Ubud accommodation with a private pool? The best resorts in Ubud? Luxury hotels in Ubud? Best places to stay on a budget? Yes I know them all! But answering the same question over and over made me realize I should compile a list of places in a where to stay in Ubud blog.

Where to stay in Ubud blog

In this blog I will help you finding the best hotels in Ubud for your budget. Whether you want a private villa or a cheap backpackers place in Ubud. In total I have spent more than 3 months in Ubud and stayed in the most luxury resorts and some hidden gems, but also in cheap Ubud accommodation.

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From Ubud to Gili Trawangan

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Which area to stay in Ubud

Firstly and very important I think is to decide which area to stay in Ubud. In my blog about the 14 best places to visit in Ubud I already told you that Ubud is getting crazy popular and is expending rapidly. Most development has started in the South of Ubud and to me the charm of Ubud is gone when there is a constant traffic jam and rice fields are replaced by buildings.

If you ask me which area to stay in Ubud I would tell you to avoid the Southern areas and also  stay away from accommodation in Ubud center. Simply too busy!

Where to stay in Ubud? North of the city center is the best area to stay in Ubud!

Interested to see some of my favorite local restaurants in Ubud? Click here and find delicious food for competitive prices.

Best resorts in Ubud

Let’s first start with the luxury hotels in Ubud and as Bali is an extremely popular destination some hotels also ask really popular prices. The following luxury hotels in Ubud can easily ask $500 per night in high season. If you can afford it, Im sincerely happy for you. For those who can’t there is also affordable luxury, but more about that later.

Mandapa Ubud, a Ritz Carlton Reserve - 9.6 rating out of 70 reviews

This Ritz Carlton reserve only has exclusive and spacious private suites and villas on a huge plot in the green rolling hills of Ubud. Located about 10 minutes away from Ubud center there is actually no need to leave the property. The gardens around Mandapa Ubud are well worth spending your time. Stroll through the rice fields or enjoy a spa treatment on the river. Mandapa surely stands for a luxury retreat and is worth splurging.

mandapa ritz carlton ubud

COMO Shambhala Estate - 9.1 rating out of 75 reviews

Unfortunately I have never stayed here myself but with a 9.1 score out 75 reviews guest seem to have a great time. This exclusive state of the art wellness resort focusses on the the luxury active traveler and offers daily pilates, yoga, mountain biking, hiking, rafting and many more activities. Wellness programs such as cleansing and Ayurvedic are also on offer. If you are looking for ultimate serenity this is one of the best hotels in Ubud.

como shambhala ubud

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan - 8.7 rating out of 75 reviews

The Four Seasons brand also has a luxury resort in Ubud. The private pool villas are super spacious and located next to the river. The patio with the outdoor private pool is so relaxing that you probably don't want to leave your villa. The resort is all about the greens and water and combines the faces of Ubud perfectly. The Four Seasons Ubud scores an 8.7 out of 75 reviews and is located about 10 minutes from the city center of Ubud.

fours seasons ubud

Viceroy Bali Luxury Villas - 9.2 rating out of 250 reviews

One of the most luxury hotels in Bali is the Viceroy and when you see the picture you understand why. Located North of Ubud about 5-10 minutes from the city center this luxury hotel scores a 9.2 out of 250 reviews. Its marvelous location makes it hard to even leave the property, but I am pretty sure you dont even want to leave you private pool villa when you have views like this.

viceroy bali

Affordable luxury hotels in Ubud

The following 5 star hotels in Ubud can all be booked for under $200 per night. So if you are traveling in Bali on a budget but you want to indulge yourself for a couple nights, have a look at these Ubud accommodation options.

