Best service in Singapore

The Shangri-La Hotel it is all about indulging yourself with pure luxury and excellent service. One of those 5* hotels that never disappoint and always live up to their image. So does the Shangri-La Singapore, voted many times amongst the best hotels in the world and it remains the destination of choice for presidents and diplomats.

There was also a president staying at my two nights at the hotel, unfortunately I did not meet him or her, nor do I have any clue who it was.

It is actually the first Shangri-La property opened in 1971 and has been undergoing several refurbishments ever since. I stayed in The Garden Wing, which had a $50 million makeover only a couple years ago.

Location Shangri-La Singapore

Set in a six hectares lush green garden, the 3 wings of the Shangri-La are an escape from the concrete jungle of central Singapore. The countries famous Orchard Road is only 10 minutes away on foot and the rest of the city only a short taxi ride. Looking for an escape from the city and about to explore botanic gardens then you can eat your heart out at the Shangri-La Singapore, but for going downtown you need a taxi.

Check-in Shangri-La Singapore

Check-in was not preformed at reception but in the room it self, something I have not often seen before, but super convenient. The Shangri-La experience is all about that extra personal touch, so I was greeted with their exclusive in-room Bellini service the same evening. At a designated time I got my personal butler preparing Bellini’s for me in my room. Until then I had not heard about a Bellini, but I did not needed that much convincing loving them. With its origin in Venice a Bellini cocktail is a mixture of Prosecco and peach purée. I was lucky enough to enjoy two bottles of quality Prosecco and 3 different fruit purees, all mixed to perfection by my personal butler. What a night, what a welcome!

Room in the Garden Wing Shangri-La Singapore

Staying in the Garden Wing is like staying in a tropical sanctuary. I stayed in a Deluxe Pool View Room with a private balcony overlooking the pool. The refurbishment of this wing was completed in 2012, but the building itself is over 45 years old. To me the room was still a bit out-dated and not the best I have stayed in. It lacked the high tech modern technology like a docking station where you can connect the modern Iphones. Something that I think should be available in 5* hotels nowadays. Although extremely comfortable to sleep in, the beds were on wheels and unable to lock, so sitting on the bed leaning against the wall was impossible. The marble clad bathroom was beautiful and convenient but nothing really special. Overall my room in the Shangri-La Singapore was not the highlight of my stay.

garden wing room shangri la singapore

Facilities Shangri-La Singapore

Apart from the gardens there is a big swimming pool and a lovely hot tub. Unfortunately I did not have time to go for a swim neither did I have time to check out the Spa and the fitness.

sunrise shangri la

Services Shangri-La Singapore

To me this hotel was all about the experience and their outstanding service. I enjoyed a great high tea at their impressive lobby where a lot of people gathered, as it was a rainy day. I was unable to try out all the delicious treats as there were simply too many, but the nice staff wrapped them up and delivered them to my room later. The atmosphere created by the musicians made it a great overall experience.

lobby shangri la singapore

I also had access to the all-day champagne room where excellent food was served by professionally trained butlers. It was a truly world class experience to drink the best champagne and to try out their fantastic a la carte dinner. Just as delicious was the breakfast. I though I was a fan of buffet breakfast, but since my experience in the Shangri-La I admit that a a la carte breakfast is an even better experience. There is still a limited buffet breakfast available, but only with very exclusive products. The best breakfast I ever had so far is definitely at the Shangri-La in the all-day champagne room.


Price for Shangri La Singapore

It’s not cheap but for Singapore they do not charge an awful lot. The experience of staying in the first Shangri-la is unrivalled and the service level is impeccable in every way. The lush greenery and the huge grounds around the property make the Shangri-La Singapore a hidden oasis in Singapore. And excellent service and award winning restaurants make this hotel definitely one of Singapore's most luxurious hotels if you look beyond the price tag.

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