Of all the countries I passed through on this Balkan road trip it was probably Bosnia that stole my heart the most. Before my trip I thought it would be Montenegro, but things turned out the be different. At the end of my Balkan trip I was in southwest Serbia visiting Uvac Canyon close to the Bosnian border and I decided to travel to Bosnia once again the day later.


It took me a couple years but finally I completed my ultimate Balkan itinerary and saw all the countries, my last unexplored region in Europe. If you have been keeping up with my adventures you know I visited Paris to get my ear drum fixed. The result was that I was not allowed to fly for two months. Traveling in Europe by car was the only option! Perfect timing for a Balkan road trip of course including the best places to visit in Bosnia.


When you travel to Balkan, the amazing Kravice waterfalls have to be part of your Bosnia road trip itinerary. Kravice Falls is becoming incredibly popular with tourists from all over Bosnia, Croatia and travelers on a road trip in the Balkans. During the summer months of 2017 a total of more than 200.000 tourists and 50.000 locals visited this popular tourist spot in Bosnia. Now in 2018 they expect even more tourists and they are doing their utmost best to keep the tourists happy. Let me tell you everything you need to know before you travel to Kravice Falls.