I was beyond excitement for my trip to Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort as it was my first time on a private island resort. How am I going to experience being locked up on a tiny island? Do I get bored? Answering this question after being stuck on Sumilon Island for a couple days is simple: I never wanted to leave!

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Arrival Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort

The moment you arrive at the private pier just 5 minutes South of the famous whale shark watching village of Oslob, your holiday will start.

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Bags are taken away from you and your check-in will be preformed here. Boats to the island run frequently and while waiting I was offered a cold towel and refreshing drinks. At the same time I got a short briefing about the Island Resort and was shown on a map where everything was located.

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As soon as the boat arrived on the island there was a complete team welcoming us and everyone got their own private escort to the room. First thing I noticed was that the island was untouched. Limestone cliffs surrounded by coral reefs to protect the island, calm waters, pristine beaches and everything looked very green. This extremely peaceful setting immediately gave me the perfect holiday feeling.


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Rooms Bluewater Sumilon

The first night I stayed in a deluxe room which was hidden in the trees, but right on the shore, just footsteps away from the coral reef. They were very spacious and came with two double beds. The Wi-Fi was better than everywhere else on Cebu.

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I also spent a couple nights in the ‘Dolpin’ villa. This villa was obviously even more heavenly as it has its own private pool and a lush green garden with a spectacular view and total privacy. Wi-Fi in the villa is even beter. The view from the villa was a little blocked by the many trees and bushes, trimming those would give the villa a spectacular sunrise view!

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Facilities Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort

This private island resort is made for relaxing and seriously just enjoying your holiday. Reading books, wandering on the beach, napping in a hammock and watching sunsets is serious business at Sumilon Island. However the resort offers way more than that:

The resort offers great activities, like: snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, scuba diving, whale watching, spa and a fabulous sandbar.

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Sumilon Island Sandbar

The islands sandbar is a fantastic feature and the white sand will blind your eyes. Unfortunately the government doesn’t allow this beautiful sandbar to be used as a private beach. Due to the changing tides it was pretty small and there were simply too many tourists. The Sumilon day tour people spoil this little sand bar, but the hotel cannot stop the Sumilon Island day tour offered at tour agencies in Oslob. There are security guards all over to keep visitors of the island, as the rest of the island is for hotel guests only. I fell in love with another sandbar in Philippines: Kalanggaman Island Leyte.

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The island has a housreef that is protected area. It is a fantastic snorkel place and you will see great coral. As an avid scuba diver I am not really a big fan of snorkelling, but here in the protected house reef in Bluewater Resort I saw so many cool creatures that I was breathing through a tube for almost 3 hours straight.


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It is may be not the first thing you think about but the island has to great hiking trails. I seriously liked it so much that I hiked around a couple times. The hike along the rocky coast is fabulous with great views of the ocean and the marine life in the clear water below you. There is even a lagoon where you can peddle around in a kayak or SUP. Interested in more hiking around Cebu? Check out my Southern Cebu tourist guide.

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The resort pool has fantastic views and is a great place to cool off, but unfortunately sunbeds are very limited. According to some staff members people that come for a Sumilon Island day tour are not allowed in the pool, but I found out that there were many of them around. Everytime I wanted to hang out at the pool there were no beds available. Although just before sunset when the Sumilon day tour people left the pool was mine!

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Review Bluewater Sumilon

Overall Bluewater Sumilon Island is a fantastic place and I was impressed by is untouched pristine island feeling. I seriously liked being locked up on a private island, but as said before there are many activities and I could have stayed way longer than 4 night, time was flying! I stayed on a full board pass, which was totally worth it. The food is buffet style, but very tasty plus the staff is incredible friendly. There was a wide variety of food every time and there were different choices every day.

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How to go to Bluewater Sumilon

Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort is located on a tiny offshore island from Cebu, just 10 minutes by boat. The resort has a private pier just a couple minutes South of Oslob. From Cebu international Airport it is about 3 hours by taxi, or 4 hours by bus.

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Coming from Dumaguete you will have to take a boat to Liloan on Cebu Island and then it is only a 15-minute taxi ride to the Bluewater Resort pier. Heading onwards to Siquijor Island? Read here about my Siquijor Tour.

Check out what people say on TripAdvisor about Bluewater Sumilon or click here to see the best deals with Agoda for Sumilon Bluewater.


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