Travelling to Singapore has never been a favourite, although I am pretty intrigued by big cities. My first visit to the country was in 2009 and after that I had never been back. The reason? It is simply too expensive! I am not rich by any means and I think it is not worth spending so much money if for the same money I am spending here in 1 day, I can live a week in the neighbouring countries.

This time I got the chance to stay in Marina Bay Sands for 1 night and did not think about it twice and booked a flight ticket to Singapore straight away. I ended up staying in Shangri La Singapore and Ritz Carlton Singapore as well on this trip.

Marina Bay Sands Review

Marina Bay Sands is the most iconic building in Singapore and very well known from pictures all around the internet. The best feature of the hotel is the infinity pool on the top floor. It is world’s biggest infinity pool and obviously offers splendid views. I heard and read mixed stories about the hotel, so my expectations were not extremely high. Here is my review of Marina Bay Sands.

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Check-in Marina Bay Sands

Walking into this majestic building is intimidating. There are 3 towers and more than 2,500 hotel rooms and therefore this is not the most romantic place on earth. To check-in you have to queue up like you are in an amusement park and everything is far from personal. Once it’s your turn you find out you are a number even more as they want to check you in as quick as possible, which actually is a good thing. The friendly clerk had good news though as he said the room was ready. This was great news, as the official check-in time is only 3pm and I could enter the room 3 hours earlier.

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Rooms Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Most Marina Bay Sands reviews are not really raving about the hotel rooms, but I will. I have stayed at many amazing hotel rooms now but my room at Marina Bay Sands was still one of the best so far. I am sorry I can’t help it!

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I am not writing this to promote the hotel; my room was simply magnificent. First of all it was huge and the floor-to-ceiling windows gave it an even extra spacious appeal. About the bathroom I said in my Snapchat story that it was the first time ever I came across a shower where you could park a car inside. Then on top there was a massive separate bathtub. The view from the room? I don’t think I need to say anything about it, just watch my timelapse…


Overall experience of Marina Bay Sands

Would I recommend staying in Marina Bay Sands? Yes totally! I truly think it is worth spending the money for a 1 or 2 night stay. To me the hotel is all about the pool, although the room I stayed in was amazing, this is not a guarantee reading other reviews. It is definitely not the most romantic place to spend your holiday. First of all there is no personal touch and up in the infinity pool you will be together with heaps of other people staring in distance and taking selfies. In one of my Instagram posts I used the caption: ‘there are more selfies sticks than palm trees at the infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands! But the experience of staying up there and spending a day at their unique pool, I would say is totally worth it! The pool is accessible for hotel guests only and therefore it is worth staying one night at the hotel.

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The hotel is actually way more than the pool only. There are numerous restaurants, a shopping mall, a casino, gardens and lots of activities. Though I spend my 26 hours at the hotel between the 34th and the 57nd floor only. As the pool is that impressive, I spent my afternoon in the pool, waited for sunset, went back to the room for a shower, chilled out there for a bit and went back for an evening swim, came back to my room around midnight, ordered room service, fell asleep for a couple hours, got up around 6am to go up to the pool to enjoy sunrise. I think that is the biggest disadvantage of staying in such a hotel: you won’t leave the hotel at all. The food at the poolside is of course not cheap, but surprisingly affordable. For a club sandwich or a wrap including French fries you will pay around $15, but portions are huge and service is good! Beers go around for the same price. Cheers to my waiter Victor from the Philippines, great guy, excellent service!

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