Welcome to the island of witchcraft and natural healing. This bewitched island is an off the beaten path destination in the Philippines and magical in many ways. A Siquijor tour is a great experience for every adventurous traveller. This lush green mountainous islet lies South of Cebu and East of Negros and can best be reached by boat from Dumaguete.

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Siquijor travel guide

The green hills of the island are full of waterfalls, hiking trails and ancient natural healers. On the coast you will find turquois waters that are undeniable and great white sand beaches and snorkelling spots. Driving around you will get a feel how laid-back this place is. Empty roads, amazingly friendly people working in the fields and an ocean breeze that will make you smile!

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Things to do in Siquijor

When visiting the island you have to make a Siquijor tour around the island. The best way to do this is by renting a motorbike. Bikes can be rented everywhere around the island from local shops. It is all very chilled, not like Thailand where you have to check every scratch! Once you got your motorbike you make a Siquijor itinerary to drive around and thick of all the cool things to do in Siquijor. Driving around the island on a motorbike is super easy as roads in a surprisingly good condition and on top of that totally deserted. If you dont feel super comfortable on a motorbike this is the island to gain some experience and confidence. Simply use Google maps to get to all the tourist spots in Siquijor. Download the map when you have Wi-Fi and go out and explore the island on your own if you dont already have a Filipino SIM card with data.

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Siquijor tourist spots

Salagdoong Beach

There are couple things not to miss when visiting the island. One of them is the Salagdoong Beach. This beautiful public beach lays next to the Saladoong Beach Resort, but this place is not worth a stay. For recommendations on where to stay in Siquijor keep on reading! 

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This public beach has a great feature and is among the best things to in Siquijor: a cliff jump and waterslide that drops you into the ocean! See the video...

Salagdoong is one of the most famous Siquijor Tourist Spots, famous for its cliff jumping (25 and 35ft.) and a waterslide directly into the ocean.

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Besides that it is a cool beach to hang out. The resort itself is old and needs urgently investment! The entrance to the ‘waterpark’ is only $1, including your motorbike parking fee or is it just a motorbike parking fee? I have no clue but it obviously is a bargain! :)

Visit the St. Francis de Asisi Church

You cant miss this church when you arrive at the pier. It is build in the hill and overlooks the Siquijor harbour where ferries come and go. An old church nice to add to your Siquijor itinerary when driving around on your scooter. You are allowed to go inside and take pictures.

Cambugahay Falls

One of the better things to do in Siquijor on a hot afternoon. Hike to the Cambugahay Falls and you will understand why it is hard to resist a refreshing jump after a sweaty walk. These multi level waterfalls are one of the most beautiful Siquijor island tourist attractions and a great photo spot. Dont forget to charge your phone before you head up here! LOL

Healing and witchcraft

This island is renown for its magical healing and spiritualism, but also for its witchcraft according to the stories. Or are this myths? I have tried to include it to my Siquijor itinerary, but could not really find a proper place to go. Some say it is on the best things to do in Siquijor some say it is just a typical Siquijor Island tourist attraction that draws people to this place, but there are definitely some local spiritual healers around. There is a healer that blows air through a straw in a cup of murky water and after a couple times the water becomes clear. The most famous Dutch travel TV show has been here, tried it and was seriously impressed.

Take a dip in the Capilay Spring Park

What to do in Siquijor if you have a spare hour? This massive 'natural' pool in the center of San Juan is where locals hang out. It is a public pool that is filled with water from the natural springs up in the mountain. If you want a local experience then definitely take a look here. Families bring there own food and are super friendly. They will ask you to join them to try their local sweets. Kids all want a selfie, good fun!

Hike Mt. Bandilaan

Drive your scooter up to the parking lot of Mt. Bandilaan and start a little hike to discover some inland waterfalls up in the hills. In the Mt. Bandilaan Nature Park you will find the highest peak on the island. What to do in Siquijor on a hot sunny day? Climb up to the highest point and enjoy amazing views of nearby islands and enjoy the refreshing breeze up here. On your way up you will discover natural springs, caves, and waterfalls.

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Butterfly Farm

On your way back visit the enchanting butterfly farm that is only a 10 min drive away.

