I was a little bit late but my friendly driver was waiting for me and greeted me by opening the door of a Bentley: ‘welcome to Singapore’! Yeah that definitely started off well being escorted to the St. Regis Singapore in this car, I was already impressed before I even arrived!

It was my first stay ever at a St. Regis Hotel and I knew it is was one of Starwoods prime brands so I was pretty excited. As soon as I arrived there was a team waiting for me to welcome me at the hotel. I was escorted to a separate room to preform the check in as I arrived early. I took place in the meeting area where a lot of people were sipping tea and doing business at the same time. From what I could see I was among the younger people here and everything was super stylish. The offered tea was served in a traditional classic English tea pot and everything around me just as posh in a positive way. I already started to get the St. Regis vibe.

Most of the people staying in this hotel are (successful) business men and there I was sitting somewhere in the corner in my short jeans and my Nikes. The St. Regis crowd might be very formal but very friendly, well mannered and uncomplicated at the same time and I really enjoyed looking up to all those dressed up people so early in the morning. I just came from the W Singapore with such a different vibe. I clustered all my hotel reviews from Singapore in one post, check it out here.

Unfortunately due to a miscommunication I sat a little longer than planned in the room waiting for my check-in but it was made up by the hotel with an enormous box of quality chocolate when I arrived in my room!

St. Regis Singapore4


The St. Regis Singapore is located on Orchard Road, the most famous Road in Singapore. Close to all the action, restaurants, nightlife and in the middle of the business district. The famous Marina is a pleasant walk down the vibrant Orchard Road and all its shopping malls.

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Rooms St. Regis Singapore

Brought to my room by the welcome staff I was welcomed with classical music playing from the Bose sound system. I checked in to a suite room on the second higest level and had amazing views over the only UNESCO heritage sight in Singapore: the botanical gardens. Besides the box of chocolate there was a fresh fruit of plates dipped in chocolate sauce. The St. Regis offers a private butler service complimentary for every room and with one single touch there will be a butler at your door in no-time. I tried it out at 1am to get some sea salt for a well deserved bath and it work perfectly fine! There was a pillow menu with 15 different pillows to choose from, a shoe polish service, but most importantly a huge and fluffy bed! The bathroom was equally stylish and spacious.

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The swimming pool which is open for 24 hours was all mine as I never saw anyone in it. I assume the business people were all at work during the day and when they finished work it was my turn to start working. The fitness center overlooks the pool and is pretty well equipped.

A great complimentary service is the sauna and steam cabin, which are free to use for all guest. Actually there is a complete wellness zone separate for male and female with a plunge pool and outdoor jacuzzi, showers and chill out zone which is all free of charge.

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Remède Spa Singapore

It was my first time in a Remède Spa as well and it was an absolute pleasure! Until then I never had a facial. The skilled lady recommended me to take a facial instead of a massage to experience something new. I am glad I did as while I was getting a facial I was offered a special pedicure treatment and foot massage at the same time. Now there were two skilled ladies taking care of me. I enjoyed this amazing experience to the max.

Restaurants/bar St. Regis Singapore

As you have seen in the header picture, the breakfast was fantastic. There were plenty of choices available and on top of that there was a complimentary a la carte menu with the St. Regis Singapore signature dish: a lobster omelette with caviar, an absolute must-try! Of course is this breakfast highlighted in my hotel breakfast post as this is one of my favorite breakfast shots ever. And the omelet was delicious too! :)

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To Astor Bar I went for a Bloody Marry tasting and tried the spicy one, pretty delicious! There is a great atmosphere and after working hours it gets busy with business man that come for a drink in an uncomplicated setting where an Afro America is playing/singing live Jazz music every night!

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For Chinese food you gotta be at Yan Ting restaurant, great for fine dining. I tried the tasting menu and was served 5 different dishes in small portions, perfect for foodies!

The Italian restaurant La Brezza is a great fine dining restaurant in a little more uncomplicated style overlooking the pool. The open kitchen concept is great to see the passionated chefs preparing your food.


Review St. Regis Singapore

I am happy that St. Regis Singapore was my first St. Regis experience ever. The standard has been set really high now. The impeccable service, the professional staff, the great attitude and the stylish setting all attribute to the quality of this amazing hotel. I sincerely hope to come back and to have more St. Regis experience next year! Check out the prices for an exclusive stay in the St. Regis in Singapore.

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