My trip with Indonesia Tourism Board had come to an end but I was not leaving Bali yet. I still had a week left on my visa and decided to go on a Nort Bali adventure before I had to catch my flight to Amsterdam to see my friends and family after a long time. Although I have resided multiple times in Bali over the next year I did not go up North for almost 7 years now. Once up North I started questioning myself why did I stay away from these amazing things to do in North Bali for so long!?

Met up with Alyssa again

To celebrate the end of our Trip of Wonders most of us bloggers all met up in Uluwatu. Dave and I jumped on a scooter and toured around looking for amazing photo spots along the towering cliffs of Uluwatu and that way almost missed the amazing sunset from Single Fin Bali, a very popular beach club with notorious Sunday night parties, definitely worth checking out. This Sunday night it was like a bloggers meet up as Gloria and Alyssa also came down to Uluwatu to party with us. I had not seen Alyssa for 6 months when we were both invited at the World Tourism Forum in Turkey, but if you have followed my adventure the last years we traveled also together through Bali, India, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Check out her inspiring Instagram @mylifesatravelmovie!

north bali adventure 1

North Bali adventure

Alyssa and I decided to go on another adventure together and explore the amazing places to visit in North Bali. We quickly made a plan and the next day we were on our way already. You know I don’t really like to plan my life but live in the moment and therefore these kind of spontaneous trips are the best. We had no clue where to stay in North Bali, neither did we know exactly what to in North Bali but the fact that we are both pretty experienced travelers makes things easier. We found a taxi through Grab, yes you have to download this application when you travel to Bali. It is exactly like Uber but then cheaper. The taxi ride up North to Lake Beratan took about 2,5 hours and we paid 200K ($17) including tip. During our taxi ride we figured out where to stay in North Bali and found this amazing Treehouse on Airbnb for $20 a night.

where to stay in north bali 2

where to stay in north bali 1

View from the balcony from the Treehouse.

where to stay in north bali 3

Breakfast included for $20.

where to stay in north bali 4

where to stay in north bali 5

Things to do in North Bali

As I said before I had been on a North Bali adventuer before but that was in 2010 and it was raining cats and dogs. We dropped our stuff in the fabulous treehouse and rented a scooter. This is the best way to tick off all the amazing things to do in North Bali. What to do in North Bali exactly?

1. Chasing waterfalls

things to do in north bali 2

This is a small waterfall next to Banyumala waterfall.

north bali adventure 3

The popular Git Git waterfall.

north bali adventure 4

Banyumala waterfall.

If you like to tick off these amazing natural places in Bali then also take a look at article about waterfalls in Ubud.

2. Visit the lakes and the temples

north bali adventure 2

Temple at Lake Tamblingan

3. Selfie parks - best Bali photo spots

places to visit in north bali 1

places to visit in north bali 2

what to do in north bali 2

This is the entrance to Handara Golf Club and with the mountain in the background a one of the best Bali photo spots. But when you get there and some people have parked their car on the other side and are taking endlessly stupid photos om themselves right there I lose my patience. I waited for about 15 minutes but then decided to not make a scene and just jump back on my scooter! :(

4. Enjoying the amazing nature on a scooter ride

things to do in north bali 1

things to do in north bali 3

Unfortunately we only had 3 days for this North Bali adventure and the weather in the morning was not in our favour but we definitely made the most of it. Up here in the hilly countryside in Bali it gets cold and obviously I was not prepared for that. I didn’t bring a jacket or anything with long sleeves so I was often freezing my ass off. But the worst thing was that I forgot my camera in Uluwatu. Damn how stupid was that! I totally regret but on the other hand it is a great reason to come back here again to come see these amazing places to visit in North Bali.

places to visit in north bali 3

Bali on a budget

This little trip was another example how utterly beautiful Bali can be and how a little bit of money can get you incredible memories. We found out where to stay in North Bali through Airbnb for $10 p.p.p.n, rented a scooter for $5 per day and admission to the waterfall, temples and some photo spots was not more than $2 per day. In total this little trip including food and transportation did not cost more than $80. Interesting to read more tips for a budget trip to Bali click on the link. And some more tips for Bali: skip Seminyak and Kuta. Where to go in Bali? Check out my Canggu Bali Things To Do. But for a really cool adventure I urge you to hop on a boat and check out all the cool things to do in Nusa Penida if you are really brave then I am sure you want to climb Mount Rinjani, but be prepared this is not easy.

In my next weeks adventures I will talk about how it feels like coming home to Holland to meet friends and family again after a long time and about my future travel plans.

Thanks for keeping up with Traveltomtom, see you next week.