Probably one of the most popular countries in the world for travel yet still everyone is having doubts about the safety situation in this lovely country. With so many travellers coming back home every year telling their friends about their island hopping adventures in the South or their motorbike tours in the North I would suggest word of mouth would do its job, right? The majority of these people come home with great memories, but there are also those stories in the media about the Koh Tao murders and disappearing people in Bangkok. So how safe is Thailand?

May be you think I am biased as I love traveling in Thailand so much. But in this Thailand safety blog I give you my honest opinion about how I feel and have felt while in the country. As I aim to give you up to date information I constantly update my Thailand travel blogs. This blog has been updated in January 2019. In total I have now been 17 times to this country and I will go again in June 2019 and some new destinations to my Thailand itinerary: Golden Triangle and Koh Chang.

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Is Thailand safe to travel?

With almost 40 stamps of this lovely country in my passport I think my story has credibility. I have been traveling around the country for almost 10 years now and yes there have been major changes, though the biggest problem is the mass tourism itself and not Thailand. All those people need to be accommodated and entertained which means there is a lot of money involved and we all know money causes problems.

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It is very unlikely something will happen to you, but the most reported crimes by tourists are scams. Like in every country there are good and bad people and in Thailand you have to be careful not to get scammed by the bad ones. As an experienced traveller I am not that prone to fall for these traps, but I can imagine if you are traveling for the first time this is something to be make yourself aware of. So with all these scams is Thailand safe to travel? Scams exist all over South East Asia, but even if you fall for it it will only hurt your wallet. Just make sure to not go down that path and if you do, learn from it so it never happens to you again. So far I have never really been scammed, just use common sense!

Getting around Thailand safely

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Are Domestic flights in Thailand safe?

There are 7 airlines that offer Thai domestic flights and non of them have reported accidents. A plane of Lion Air (an Indonesian company) crashed in October 2018 in Indonesia. Thai Smile, Bangkok Airways and Thai Airlines have a 20KG luggage allowance. Other low-cost airlines like NOK and Air Asia will charge you extra for your luggage. These and more tips about finding domestic flights in Thailand in my latest Thailand blog.

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Be careful the girls in Thailand can be dangerous! LOL


Another thing that can be a pain in the ass are the protests. Years ago the complete airport was blocked for a couple days and there have been millions of people on the streets in Bangkok protesting against the regime. I know my mom does not like to hear this but I was in Bangkok when these mass protests were taking place. On the news there were reported dead’s and violent protest during the day. After a crazy night out in Bangkok I got into a TukTuk (never take a tuktuk btw, read why in my blog how much does a trip to Thailand cost) and asked him to drop us of at the protest just to see it with our own eyes. Thousands and thousands of people were literally sleeping on the street and it looked like the biggest street festival I have ever seen, but it was all so peaceful. Of course everyone looked at us like what are you tourists doing here, but at least still with a smile on their faces. We talked to some of the people to understand why they were sleeping en mass on the streets: the love for their country, freedom and peace! Contrary to this the next day again a couple people died in the protests in the exact same place we were the night before. So is Thailand safe for tourists? Yeah totally! Just don’t be an idiot and avoid these kind of things! :) Being part of a protest is definitely not something I will tell you to do, but read about all the other fun things to do in Bangkok.

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How safe is Thailand?

Unfortunately there have been a couple very bad stories in the press about the Koh Tao Murders, which affected the country a lot. Obviously of course cause it is a horrible story! I think a lot of people that Google ‘is it safe to travel to Thailand’ are the parents of the young crowd going on their first trip overseas. I can understand their concerns, because media is a bitch: it always highlights the negative cause that is what stays on our minds! But let me tell you that I feel safer walking around at night in Bangkok than in Amsterdam. Unfortunately murders happen everywhere around the world, Thailand is no exception, but at least these cases are rare!

The travelers that visit Thailand get younger and younger nowadays and what did we all do when we were young? Irresponsible shit! We get drunk, we try drugs and we feel like we are the king of the world. That said I think we can only answer the question how safe is Thailand by looking at your own behaviour. If you travel responsible and not get yourself in crazy situations, you will be completely fine! You should ask yourself the question: ‘am I doing shit that could jeopardize my safety?’, rather than: ‘is Thailand safe for tourists?’.

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Is it safe to travel to Bangkok?

To me this is one of the most laid-back cities in the world. I have lived in Bangkok for a while and been there numerous times. I walked around on the streets at night, sometimes lost, sometimes drunk. Never anything happened! But you are a tall and strong European that is not fair! Yes true, it definitely helps, but a friend of mine a blond German lady is living there now for 1,5 years and never experienced anything uncomfortably. It is written all over the internet: ‘Bangkok is a crazy city’. Yeah believe me it totally is, I have a lot of crazy stories! But how do outsiders interpret the word ‘crazy’? If you have been you know that crazy stands for ‘everything is possible’ rather than something negative! So the same conclusion here! Is it safe to travel to Bangkok? YES!

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With the political situation is it safe to travel to Thailand now?

Thailand is also known as The Land Of Smiles so it is hard to imagine that its army is ruling the country. Yes we are talking about a military regime: since 2014 the National Council for Peace and Order is officially in power. Some call it a dictatorship and we have seen some drastically changes with Internet censorship, controlled media, etc. I agree it is against Western standards and some people would say this is totally wrong and therefore skip Thailand, but does it affect the answer on the question is Thailand safe for tourists? By the way I admit that the nationwide curfew and the upcoming increased alcohol tax is a pain in the ass. LOL! ;) Go island hopping in Thailand and you will have the time of your life!

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The government may have changed, the people on the streets are still the same!

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Is Thailand safe?

I can only speak for myself but the scams, the fact that the military regime is in charge, and the protests have never affected me in my daily life nor traveling in Thailand. Is it safe to travel to Thailand? Just be responsible, don’t get involved in things like drugs, act like a local and pay respect to the Thai culture and its values than you will be completely fine. If you use common sense you will just like me find out that the Land of Smiles is an amazing country! Let me fuel your wanderlust with all the amazing things to do in Koh Tao or amazing Koh Tao viewpoints. Or let me help you plan your trip by giving you 4 different itineraries for your Thailand trip plus the perfect itinerary from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok in 2 weeks.

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What are your experiences regarding safety in Thailand. Tell me your crazy adventures, even when they are negative, I would like to hear them. No country is perfect, neither is Thailand! But I hope we all agree that in most cases it are the stupid tourists themselves who cause problems in the first place. Think about those ones who rent a bike in Thailand and end up in a hospital. Safe travels!

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