I had never thought I would go back to the snow again this winter season. In December I went snowboarding in Kaprun and after I traveled to Bangladesh and my 3 week trip to Maldives I packed my winter gear again for my annual snowboarding trip with my best friends in Italy. After Italy I only planned to go to Berlin for the biggest travel expo in the world and then book a ticket to Georgia to start my adventure on the Silk Road. Things went different though…

Working together with Peugeot Netherlands

Although I am born and raised in the Netherlands I have never really worked with any Dutch companies for my blog and when I heard Peugeot was interested in working with me I was flattered. In Berlin I met Chloe, the Dutch and super enthusiastic blogger behind dailynonsense.nl and together we checked out numerous ski resorts in Austria: Saalbach, Solden, Obertauern, Kaltenbach, Ischgl, Mayrhofen

snowboarding in obertauern 

She set up the collaboration with Peugeot and 4 days later a Peugeot 5008 showed up in front of my door for a road trip through Europe. Damn what an amazing car that was, I felt privileged!

alpin rentals saalbach

Why snowboarding in Austria

We were pretty much given a hall pass by Peugeot Netherlands to choose our own destination in Europe and as you guys know snowboarding is one of my biggest passions. Because of my adventure travel blog I get invited for a lot of cool things, but some of them I have to decline as I can’t do all of these trips. I connected some dots of my contacts in Soelden and Saalbach we and chose to go snowboarding in Austria. Finally we also added Obertauern to our list of places to visit in Austria. In total we drove around Tyrol and Salzburgerland for 12 days!

Snowboarding in skicircus Saalbach

When you have read my snowboarding in Kaprun blog you know that I stayed at one of the amazing Avenida Mountain Lodges of Alpin Rentals and this is where I ended up again. Having our own massive apartment was a blessing and the weather turned out to be really nice too.

avenida mountain lodge saalbach alpin rentals

Long time ago when I started snowboarding I used to come to skicircus Saalbach a couple times, but had not been in many years. Normally when I go snowboarding with my friends I get the first lift up and snowboard down to the base when it gets dark. I get wasted at apres-ski, fall asleep around 10.00pm and the next day we do the same again. Saalbach is the perfect destination if apres-ski has a high priority.

apres ski saalbach hinterglemm

There are unlimited huts on the mountain and party goes on from early in the afternoon. It was a coincidence I was there for the opening of White Pearl Mountain Days, an event that last about two weeks and is also refered to as ‘Ibiza in the snow’. The outdoor party is being held in a different hut on the mountain every day. So check out their schedule through my blog post about apres ski in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

apres ski saalbach white pearl mountain days

The openings party of the White Pearl Mountain Days were held in one of the popular apres ski bars: der Schwarzacher. First we had a little bite and then the party go started till late!

food schwarzacher hinterglemm

schwarzacher hinterglemm

As you can imagine Skicircus Saalbach was a blast. Even though the snow conditions are not the best late in March, the apres-ski is absolutely fantastic in Skicircus Saalbach. Everything you need to know about skiing in Saalbach is in this link. Be prepared and read thee 25 Saalbach tips for apres ski, mountain huts, festivals, freeriding and more.

skicircus saalbach hinterglemm

Snowboarding in Solden

It is not a secret that Solden is one of my favorite ski resorts in Austria. I am snowboarding there now for many years and it never seems to disappoint. Austria has many amazing ski resorts but to me Solden offers the best packages of amazing skiing, apres-ski and lively huts on the mountain.

snowboarding in solden glacier

glacier skiing soelden austria

A couple years ago they filmed parts of the James Bond 007 movie Spectre on top one of the mountains in Solden. Nowadays there is an upscale restaurant called Ice-Q where I enjoyed an amazing lunch. The view was fabulous when I walked in, but when the food arrived and I wanted to take a photo, the clouds roled in and the view was gone.

ice q restaurant solden

The next day was another sunny day and we ended up having lunch in Gampe Thaya were we ate local food in the best mountain setting. It made me realize that my life is freaking fabulous and that you can put me in the most expensive restaurant, but I enjoy the good life just as much in a simple and uncomplicated setting.