Chedi Club Tanah Gajah - 9.3 more than 100 reviews

With one of the highest review scores with more than 100 reviews makes Chedi Club Tanah Gajah one of the best luxury resorts in Ubud. This exclusive resort with only 20 private pool villas lies in the flat South of Ubud about 10 minutes from the city center in the middle of the rice fields. Guests enjoy private butler service and free alcohol and mini bar during their stay. Staying here was a blessing and make sure to not miss the private Kecak Dance performance offered by the hotel.

chedi club tanah gajah ubud

Padma Ubud - 9.2 rating out of more than 400 reviews

This Ubud resort is actually 20 minutes North of Ubud and although its location may seem a bit remote it is perfect for people willing to escape the daily hell. Padma Ubud has the biggest infinity pool in Ubud which is overlooking the jungle and is heated! So during the chilly nights up here in the hills you can watch stars from the pool. Yes the pool is accessible 24 hours a day. Add in exceptional views from the top floor restaurant and a free for all guests daily high tea and Padma Ubud is an undeniable place to stay in Ubud with a 9.2 score out of more than 400 reviews.

padma ubud

Kamandalu Ubud Resort - 8.7 rating out of 1,100+ reviews

One of the most reviewed Ubud hotels with almost 1200 reviews Kamandalu scores an astonishing 8.7. This popular luxury hotel also has some villas with private pools and lies perfectly located North of the city center in a remote quiet location. Kamandalu Ubud is also famous for its floating breakfast. This special breakfast offer (also available for non-guests) is one of the popular things to do in Ubud.

kamandula ubud

Maya Ubud - 9.0 rating out of almost 600 reviews

Fairly close to the city center but tucked away in the hills you can find Maya Ubud. Located on an exceptional big lot in and between the rice fields and the jungle. All the villas here have private pools, some with exceptional views over the jungle. There is an infinity pool on top of a hill and a jungle pool down at the river. Maya Ubud is one of the best places to stay in Ubud for affordable luxury and scores a 9.0 out of almost 600 reviews.

places to visit in ubud

Best boutique hotels in Ubud

Stone House Ubud - NEW on Booking, no reviews yet

Don't worry I stayed here myself and totally love this exclusive boutique hotel. There are only 3 rooms / private villas in this super personal boutique hotel in Ubud. This is one of those places that make you fall in love with traveling to Bali. They have two lovely dogs to cuddle, a lush green garden with a big swimming pool and the whole place is super private. The boutique hotel started as a hobby of the owner as he built a tree house and then a Mediterranean style villa. You surely gonna love staying at Stone House Ubud and their kitchen team is always there for you to cook you a traditional meal. Whatever you want they go to the market and get it fresh for you. 

stone house ubud

Blue Karma Ubud - 9.0 rating out of 60+ reviews

One of my other favorite boutique hotels in Ubud is Blue Karma and with an exceptional 9.0 review score I am probably not the only one. A great remote location in the North of Ubud about 10 minutes from the center in and between the rice fields. The homey decorated villas don’t have private pools, but there is a pool overlooking the rice fields. Most villas have jungle views and there is no need to close your curtains. The onside restaurant serves the most healthy and delicious food. Relax in style at one of the best places to stay in Ubud. Click here to read my full Blue Karma Ubud review.

blue karma ubud

Wapa Di Ume Ubud - 8.9 rating out of 250 reviews

This 4 star property just 5 minutes north of the city center of Ubud lies in a quiet area surrounded by rice field. The pool is not the most scenic one, but some villas have private pools and the rice field vibe is on point. This Ubud boutique resort scores an 8.9 out of 250 reviews.

wape di ume ubud

Fivelements Bali Retreat - 8.4 rating out of more than 200 reviews

The Fivelements is a healthy retreat and alcohol is not served on property and the restaurant is vegetarian. The best feature about Fivelements Ubud is the outdoor hot tub overlooking the river. The cosy but spacious rooms almost look like treehouses and that makes this Ubud hotel so unique. Fivelements Ubud scores an 8.4 out of more than 200 reviews.

fiveelements ubud

Best villas in Ubud

Umah Tampih Luxury Private Villa - 9.3 rating out of 16 reviews

A 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom private villa on a 500 sqm property can be all yours with 5 other friends. When sharing the price this luxury private villa is not even that expensive. Great for a couple days when you are traveling with friends and all can miss $60-80 a day. Imagine what an amazing time you are going to have in this luxury private villa in Ubud with the most amazing views over the hills. I can tell you it is totally worth it! And with a 9.3 score from 16 reviews this place will live up to your expectations and will become your favorite Ubud accommodation for sure.

umah tampih luxury private villa

The Warka Villa - 9.6 rating out of 2 reviews

Another great option if you want to rent a villa in Ubud is The Warka Villa. This cosy place also is a 3 bedroom villa but on only 250 sqm and therefore a little cheaper than Umah Tampih Villa. It is located remotely in the southeast of Ubud. A little further than from the city center but close to the waterfalls in Ubud. If you like to explore the spectacular waterfalls in this area, this is one of the best areas to stay in Ubud.

the warka villa ubud

If you are looking to rent a villa in Ubud for a month or longer than click on the link and see how I succeeded on my quest to find one, or may be not! It was harder than I thought to find a cheap villa to rent in Ubud.

