Everyone has that one trip in his mind that he dreams of taking once in his life. Some will never even turn their dreams into reality, but when it comes down to travelling there is always a way to make it happen. Sailing the Raja Ampat islands of West Papua was one of those trips for me where I kept on saying some day. That day lately became reality as I set sail with the Mutiara Laut to explore my number one destination on my bucketlist.

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Everyone keeps calling me lucky and I always fight back that it is not pure luck but mostly just a lot of time and energy that I put in to make things happen. This time though I admit that I was a little lucky as well. I still remember the moment I received a message if I would be interested in sailing in Raja Ampat. What? Really? I could not believe my eyes! Initially I was a bit sceptical as I get amazing offers so now and then but then in the end there are a lot of costs involved so I did not exactly know how to react yet. This time though the offer was sincere, I was going to sail in Raja Ampat! Waaaaaaaah! :)

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Raja Ampat Tour with Mutiara Laut

It was all very last minute and to get to West Papau in time I had to leave Thailand within the next two days and take 5 flights in 60 hours to be just in time to set sail. But after a long and exhausting trip via Phuket, Bangkok, Bali and Makasar I made it to Sorong. I checked Google Maps where I was as it still felt a little unreal but I was on the Island of Papua on the border of Asian and the Australian continent!

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At the airport I was picked up and escorted to the dock. In the distance I could already see the huge masts of the impressive Mutiara Laut. The vessel was literally sticking out from all the other small boats in the bay. There was a tender waiting for me to bring me to the sailing vessel and as soon as I was on the water and driving towards the boat I felt the excitement coming up. I was getting closer and closer and I stared in awe: this wooden boat was huge!

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Luxury liveaboard Raja Ampat

Like sailing through the Raja Ampat Islands was not enough already I was among the lucky people to board one of the most luxurious sailing cruises in Indonesia. The Mutiara Laut is a two mast sailing vessel with 7 rooms that can accommodate up to maximum 18 people only.

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With a staggering length of 46m this luxury charter yacht is the perfect luxury liveaboard for your Raja Ampat tour. For more info about sailing through Raja Ampat and other amazing areas of Indonesia check out the website of Mutiara Laut!

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Tour Raja Ampat

Island hopping is among my favorite travel activities and in a country that is so captivating, travelling through the Raja Ampat islands will stay with me forever. The trip was a series of absolutely fantastic activities: exploring deserted islands, scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing, boat tours, wake boarding, rock climbing, beach days on tiny deserted islands, sup boarden, exploring caves, mangroves tours, spotting birds, meeting local tribes, fishing, massages, eating fabulous food, and I can go on like this. Dont forget to check out my article about everything you need to know when you travel to Raja Ampat!

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Even if I would do all of this at home I would already have an amazing time, but imagine all of this in one of the worlds most remote areas where there are hardly any signs of civilisation and you are surrounded by absolutely amazing landscapes. I think I don’t need to explain to you that I had the time of my life in Raja Ampat.

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