Feeling at home and getting pampered in luxury from the moment you walk in until you check out. The Ritz Carlton Singapore made my stay memorable and made sure I was having a smile on my face constantly. A luxury hotel with a personal touch and the best view of the Marina Bay Singapore. This very exclusive hotel with fantastic views over the bay blew my mind.

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Club Lounge Ritz Carlton Singapore

For a couple days the Club Lounge on the top floor was like my living room. One of the days I stayed for over 11 hours up here working on my projects, enjoying lunch, networking with other guests, drinking champagne, snacking, interacting with the fabulous staff, dining, drinking wine and experiencing the splendid service. One of the best views of Singapore is probably from the Club Lounge and exactly here is here the hotel checked me in. I was guided to a table with fantastic views and was served a glass of champagne and offered a high tea with delicious treats.

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As I said before I felt at home up here and the incredible staff played a huge roll in this. They were so amazing that they felt like friends after a couple days. There was a Korean guy and a young guy from Singapore who just returned from Barcelona for his internship: two legends! They were around so so now and then for small talk what I really liked plus they were sincerely interested in my travel for a living story!

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For a breakfast shot with a view from the Ritz Club Lounge take a look at my hotel breakfast picture article, which surely will inspire you to travel with more than 30 amazing breakfast photos from luxury hotels around the world.

Rooms Ritz Carlton Singapore

My bay view room on the 27th floor of the hotel had a fantastic view over the Marina and the most iconic building in Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands. This view never gets boring! I actually slept with open curtains to take in the view at night. The ultra modern and spacious room came with all the 5* facilities and high tech features you may expect. It took a while to figure out the fabulous sounds system but that could have been due to too many champagne. There is also a plug-in for your phone but it is unfortunately the wider Iphone 4 plug. The great bathroom is something to rave about as well. The bathtub has the same incredible view as from you have from the bed.

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The daily fresh fruit service and chocolate treats were a warm welcome every time they made up my room. I told the staff that I liked the sweet mango and the next day I found two fresh mangos and a sweet little letter next to it saying that they hoped I would now be double as happy. I was overwhelmed! Definitely this is one of my favorite luxury hotels in Singapore.

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The Ritz Lounge Singapore

Here is a Facebook Live video of my stay in the Ritz Lounge, the most exclusive room of the hotel. It was a real-live MTV cribs kind of story and such a kind gesture from the staff that I was able to spend a couple hours in here.


Colony Restaurant Ritz Carlton Singapore

The renewed Colony restaurant is something you don’t want to miss when you stay in the Ritz Carlton Singapore. Enjoying their excellent buffet is an experience. I indulged myself with the most delicious prosciutto and sushi. There are about 7 food stations to choose from. It was a lovely food journey. On top of that there is a portable cocktail bar that makes cocktails at your table. I can only rave about my stay at this great hotel. The location, the staff, the facilities, the restaurants, the club lounge and the room were all perfect.

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Review Ritz Carlton Singapore

A great cityhotel that I would definitely recommend to my followers. Spacious rooms, amazing views over the Marina Bay. Super friendly and skilled staff, fabulous food a great Ritz Carlton experience! This is where you want to spend your days in Singapore. Check out the best rates for the Ritz Carlton.