My first Maldives resort! It was my first trip to Maldives and I was about to head to one of the most remote Maldives hotels in the country. The moment I wanted to check in for my domestic flight to GAN Airport there came someone up to me asking if I was Mr. Grond. Please sir follow me to the lounge… I guess my dream trip just started! 

Now 3 years later I visited more than 15 resorts in Maldives, I call it the perks of becoming a full time world travel blogger. Shangri La Maldives was by far the best property I had ever stayed in until then. Nowadays I have seen more Maldives accommodations and I think it is fair to compare this resort with Soneva Fushi, Naladhu Private island, Anantara Kihavah and Westin Maldives. My favorite?

Pricewise and best value for money I think I might even go for a cheaper resort in Maldives: Lux South Ari Atoll.

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Location Shangri La Maldives: Villingili Resort and Spa

Landing in Male and taking a speedboat like many other resorts in Maldives is not the way to get to Shangri La Maldives. The great thing about this resort is that you will only have to take a speedboat for 5 minutes, but it takes an extra flight of 1,5 hours from Male to Gan to get there. It is a standard scheduled flight with Maldivian Airlines, pretty convenient and amazing views of the Maldives islands below. At Male International Airport a resort representative will guide you to the business lounge and will preform the check in for you. During the flight all Shangri La guests were handed a certificate saying you just crossed the equator. Once I arrived at the airport a welcome team is waiting for you and your luggage will be taken from you. A 1-minute bus ride will bring you to the jetty and 5 minutes later you will set foot on Villingili Island Resort and Spa and a delicious coconut will be handed to welcome you.

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Overwater Bungalow Shangri La Villingili

It was my first ever stay in an overwater bungalow and I was happy as a child. Finally a dream was coming true and although it was not yet my honeymoon I made it to the Maldives and got my overwater bungalow. My island representative was explaining me all the island features and showing me the immense huge bathroom, but all I wanted was to open the bedroom door to the ocean and jump into the emerald green ocean.

The hammock feature on the balcony was a fantastic feature of the overwater bungalow. The interior actually really surprised me as I thought the bungalow would be way smaller, but everything was super spacious!

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Villingili Island Maldives

The island is one of the bigger private islands in the Maldives and owned by the Shangri La resort only. The highest point in Maldives is located on the Golf Course of the resort and called Villingili Hill. It is a great place to walk around and from the South to the North in a holiday pace will take about 1 hour. For me the complimentary bikes were a big plus and cycling around the island was one of my favourite things to do. There are many hidden places to discover on the island and the bike is a fantastic way to do so. Are you already excited for your Maldives holiday?

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When seeing this can you imagine I think it is one of the best resorts in Maldives?


There are a couple restaurants on the island but the one I most liked was the fine dining restaurant in the North: Fashala. The seafood was delicious and the friendly staff advised me to try some excellent wines. Dr. Ali is another great place to eat with Asian dishes from the Indian Ocean till China. Breakfast was served on the beach in the most idyllic setting.

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You wont get bored here as there are many activities to choose from. There is a golf course, a dive center, all kind of water sports, sunset cruises, house reefs for snorkelling, an amazing infinity pool, and of course picture perfect white sand beaches. Endless things to do in Maldives when you are an ocean lover. 

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Review Shangri La Maldives Villingili Resort and Spa

I don’t need to explain to you anymore that I had the most wonderful time on this very remote island. I can use all the superlatives that I know and it will totally justify my experience on the island. The staff was super friendly, the beaches where almost too perfect and my overwater bungalow was a dream coming true. I simply have nothing to complain about! So far all my experiences in Shangri La hotels have been amazing, See all my Maldives resort reviews on my Maldives page.

I have not just visited Maldives resorts on my trips to Maldives. Local islands in Maldives are something completely different. May be interesting to read about, how there is no alcohol and bikinis on the beach are not allowed. Check out my trip to Fulidhoo, a local island south of Male. Other amazing resorts in Maldives similar to Shangri La are: KanuhuraSoneva FushiWestin MaldivesNaladhu Private island and Anantara Kihavah.

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