Best places to stay in Ubud on a budget

Most of us travelers love to stay in luxury hotels in Ubud, but just as many can afford to pay $200 per night. Sometimes it is worth splurging and staying in a really nice resort, but mostly we are all looking for bargains. Therefore I listed the best Ubud accommodations for under $50 per night in good locations and with a 9.0 or higher review score.

When people ask me where to stay in Ubud I always recommend them to stay north of the center so all the following places can be found there. Ubud is a synonym for rice fields and therefore I found you the best Ubud accommodation in the rice fields.

Cahaya Ubud Villa - 9.4 rating out of 50+ reviews

Wake up in the middle of the rice fields in complete serenity. The lovely villas (50sqm) all look out over the rice fields. Drinking a coffee in the morning in your patio will never feel so good for just $50 per night including breakfast. There also is a pool overlooking the rice fields.

cahaya ubud villa

Taman Bintang Villa Ubud - 9.2 rating out of 180 reviews

At Taman Bintang Villa the rice field vibes are on point as well. Guest can choose to stay in wooden stilt huts as well as little concrete villas and are located in the rice fields and next to the pool. The bean bags here are a big plus. Breakfast is included and WiFi was good. Price: $40 per night, including breakfast.

taman bintang villas ubud

B. Saya - 9.3 rating out of almost 50 reviews

A hidden gem in the Ubud on a budget accommodation category. This fairly new place to stay has a big pool overlooking the lush green surroundings. The rooms in this colonial style Ubud hotel are homey decorated and some have two stories. Views from the upper floor are beautiful. One of the best places to stay in Ubud on a budget.

b.saya ubud

Tini Villa - 9.5 rating out of more than 300 reviews

Looking for a remote place to stay in Ubud then check out Tini Villa. They have only a handful rooms surrounding a lush green patio with a small swimming pool somewhere in the middle of the rice fields. There is a kitchen available for those who wanna cook themselves but I strongly recommend you to try the local restaurants. Rooms are standard, but have a balcony or patio with rice field views and bathrooms have a bathtub. A room including breakfast cost $40 per night.

tini villa studio ubud

Payogan Homestay - 9.1 rating out of 40 reviews

Lush green garden vibes in this remotely place to stay in Ubud. About 10 minutes away from the city center, but a lovely quiet location. This new Ubud accommodation does not have a pool, but the public pool bar/restaurant Jungle Fish Bali, a popular place to visit in Ubud, is just around the corner. This place could also have been listed as boutique hotel in Ubud, but because of its price per night of less than $30 a perfect option for those looking for hotels in Ubud on a budget.

payogan homestay ubud

Darra Ria Villa Ubud - 9.8 rating out of 5 reviews

I know this place has only a few reviews yet, but I stayed here myself and can assure you it is a fabulous place to stay in Ubud. I paid around $30 per night only and woke up overlooking the rice fields. A simple but delicious breakfast was served in my patio and the owner was super friendly. It is a very quiet place with just a few rooms and it is located on my favorite street in Ubud Jl Tirta Tawar on walking distance to some lovely local restaurants.

darra ria villa ubud

Inang Villas - 9.8 rating out of 14 reviews

Another great place to stay in Ubud with only a handful reviews. Friends of mine stayed here and loved it. The location may be a little further out, but it is super quiet and peaceful up here. With a scooter it is less than 10 minutes downhill to Ubud center. Rooms are a little standard but the balcony views over the rice fields are a winner. Another one of those great Ubud Bali hotels.

