In December 2019 on my trip through Europe I landed at Vienna Airport again. There I did my research for buying a sim card at Vienna Airport before I went to the city and compared all the Austria prepaid sim cards to find the best one for tourists. In this article you can read all about the prices, the best network and the best sim card for traveling in Austria.

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For my research finding the best prepaid sim card for Europe I traveled to almost all European countries and found the best sim cards for tourists in for example: Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia and all other western European countries.

prepaid sim card austria for tourists

Austria sim cards and traveling in Europe

As there are no roaming costs in Europe anymore the data on your Austria prepaid sim card is valid in all European countries. But be careful there is one exception, T-Mobile Austria prepaid sim cards do not allow roaming outside of Austria.

Order an international sim card online

You can now also order a sim card for traveling in Europe online. This Orange prepaid sim card is valid in more than 30 countries in Europe and gives you 20 GB data and 120 calling minutes. Click on the link above or the banner below to get it shipped to your home address before your trip to Austria.

europe sim card orange 728x90

4 Best Austria sim cards you can buy online

If you don't want to waste your precious Austria holiday time standing in line buying an Austria sim card then order one online. On top of the above mentioned Orange sim card for Europe, the following prepaid sim cards are perfect for traveling in Austria:

1. Orange Smart Comfort S - 8 GB data

Price: $30

  • 8 GB data
  • 30 minutes worldwide
  • 200 sms worldwide
  • Valid 14 days

2. Orange Smart Comfort X - 20 GB data

Price: $50

  • 20 GB data
  • 120 minutes worldwide
  • 1,000 sms worldwide
  • Valid 14 days

3. Three Smart Silver - 5 GB data

Price: $30

  • 5 GB data
  • Unlimited calls within Europe
  • Unlimited sms within Europe
  • Valid 30 days

4. Three Smart Gold - 12 GB data

Price: $40

  • 12 GB data
  • Unlimited calls within Europe
  • Unlimited sms within Europe
  • Valid 30 days

For more amazing sim only Europe sim card deals, click on the link and read my complete guide about it.

Mobile internet operators Austria

There are three mobile internet operators in Austria: A1, T-Mobile and Drei (3). All of them sell prepaid sim cards for Austria. A1 claims to have the best 4G network, T-Mobile to be the cheapest! Let’s see if some of that is true…

Best Austria mobile network in 2020

Not only the price is important when determining what is the best Austria prepaid sim card for tourists. You don’t wanna get stuck with no signal on your Austria road trip. Therefore I compared all the Austria mobiel internet networks (source nperf. com).

A1 mobile internet network Austria

a1 austria mobile network map

T-Mobile mobile internet network Austria

t mobile austria mobile network map

Drei (3) mobile internet network Austria

3 austria mobile network map

As you can see from the above it is NOT A1 that has the best mobile internet network in Austria but T-Mobile. Drei (3) Austria and A1 have kind of the same network strength but T-Mobile has the best and most coverage all over the country.

Where to buy a Austria sim card

All over the country you can easily find mobile internet shops that sell Austria prepaid sim cards.

Buy a sim card at Vienna Airport

May you fly into Vienna Airport and you are looking to buy an Austria sim card then click on the link to read my complete article about it. I can already tell you that first off yes you can buy a sim card at Vienna Airport, but it is pretty expensive! It is cheaper to wait till you get to the city and buy your Austria sim card in one of the many Austria mobile internet operator shops from T-Mobile, Three or A1.

Prices prepaid Austria sim card in 2020

A1 sim card Austria

There are two A1 Austria prepaid sim cards for sale for tourists:

  • €40: 1,000 minutes - 1,000 sms and 13 GB data.
  • €60: 1,000 minutes - 1,000 sms and 26 GB data.

That are pretty expensive Austria sim cards for tourists Mr. A1 Austria. Just saying… :)

a1 austria prepaid sim card

Drei (3) sim card Austria

3 Austria has two different prepaid sim cards for tourists for sale:

  • €15: 2,000 minutes - 2,000 sms and 8 GB data.
  • €30: 5,000 minutes - 5,000 sms and 18 GB data.

All of the above packages are for use in Austria AND in all the 30 other countries in Europe!

3 austria prepaid sim card

There is a slight difference in download speed: 4G for the EU Large package and 4.5G for the EU XL 3 Austria prepaid sim card.

T-Mobile sim card Austria

There are a bunch of T-Mobile Austria prepaid sim cards. Kind of a little jungle to be honest as the internet speed differs per prepaid sim card package. Pretty annoying… like anyone knows what speed is standard!? Stupid!

Anyway a T-Mobile Austria prepaid sim card costs €10. You get 5,000 units, which basically means 5 GB data OR 5,000 minutes OR 5,000 sms. Super flexible as you can use them the way you want to for 4 weeks.

Additionally you can buy the packages below, all valid for 4 weeks. Hotspot is available.

t mobile austria prepaid sim card

Be aware: NON of the T-Mobile Austria prepaid sim card for tourists lets you roam freely in the EU. All data packages are ONLY valid in Austria. But for €19 you can have 10 GB data.

Best Austria sim card for tourists in 2020

Considering that T-Mobile has the best mobile network in Austria and the cheapest Austria sim card I would say: T-Mobile is the best Austria sim card for tourists! That said I would personally buy a Three (3) Austria sim card as T-Mobile does NOT allow EU roaming and most people traveling to Europe visit more than 1 country.

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Sim card for Europe travel

You can also save all the hassle buying an Austria sim card on arrival by ordering a Europe sim card online. This Orange prepaid sim card give you 20 GB data and 120 international calling minutes for $50. Click on the link or the banner below for more info.

europe sim card orange 728x90

Check out all the sim cards for Austria in this link.

Portable Wifi for Austria

Definitely something worth considering when traveling with kids or a partner is a TEP Wireless portable Wifi device. For a couple dollars a day you get unlimited internet and you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time.

portable wifi device for traveling

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I hope all these tips for buying a sim card for Austria were helpful. In case you have questions please send me a message on my Instagram @traveltomtom. Warning: this could create serious wanderlust with pictures from more than 100 countries and 7 years of full time traveling around the world. Curious about my best travel adventures? Read this list of 30 things to do around the world or click here to see how I make money travel blogging.

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