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The best Siquijor resorts and budget places to stay

There are not that many Siquijor resorts for the grab and if you are looking where to stay in Siquijor you are not spoiled for choice, especially in the luxury segment. Luckily there is Coco Grove Beach Resort, the best resort on the island, one of the very few upscale places at all.

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This huge resort sits on the best beach of the island, a perfect 800m long perfect white sand beach that is for resort guests only. To me this beach was one of the best Siquijor tourist spots, such a gem see the pictures. The resort has a little over 100 rooms, villas and suites spread out over 3 acres, which probably means you won’ t see you neighbours. A huge retreat with a personal touch. There are 3 swimming pools, a dive center, 3 bars and 2 restaurants. You won’t get bored spending your days here. You must think this place is expensive, but if you can find a good deal, they already offer rooms for around $60 sometimes. There are also group rooms, and then the price per person is like a bargain, check them out here: Coco Groove Beach Resort.

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My answer to where to stay in Siquijor on a budget? There are numerous guesthouses that are a bargain for budget travellers around the main town San Juan on the Southwest side of the island. They have great walk-in rates, so booking in advance is not a requirement. Some recommended budget places in Siquijor are: Good Vibes Inn, Adayo Cove Siquijor Resort, Cliffside Beach Siquijor Resort, Toris Backpackers Paradise.

Some mid range Siquijor resorts that looked really nice are: Infinity Heights Resort, Kawayan Holiday Resorts, Kalachuchi Beach Resort. Interested in a luxury private island resort close to Cebu? Read about my experiences on Sumilon Island.

Best restaurants in Siquijor

Who doesn’t want pizza and beer for sunsets after a day ticking off Siquijor tourist spots? Head to Marco Polo a little out of San Juan for a real Italian experience with great pizzas. In the back you can sit at the sea side and enjoy the sunset.

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If you are looking to dine with a view then head up to one of these places: Villa Marmarine Restaurant or Restaurant Saki. Both have absolutely fantastic views. Food and drinks are obviously more expensive but still very affordable of course. These places are also worth going for a drink if you are planning your Siquijor itinerary.

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Larena Triad Coffee Shop will be remembered to me as the toilet with the most amazing sunset view. This place lacks charm is not appealing at all and the beer I ordered was not cold. It is a bit of a drive up, but the views are seriously fantastic. This place is only a good photo spot I would say, but therefore also one of the Siquijor Island tourist attractions. Ok, a beer is only about $1,5 so it won’t hurt your wallet! Although it might not be a great place, the view makes up for it big time. Decide yourself watching the photos and I bet you will add it to your list of things to do in Siquijor.

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How to get to Siquijor

There is actually only one way to get to the island and that is by boat. There is an airport that serves Dumaguete very irregular and is extremely pricey but if you really want flying is possible. Siquijor resorts can arrange private speedboats from either Cebu or Dumaguete. But a traveler will normally just take the boat. There are a bunch of ferries companies that go every morning and afternoon to and from Dumaguete for around $3. From Dumaguete there are regular flights to Cebu City. Or you will have to take a tricycle ($1) to Sibulan ferry terminal where there are regular boats to Liloan on the Southern tip of Cebu Island and from here it is a 4 hour bus ride up the coast to Cebu City. Click here for all my blogs about the Philippines.

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Siquijor Travel Guide

I hope you liked my Siquijor travel guide with things to do, recommendations on where to stay and a list of all the tourist spots in Siquijor. Let me know about your experience on this magical island. There is so much to see and do in the Philippines that it is a shame I could only spend 4 days on this lovely island. I really hope to come back some day. What about you?

Why I love to travel to Philippines

This was my second time traveling to the amazing islands of this country. The fact that it is of the beaten path of the Banana Pancake trail in South East Asia makes it a great destination to explore on scooter yourself. I don't know that many people who came to visit this island and that made it for me any easy decision to come and explore here. It was my second trip to this country, the first time I was exploring the amazing places to see around El Nido, indulged myself in a nice resort in Boracay and checked out the islands in North Cebu. This time I was lucky enough to stay at Sumilon Island and ticked off all the adventure things to do in South Cebu like Kawasan Falls, climbing the highest peak and snorkel with whalesharks. The Philippines is an amazing island hopping country that can definitely rival Thailand and Indonesia, two other amazing places to go on a grreat adventure. Comparing Thailand and Philippines: see the differences between my two favorite island hopping countries.

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