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In the last 10 years I lived and backpacked around the country, took uncountable busses, trains, ferries and domestic flights, partied hard while island hopping, did my scuba divemaster training, was an expat in Bangkok and discovered the most amazing beaches and islands.

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Very important is how safe it is to travel to Thailand? Get an insight into the horrible things that happened regarding the Koh Tao Murders. It was my birthday and I was living on the island when it happened!

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Of course scuba diving will always be the main tourist drag simply because it is one of the cheapest places in the world to get your PADI. But there are more things to do in Koh Tao besides scuba diving! Since I have spent so much time in this little paradise I will reveal the list of the coolest Koh Tao things to do according to ‘locals’.

With the help of one of my friends who is still living in Koh Tao this article is updated in March 2021.


Although I just had 5 amazing days in Koh Samui I can’t wait to go home! Yes, this is how I feel when I am boarding a boat to Koh Tao. Right now I am on the Lompraya high-speed ferry that takes me from Koh Samui to Koh Tao in 2 hours. Price? $17! It was my 6th time visiting Koh Samui, I really like it, but what I learned in 3 days Samui? I really adore Koh Tao, by far my favorite island to visit in Thailand. 

Things are changing! Where the island has always been a divers paradise, more and more travelers make the trip to Koh Tao just to enjoy their holiday. Diving still is big business and there are more than 100 dive schools in Koh Tao. An increasing amount of people island hopping in Thailand come to experience the laid-back vibe, to snorkel in the stunning remote bays, drive a scooter around and Koh Tao, party on the beach, experience the amazing hiking trails or just chill out and watch incredible sunsets.

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Renting a motorbike in Koh Tao is a must if you want to the best tourist spots on Koh Tao. Though at the same time this island is very infamous for its motorbike scams. So what to do? Miss the cool spots? Or take a leap of faith and go for it? In this Thailand travel blog I will point you out to a motorbike rental in Koh Tao with scratch insurance and explain why it is hard to drive around the island. For more general tips for renting a motorbike in Thailand click on this link.