Being away from Thailand for more than 6 months made me realise there are a bunch of things I miss about Thailand. The last years I have been back for several months each year, but so far I have no plans to go back in 2017. That saying I am somehow sure I will end up there again anyway! LOL :)

If you have been to Thailand I am sure this list sounds super familiar to you, if you have not been than all these things sound like music in your ears anyway and makes you want to visit Thailand for sure.

Things I miss about Thailand

Fresh fruits

One of the things I miss most about Thailand are the fruit stalls. There is no day I will not eat a bag of pineapple, mango or papaya. Fruits are affordable and they are yummy as hell. Half a pineapple cut for you should not cost more than $0.60!

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Everywhere around Thailand you will find ladies, and guys in some areas ;), trying to lure you in with their hilarious ‘massaaaaaage’ call. For most travellers it sounds intimidating and a Thai massage is pretty infamous for its ‘happy end’ but when you pay $6 for an hour massage you don’t have to be worried something more will happen! When I am in Thailand there is always a day to treat myself to a massage, although I never ask for a Thai massage, an oil massage will do for me.

Eating 4 meals a day

When in Thailand I never cook I always eat out and most days I end up eating 4 meals. Food is cheap whether you eat in a restaurant or on the streets. Paying $1 to $3 for a meal makes it an easy decision to just always go for food whenever I am hungry.

Having no plans

Travelling around Thailand is so easy that one day you are running around in Bangkok and the next day you find yourself in a bus going south to the islands. You will easily meet people and tag along plus travel agencies are abundant and all want to sell you either a boat or bus ticket or a tour. I never make a plan, but somehow always end up on the islands in the South. I have been to all of them, read my blog about Island hopping Thailand.

Street food

Who does not miss Thai food? I could always eat a Pad Thai, a Green Curry, a Tom Yam Gai or a Chicken Sweet & Sour. The best thing is to sit down on a table with locals on the street side and eat your cheap but awesome meal. Don’t worry about Thai street food not being suitable for a Western stomach: I never got sick from it! If you see many people on tiny red, blue or green stools you know it is a winner. Don’t forget to tell them Mai Sai Phong Churot (dont add MSG)! ;)




With so many islands there are many beaches that will blow your mind. Don’t only go to the famous beaches, try to make it an island hopping Thailand adventure instead. Go to the deserted ones or explore islands that are not that well known, like Koh Lipe or the Koh Yao Yai. Read here what I think is the best beach in Thailand.




Of course there are periods that even in Thailand the weather is unpredictable but mostly around December till May you are totally fine and there will be many hours of sun every day. I have also visited Thailand in the rainy season and it never really bothered me. It will mostly rain for an hour or so but still it will always be warm and tropical. The heat on the islands is always bearable, no matter which season.




Seeing the sun go down in the ocean is something magical and I think we are all too rushed in our daily lives that we hardly taker time to appreciate this moment. When you are on a island hopping Thailand adventure there is always that sunset place on the island where you end up with a beer and plunge in a beanbag to chill with fellow travellers. Check out the best spots for a sundowner in Koh Tao or in Phuket.



Chang or Singha

Of course there is also Beer Lao and Tiger, but the most popular beers in Thailand are the local brands Chang and Singha. I mostly opt for a Chang beer to be honest, it is always a little cheaper and I am not that big of a beer drinker that I taste the difference! LOL

Cheap prices

One of the best reasons to visit Thailand are the cheap prices. Everything is affordable and there is no need to make decisions based on prices. For $30 you will get an overnight trip from Bangkok to the islands, a meal wont be more than $4, a beer in the supermarket cost only $1, a dorm bed goes around from $6 and a good middle class hotel wont cost more than $30 either. Even luxury travel is a reason to visit Thailand, as it is very much affordable. See all the Hotels & Resorts I visited in Thailand or check out my article: 4 luxury hotels in Bangkok.




I am definitely made for islandlife: boarder shorts and flipflops all day every day! There is nothing better than walking around in beach clothes, hang out on the beach, go diving, snorkelling, drive around on a scooter, jump of rocks, watch sunsets, hike to viewpoints, chill in beach bars or party with your toes in the sand. I have seen many Thai islands and almost all of the touristy ones. Planning your island hopping Thailand trip? Let me help you…



Bird whistle when entering the 7Eleven

When you visit Thailand and walk in an out a 7Eleven every day the sound becomes pretty annoying, but when you think about it again it is actually a pretty happy sound. The other day I heard it somewhere around me and it made me smile. There is always a reason to visit a 7 Eleven: toothpaste, water, quick sandwich, something to snack, a coffee, name it, so I walk in there a couple times a day!

Simplicity and uncomplicated lifestyle

Life in the land of the smile is so easy going that it feels incredibly uncomplicated. No one cares who you are and how you look like. People around you are not interested in what you do but more in where you have been and what you liked most about Thailand. Almost all island destinations are far from pretentious and partying in your swimmers feels awesome. It is the simplicity that I love about Thailand, there is always that stress free holiday feeling!

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Washing your clothes was never so easy as in this country. Put everything in a bag, drop them somewhere in a little shop on the street side and the next day you pick up your clean clothes nicely folded for just $1 per kilo. Perfect!

Banana pancakes

I don’t think I have to say more! Everyone loves the famous banana pancakes from the guys in their pancake stalls. They get a couple bath more expensive every year but in most places you still get them for $1. The most perfect snack after a couple Chang beer and don’t forget to add Nutella!

Solo travelers

The great thing about Thailand is that there are so many travellers around that it is hard to avoid them. Some complain about Thailand being overcrowded with travellers, but for solo travellers it is like heaven! Most peoples first solo trip is here and it for sure was a success for 99% of them.

Driving around on a scooter

There is nothing better than feeling the wind in your face and driving along the coastline on a scooter. Being free to stop wherever you want to, enjoying the local life and free to go whenever, wherever. Be careful though with bikes, see my motorbike rental tips for Thailand on how to stay out of trouble.

Coconuts and fresh juices

Isn’t sipping coconuts a stress relieving activity? I think so as I have never felt any stress drinking a coconut. It mostly happens on the beach, but even in Bangkok I get myself a coconut daily and it costs only $0,50. The same for the fresh fruit juices: so cheap, healthy and probably my favourite drink! Although you have to tell them to not add any suger!

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Cheap domestic flights

Last but not least there are plenty low budget airliners that will fly you around Thailand for just a couple dollars. If you are flexible and you put some time and energy in searching the right flight you will find bargains to every domestic destination with Air Asia, Thai Smile, NOK air or Thai Lion Air. Going for an island hopping Thailand trip then check out these ones for cheap flights.

Visit Thailand

Doesn’t this list makes you want to visit Thailand? When I started writing I first thought about 5 things, but while writing I came up with more and more. Apparently there are so many things I miss about Thailand and for sure I forgot a couple. Have you been to Thailand? Tell me what you miss on this list!

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things I miss about thailand