gampe thaya solden

gampe thaya hut solden

I was simply really blessed to back in Solden. I told Chloe a lot about how great snowboarding in Solden is and her expectations were high because of me, but in the end she told me I created another Solden fan. Calling myself an influencer right here! ;)

If you want to know everything about skiing in Solden then click here. After you read these 37 travel tips for Solden I am sure you are ready for a winter holiday in this fabulous ski resort in Austria.

things to know about apres ski in solden

Aqua Dome Langefeld

In Solden I also visited the Aqua Dome wellness center and was blown away. Not because I got a vip treatment and everything was sponsored, it was simply an amazing place to be. It was a perfect day and the white mountains in the background made this sauna complex look like a fairytale.

aqua dome solden

I drove past so many times and never took the time to visit it when I went snowboarding in Solden. But honestly if you are a fan of wellness centers I am sure this place will also blow your mind.

aqua dome langenfeld oetztal

Snowboarding in Obertauern

Our last stop on our amazing road trip with Peugeot was Obertauern in Salzburgerland. A little winter village so high up on the mountain that it is one of the most snow secure places to ski in Austria. I had been to Obertauern before in 2014 and had a great time with a group of friends, but from what I remembered it was not the most snowboard-friendly ski resort.

snow biking in obertauern

Snow kiting in Obertauern

Because the first day it was snowing heavily in the morning we only went out after lunch. We thought snow kiting would be cancelled due to the weather conditions, but nope! I tried kite surfing in Boracay, Philippines once and honestly I thought it would not be my sport, but snow kiting went surprisingly well. It was such a cool thing to try and do something different in a ski resort.

snowkiten obertauern

After the snow kiting we had to jump in a taxi straight away and make it to the sledging. Going down on a sledge is not my favorite thing as I had some bad experienced from 10 years ago, but now it was really good fun.

sledging obertauern

Snow biking in Obertaurn

After such a great day full of adrenaline yesterday I thought the next day I would make some kilometers on the slopes, but in the morning there was already another adventure planned for me. I understood I was going to go fat biking in the snow, but it turned out to be snow biking.

snowbiking obertauern

As long as there is a high doses of adrenaline involved you can let me do any activity. Damn what an amazing adventure was this again. It took me exactly one slope to practice and then I was unstoppable! LOL

snow biking lessons in obertauern

The second last day of my roadtrip I went snowboarding and explored the Obertauern ski resort, but mostly I just wanted to hang out in the amazing huts on the mountain. There are so many, the weather was good and there was music. After all it was a Sunday! Normally the only thing I do in a ski resort is snowboarding. Here in Obertauern I got to try all these adventures and it really made me fall in love with this ski resort.

snowboarding in Obertauern

Back home in Holland to get some work done

Now after a 12-day roadtrip I just arrived home in Holland and honestly all I want now is sleep, sleep, sleep and sleep. The road trip was intense and travling with someone you don't really know is always a little scary. I mean I might think I am easy to deal with, but I always travel alone and I am so used to it that I am pretty much egoistic I think. Chloe survived 12 days with me on the road and honestly it was great fun. Traveling together with someone who does the same thing is easy as there is mutual understanding. I heard Chloe's playlist about 20 times, but fair enough I have no music on my iPhone at all. I laughed a lot and that is what is most important in life!

navigation peugeot 5008

Being a travel blogger is the best thing that could ever happen to me, but I am exhausted. Every day there were many activities planned, one even more awesome than the other and there was little time for my brain to have a rest from all the amazing impressions. When I got back to my room in the evening I was tired, but I had to go through all my content and find a cool photo to post on my social media and in and I also had to start writing blog posts and figure out my future travels. Hard life, right? Nah guys, I won't complain! My life is the best chaos you can imagine!

roadtrip austria with peugeot

Where am I going next? That is the big question. I have loads of travel plans for May scheduled but nothing yet confirmed for April. Keep up with my social media (Snapchat and Instagram Stories) and see where I will be heading...

Thank you for keeping up with my adventures and remember to use my affiliate links throughout my website then I will earn a little fee from those multi million dollar companies for your lead. Thanks you guys a million and thanks Peugeot for the successful collaboration!

Curious how I afford to travel and became a travel blogger? Or how I make money from this travel blog? I will give you an honest insight in the world of blogging, the perks and the financial side of it.

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