Staying at Kandima Maldives marked already the 10th luxury resort in Maldives I visited. Many people think that all resorts are the same, but that is totally wrong. Kandima only opened its doors to guests less than a year ago so is brand new and is the Kandima concept is completely different than most other resorts, I will explain you why.

There are so many Maldives resorts that it is hard to tell you the best hotels in Maldives. Some Maldives accommodation start from $2,500 per night. There is no way I can compare Kandima with Soneva Fushi, Naladhu Private Island or Shangri La Maldives. I even think Lux South Ari Atoll and the newly opened Westin Maldives are from a higher category Maldives resorts. But when we compare Kandima to Adaaran Club Rannalhi, Kurumba, Kuramathi or Prestige Vadoo, Kandima gets my vote!

(Luxury) Lifestyle Resort in Maldives

Leaving the word luxury out of this header does not mean you can’t associate Kandima with luxury. When visiting the resort you can obviously expect a luxury getaway. You are in Maldives on a private island somewhere in the Indian Ocean with more palm trees than buildings surrounded by the most perfect white sand beaches, of course staying at Kandima can be seen as a luxury holiday in Maldives.

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beach club kandima

Naming Kandima a lifestyle retreat instead of a luxury resort is because of its concept. It may sound weird but before Kandima in all the other resorts I stayed in Maldives I hardly met other travelers. Those who have been following me for a while know that meeting people is one of the reasons I love traveling, but a luxury holiday in Maldives is different. People don’t visit Maldives to make new friends. For most people a trip to Maldives means they want to escape their daily life for a little while and enjoy time with their beloved ones or even more romantic, go on a honeymoon.

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Kandima is trying to break that circle and is doing its best to create a lifestyle vibe, a luxury resort for families or groups of friends. The energetic Kandima staff is constantly trying to spread their positive energy among their guests and encouraging them to interact in games and activities that are organized all around the island. There are classical games, but also dance nights with live music, pool parties with international DJs, salsa classes and much more.

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This does not mean that honeymooners are not welcome! If you want to spend your honeymoon by yourself then there is enough space on this huge island to find your secluded spot! Deserted beaches are guaranteed.

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Kandima Maldives review

Since this is a brand new resort there are a couple things where I think Kandima Maldives could improve on:

On island transportation

The fact that this is the biggest resort island in Maldives makes the distances long. There are two electric shuttle busses driving up and down the island, but only come every 15 minutes. Unfortunately bikes are not complimentary and are limited, so try to add them to your reservation straight away. Adding a bike to your reservation will 100% sure make things a lot easier and more fun. Biking in Maldives feels amazing.

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Privacy overwater bungalows

The overwater bungalows are really nice and obviously new. However something that straightaway caught my attention was that the balconies have no privacy. You know me, I arrived to my room after a long trip, stripped down my clothes and jumped off the balcony. Oops, sorry! :)

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Comparing the internet speed with other resorts Kandima is not the worse nor the best. Especially in a lifestyle resort whit a more social vibe I feel like people want to share their happiness constantly. Having high speed internet is something people nowadays demand. For everyone on a trip to Maldives I recommend you to buy a Maldives sim card at Male airport so you can enjoy 4G internet speed on almost every island. Click on the link and I tell you which one is the best sim card for tourists in Maldives.

The list of pros for my Kandima Maldives review is way longer!

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Uncomplicated vibe

Kandima wants you to feel like at home, this is your holiday so too many rules would just limit your happiness, right? That is why Kandima has no opening hours for bars, swimming pools, fitness, etc. If you want to watch the stars while floating in the swimming pool in the middle of the night, go ahead! If you want to drink until sunrise, someone will keep on serving you beers. Working out on flipflops in the gym? No problem! Jumping from your overwater villa balcony naked in the middle of the night? Go Kandima!!!! :)

Pretty sure this last thing is not allowed, but I just did it anyway! :)

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The uncomplicated vibe was something I really loved and did not experience in any other resorts in the Maldives. Mostly there are a lot of rules to keep everyone in line! Staying at Kandima really felt like an amazing holiday experience!

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Constant summer vibes

The center of the island is where most of the action is happening and where you can find the beach with the swings, the longest swimming pool in Maldives, the coffee café, the lounge areas and the pool bar. There is music around all day and night and exactly those tunes that make you feel like you are on a holiday. On the other side of the island there is another more stylish pool with more uplifting beats and a DJ at some days of the week.

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Deserted beaches

Another amazing advantage of Kandima is it size and with that the completely deserted beaches. There are hardly any guests at the beach and I think looking at these pictures you understand what I mean. I visited the resort at nearly full occupancy, so you know what you can expect.

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Social resort

Guests at Kandima Maldives aren’t just couples looking for romance. Surprisingly I hardly saw any older couples visiting Kandima and almost all the guests were below 50 years old. If there is one resort that is a social place in Maldives it is Kandima. Groups of friends are more than welcome.

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Huge lush green island

I already told you that Kandima Maldives is the largest resort island in Maldives and for those people who like to go for a walk this place is perfect. Wandering from one side to the other and back will at least take you an hour if not even longer. I had a bicycle and every day I would go for a bike ride cycling up and down the whole island. The wind in my hair, the tropical temperatures, the waving palm trees and the lush green vegetation in contrast to the clear blue skies made me smile all the way through.

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Coffee café

A good coffee is a must to get through the day and not only in the office, even on a holiday. Many resorts lack a place dedicated to good coffee and serve you a standard one. After I did my barista course in Australia I really learned to appreciate good coffee and so do I appreciate a resort that invested in a professional barista serving quality coffee.

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Largest kids club in Maldives

Not that I have kids, but if there is one resort that is kids friendly in Maldives then I think it is Kandima. I have never seen so many families and youngsters in a resort like Kandima. Here you don’t need to worry when your kids are having fun in the pool. Being happy is exactly what Kandima want its guests to be. And if you feel like leaving them in the hands of professionals, the largest kids club in Maldives will surely entertain them while you go to the pool party! ;)

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Cheap alcohol

This last one is one of the biggest advantages booking a holiday at Kandima Maldives. Alcohol in Maldives is expensive and a lot of resorts charge ridiculous prices for drinks. Kandima Maldives is the first resort in Maldives that I found alcohol was not expensive. A bottle of wine starts from $35 how amazing! The cheapest draft beer already from $5. Most resorts charge the double. Kandima is all about having fun and these prices surely add up to a great holiday.

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Great value for money

What I learned during my stay at Kandima Maldives is that his resort is great value for money. Some exclusive resorts charge up to $3,000 per night and yes they are amazing. But what If you can find a resort that charges only 10% and give you may be a little less luxury, but an equal amazing paradise setting, cheap alcohol and a great vibe? Kandima Maldives prices can be found online for $300 per night if you find a good deal.

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Trust me a holiday at Kandima Maldives is worth every penny!

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