Unfortunately another tragic accident occurred on Koh Tao recently with a British traveller found death in a hotel pool. There are a lot of rumors going around but so far no one really knows what happened. Fact is that they found another dead body, one of the many tourist deaths in Thailand per year. Koh Tao was already struggling with a very bad reputation after the Koh Tao murders in September 2014 when a British couple was killed and left behind on Sairee Beach, one of the most popular tourist spots on Koh Tao.

Lately I posted a picture on a Facebook Page with the caption that Koh Tao was a peaceful paradise, which obviously started a big discussion, that lead to this blog about Koh Tao about the safety issues on the island.

First off let me tell you that if you think Thailand is dangerous for tourists, you are wrong! It mostly always comes down to your own behaviour and therefore I wrote a Thailand travel guide, with everything you need to know. Don't let your Thailand holiday be ruined by your own stupid mistakes!

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Is Koh Tao Safe?

Although they say that last week’s casualty was a tragic accident, the odds are against Koh Tao. Recently hacker group Anonymous hacked the Thai police stating that they want justice for the Koh Tao murders in September 2014. Horrible stories from an island that is well known for its laid-back vibe! Unfortunately there is a dark side of Koh Tao and some people call it the Wild Wild West Island. Rumors go that a couple very influential families, kind of like Koh Tao Maffia style, rule the island. May be it is the truth, may be it is a myth.

Please don’t get scared! I have lived on the island for in total 6 months but I have never seen anyone running around with a gun on the island or heard stories that they knock on your door for a share of your business. Maffia or not, as a tourist you will not come across any of these things. Tourist don’t get involved with daily politics on the island anyway for sure. How safe is Thailand? That depends mostly on how you behave yourself.

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Koh Tao murders

I don’t know anything about what happened last week and I won’t discuss it either, but this is the second time I stay long term on the island and it’s the second time there has been a fatal accident. I will never forget the day I turned 30 and I cheered with friends at 00.00 on Sairee Beach. A couple hours later a British couple got brutally murdered and left behind only meters away from where I had been drinking beers. The Koh Tao murders had a big impact on the island, it left a deep impression! Creepy…

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How safe is Koh Tao?

So how safe is Koh Tao? Are there reasons to be worried? No, I don’t think so! I have now been here 5 times and I have never had any problem at all! The vast majority of endless tourists that will visit the island will never have any issues or whatsoever. If Koh Tao is part of your itinerary there are a couple things you have to keep in mind. Asking yourself the question is it safe to travel to Thailand, start with yourself. Like during all your travels around the world the golden rule is: use common sense and stay out of trouble!

There is a big chance you will fall in love with this little paradise. The island is small and gifted with loads of hidden gems, amazing viewpoints, and completely deserted bays. There is a lot to discover and a lot of cool things to do in Koh Tao. Scuba diving is the main tourist drag and when the scuba lessons are over the partying starts. With such incredible sunsets on the main party beach, the party starts early. Loads of beach bars to choose from and happy hours to get you started. Of course tourists get drunk and alcohol makes you do crazy things. But remember you are still in Thailand!

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Koh Tao Island Guide: 3 tips that make it safe to travel

1. Respect the people and the culture

Respect the Thai people and never get into a fight with them. You are the tourist, you are visiting their country so you should adapt to their standards and not the other way around! Don’t argue with them for too long, don’t feel too cool to say sorry and walk away from the scene. You never know who you are up to, don’t let an issue ruin your holiday. These Thai people might seem like little boys to you but they could be ferocious fighters, be careful! Besides that, islands are like small communities and they all know each other. It will always be you against the island. Think twice before getting yourself into trouble!

2. Stay away from drugs

Stay away from drugs! That sounds like an obvious thing, but on islands where the atmosphere is so extremely chilled it is a very tempting thing to do. Island life is all about flip-flops, bathing suit and simple t-shirts, life is at low pace and many tourists smoke weed. Yes, I have been there and yes I have done it multiple times as well. Though from what I know things are changing! Don’t forget that Thailand is ruled by the Military regime. The rise in tourist deaths in Thailand brought more police to the islands and stories of being caught with marijuana are getting more common. Apparently they give you a 50,000 THB ($1,400) fine and take your passport awaiting your trial. I don’t know if that is law in Thailand but islands have their own law sometimes.

3. be responsible and use common sense

Use common sense and stay out of trouble in the first place! Yes go partying, get drunk, play beerpong, drink buckets, get shitfaced but always make sure you are able to get home properly. Simple things your parents would tell you too: don’t walk along the beach on your own at night. There is a big change nothing will ever happen, but a wasted tourist is an easy victim. Research a little where to stay in Koh Tao as the main party beach can be too far away too walk if you book a place in the wrong bay. Always take a taxi at night, don’t jump on the back of someone’s motorbike. Drinking and driving is totally accepted and a daily reality! Taxi drivers will rip you off as well, but at least this only hurts your wallet!

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Koh Tao Island Guide

Koh Tao is an amazing place to enjoy your holiday and you all should be totally fine if you don’t do anything stupid! Almost everyone that leaves the island is not yet ready to leave and sails away with mixed feelings: happy to have experienced this little paradise, but sad they have to go already!

Need any advice on where to stay in Koh Tao then let me help you book a place on the right side of the island. Adventurous and want to hike to the best viewpoints? Or want to know the best hidden bays or a secret sunrise spot? Click here to read about the best things to do in Koh Tao. About to rent a motorbike? Let me tell you where you can book one with insurance, so you wont get scammed.

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