa Bali in Canggu, and Stone House and Chedi Club Tanah Gajah in Ubud. I basically treated myself to a honeymoon as in every place I got spoiled like crazy.

Villa Infinity Bali

Working with Villa Infinity Bali was kind of new for me as well as I only worked once with a villa before. Have you read my blog post about that time I slept in the same bed as Rihanna? Click on the link to find out where that incredible villa was. But what to do in a villa where there are 32 beds available and a swimming pool of 35 meter long? Invite friends, right? Even with a couple people over, this place was way to huge though we still had a crazy night all together. Thanks for coming guys! I hope you liked my tour around the 8 villas of Villa Infitnity Bali! ;)

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You can find this place on Airbnb, not yet a member than sign up through this link ( and you get $40 off of your first booking. That is a winner right? You have an Airbnb account already? Simply create a new account! ;) It gets you $40 off and you help me gaining some credit too! Thanks a million.

Bulgari Resort Bali

I always wanted to work with the super exclusive Bulgari Resort and this time I finally got the chance to go there. Walking into their reception on top of the cliffs in Uluwatu totally made me forget that I was in Bali. This place is so serene! The endless ocean views, the fresh air and the chirping birds completed the picture of the perfect retreat to rejuvenate. The amazing infinity pool and my first hot stone massage ever made this resort straight away shoot to the top of my list of amazing places to stay in Bali. Click here to see more of the Bulgari Resort.

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Motel Mexicola and Mrs. Sippy

These days I had a couple big nights out in Kuta and Seminyak and a really cool place I ended up was Motel Mexicola. At first it looks like a normal restaurant but it actually is notorious for people dancing on the table. The entertaining staff encourages people to get out of their seat and dance on the table. Within no time this place changes into a crazy party place. Keep your mouth open if people with tequila bottles pass by! ;)

Bali is also famous for its many beach clubs and so did I end up in Mrs. Sippy a fairly new place in the heart of Seminyak that has a bit of a Vegas pool party feel. Pumping music, themed nights, and cool people all in a lovely summervibe setting. Surely a place worth checking out.

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Stonehouse Bali

But after all these big nights out I was happy to move to Ubud for a little week. In Bali’s yoga capital there is not much to do when the sun goes down and so the perfect timing to rejuvenate in two really cool places. Last year I met a lovely couple that built two villas in their lush back garden where they so now and then host people. I was happy to welcomed back at Stone House, see here the Facebook Live video of this gorgeous place.

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Chedi Club Tanah Gajah

The last couple days before I was flying out to Jakarta on invitation of the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia I spent in the private villa resort Chedi Club Tanah Gajah where only 20 villas are clustered on 50,000 square meters in the middle of the rice fields. More about this in my blog about Luxury Hotels In Ubud.

Hujan Locale the best local food in Ubud

If you are looking for a good place to eat in Ubud then definitely head to Hujan Locale, wow seriously that food was delicious. I always say I am not really a foodie as my taste buds are not the best and I seriously eat everything, though writing about this restaurant makes me mouthwater again. They only serve local dishes, but then in a trendy restaurant and things I had never eaten before. The boneless chicken leg stuffed with prawns was out of this world! Honestly recommended!

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Thanks for keeping up with Traveltomtom! Come back next week when I start writing about the press trip with Indonesia Tourism Board: Trip of Wonders 2017 or read what happened last week in Nusa Penida On A Motorbike.

And again for those Airbnb lovers. There are loads of cool places to stay in Bali on Airbnb. Create a new account and sign up through my link to get $40 off straight away! Be creative... ;)

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