Always wanted to know where your favourite pop idols are celebrating their holiday? I have been staying in the most amazing hotels, but for most celebrities that is just too ordinary. Apparently they rent amazing villas, secluded places where they can’t be seen and where they can do whatever they want behind closed doors. Rihanna was one those celebrities that rented Samsara Phuket and I got to stay in the exact same villa!

Two months ago I was able to peak into the holiday life of a celebrity and spend a couple nights in one of these impressive private villas in Phuket. Samsara Phuket is like one of those places you only see on television. Such an impressive place to be at and to experience this on my own was a bit extraordinary.

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You guys constantly ask me if I feel lonely during my travels and I always answer that I don’t have time to be lonely and that I love my time alone. I am always surrounded by people, but this time there was a difference, let me explain why. More of the above breakfast shots from luxury hideaways?  As I had a lot of my breakfast shots go viral on Instagram I decided to put them all in one article for those people that like a breakfast with a view. Of course this Samsara breakfast is part of it.

Samsara Phuket: 5 bedroom pool villa Phuket

This is not your typical holiday place this is the ultimate luxury villa Phuket to rent! This is where you want to come and hang out with a group of friends and party your nights away. You might think that is out of your reach, but believe me it is definitely not impossible. The amazing villa I stayed in was the amazing 5-bedroom pool villa phuket with two swimming pools, a couple bathtubs, a lot of showers, a bar, a massive living room, a huge kitchen, 2 staff members, a pool table and the most amazing view of Phuket and guess what… I was alone! :)

5 bedroom pool villa phuket

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Location Samsara Phuket

Its location is of course perfectly secluded and away from the tourist trail, but still only 7 minutes by taxi or a couple minutes by motorbike to Patong Beach, the most popular area of Phuket. The international airport is only a 40-minute shuttle ride away as well. The in total 8 villas of Samsara Phuket are perched into the cliffs overlooking the Patong Bay, totally cut off from the touristy areas in Phuket. To enter the huge complex you have to go through the huge gate, which is guarded 24 hours. Basically whatever happens behind this door is up to the guests! Read here all my experiences from the best hotels


around Thailand?

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Yes this all sounds like the ultimate party place right? Let me tell you it is! Imagine you are staying here with a bunch of friends and the famous nightlife area Patpong is just around the corner. The villas all enjoy complete privacy and while I was walking around I was imagining how it would be if I was staying there with some cool people! Did I get lonely? May be a tiny little bit, but it was more about the fact that I was a bit sad I was not enjoying this place to the max.

samsara phuket

A week after I stayed in this amazing place I was reminiscing how incredible and how exclusive my stay actually was. It was when I realized the first time I was not enjoying my travels to its fully potential. Don’t get me wrong, I still was having an amazing time, but I was not really living in the moment anymore. I was telling myself: ‘Tom you slept in the same bed as Rihanna, that is not normal! :)

House Phuket for rent

As I said the villa I was staying in is the number one 5 bedroom pool villa in Phuket. It perfectly suits a group and even has a bunch of amazingly fluffy couches to fall asleep on. Keeping that in mind it is the perfect place to rent with your friends, your family with kids or a bunch of couples. If you then split the price between all the guests you are paying the same as if you would pay for a luxury hotel room in this popular area in Phuket. Plus if you mention ‘TRAVELTOMTOM’ in your inquiry you will be granted a 15% discount plus complimentary massages for everyone! Hop on to the Samsara Phuket website and take a look at all the amazing villas.

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Staying in Samsara Phuket was a dream and surely was the most awesome place I resided in Thailand. If you are on a trip around Thailand then I think the slick adult-only hotel Layana Resorts $ Spa in Koh Lanta will suit you as well. If you are spending a night in the crazy Thai capital then check out these luxury hotels in Bangkok or my personal review of W Bangkok. If you like a fancy rooftop pool in Bangkok then surely book your stay at So Sofitel Bangkok.