inang villa ubud

Santosha Villas & Spa - 9.0 out of 123 reviews

Looking for serenity then this place is all about it. Meet healthy lifestyle and yoga minded people in this peaceful little villa complex north of the city center. A quiet swimming pool to relax, a yoga sala in the rice fields amazing bathroom views, balconies with rice field views, onside massage salon, a great restaurant with delicious local food and fruit shakes. I could go on with superlatives about this amazing place to stay in Ubud. I will be back for sure!

santosha villas spa ubud

Accommodation in Ubud center

Although I am not a fan myself of staying in a hotel in Ubud center I can understand some people really like it. I love to drive around on a scooter in Bali and therefore love the more remote places to stay in Ubud, but if you dont like to drive a scooter Ubud city center accommodation is perfect for you. Therefore I found you these hotels and guesthouses in Ubud center that have a rating of more than 9.0 out of multiple reviews.

Suparsa’s Home Stay - 9.1 rating out of almost 200 reviews

This cosy Ubud guesthouse in the city center has a small pool in the lovely courtyard. Breakfast is included in the price and staying here will only cost you around $30 per room per night. Rooms are small and basic, but great value for money.

suparsas home stay ubud

Rouge Villas & Spa - 9.0 rating out of 43 reviews

A little more luxury in this super lovely accommodation option in the city center of Ubud. Once inside the courtyard you forget about the bustling and hectic city out there. Super centrally located but it does not feel like that when you dive into the pool. The cosy villas are located around a communal pool and you can sleep here already for around $100 per night. Rooms are spacious (50 sqm.) and include a bath tub.

rouge villas spa ubud

Solo Villas & Retreat - 9.3 rating out 54 reviews

A real hidden gem in the city center! Although close to all the action still surrounded by rice fields. In this location in Ubud center a rarity. Rooms are 40sqm and if you lucky you can find a bargain for about $70 per night including breakfast. Wait until you see the beautiful bathroom including tub.

solo villas retreat ubud

Jiwa Guest House - 9.1 rating out of 135 reviews

Definitely a great option for people traveling on a budget to Bali. This place will only cost you around $25 per room per night including breakfast. Rooms are basic and but more than perfect if you are just here to crash at night. Super centrally located in Ubud and lovely people. I liked staying here and understand why they score such a high guest rating.

jiwa guest house ubud

Kajane Mua Villas - 9.1 rating out of 1935 reviews

Yes exceptional right? Almost 2000 reviews and they still score higher than a 9.0. Incredible people here at Kajane Mua Villas. These people are incredibly kind and you feel the good vibes immediately when you walk in. Staying in Ubud center never felt this good. There are some cosy garden villas with lovely bathrooms. There is a communal pool as well. It will cost you around $100 including breakfast.

kajane mua villas ubud 1

Bisma Eight Ubud - 9.2 rating out of 400 reviews

Rated as one of the best luxury hotels in Ubud center with a 9.2 rating our of more than 400 reviews. There is not much guests are complaining about. Situated close to Monkey Forest on walking distance from all the action, yet still in a quiet location with an infinity pool overlooking the jungle. Slick interior and an amazing restaurant on property. A bit more expensive than the other Ubud center hotels, but ultimate luxury guaranteed.

bisma eight ubud

Travel to Ubud

Anyway I am visiting Ubud now every time I go back to Bali and I have seen it change a lot since I was first visiting Ubud back in 2009. Still this is one of my favorite places to go in Bali. All the great things to do, the amazing places eat, fabulous hikes and these lovely places to stay in Ubud make it a magical and inspiring place to be. Click on the picture below for all the best things to do in Ubud.

Get your boat tickets to the islands here:

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things to do in ubud 1

Where to go after Ubud

Other favorite place to go to in Bali are Canggu, the hipster village, and Nusa Penida, the magical island close to Bali. For everything you need to know before traveling to Nusa Penida click here and if you want to know where to eat, sleep and what to do in Canggu then click on this link. I also tried magic mushrooms in Gili Trawangan, climbed Mount Rinjani in Lombok, listed the best places to visit in North Bali and wrote an extensive guide on how to travel Bali on a budget.

I am sure with all this information in hand your trip to Bali won’t be disappointing! May you have other questions just leave me a comment and I am more than happy to answer them and help you planning your trip to Ubud.

Oh yeah foodies out there don't forget to pass by one of these local warungs in Ubud.

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Thanks you very much in advance! Enjoy your trip to Ubud.