In July 2019 I decided to travel around Europe to create some cool content for my Instagram account. I was invited to a couple places in Croatia and that is how I ended up in Zagreb. For this article I went to ZAG Airport to check out all the options for buying a sim card at Zagreb Airport.

Being connected to the internet is part of our lifestyles and the first thing I do when arriving in a new country is buying a local sim card. Especially in Europe I found out that sim cards deals at airports are not always the best ones available. At for example Milan Airport, Geneva Airport, Venice Airport or Budapest Airport options are limited and/or expensive. Interested in what is the best Croatia sim card for tourists? Then click on this link for a comparison of all the available prepaid sim cards in Croatia.

Croatia sim cards and traveling in Europe

Although Croatia is an EU country and roaming charges don’t apply for Europe, always ask if you can use your data abroad when buying a Croatia sim card. In case you are traveling to Europe and looking for a sim card then a Croatia sim card is not the best I can already tell you. Have a look at my article for the best sim card in Europe by clicking on the link. At least Croatia sim cards are much cheaper than Sweden sim cards or Italy sim cards. :)

Buy a sim card for Europe online

If you are not only visiting Croatia then an Orange sim card for traveling in Europe is a great option for you. Get 20 GB data and 200 international minutes and get your sim card shipped to your home address before your Europe trip. Click on the banner for more info.

europe sim card orange 728x90

Zagreb Airport

ZAG Airport is a new and beautiful airport and super easy to navigate. It is a very small airport and there is only one Arrival Hall so getting lost is impossible.

ZAG airport

zag airport arrivals

Where to buy a Croatia sim card at Zagreb Airport

When you walk out of arrivals you will see that there is not much going on at Zagreb Airport and there is apart from some car rental booths, a Nero coffee shop and an exchange office a little convenience store. The store is called Tisak and they sell prepaid Croatia sim cards.

zagreb airport sim card

In case the Tisak shop in the Arrival Hall is sold out head upstairs to the Departure Hall there is a Tisak Media shop that sells the exact same products.

where to buy a sim card at zagreb airport

Prices Croatia sim cards Zagreb Airport

There are only two Croatia prepaid sim cards for sale at Zagreb Airport: TELE2 and A1.

TELE2 Croatia prepaid sim card

Price: 59 Kuna ($9)

  • 10 GB data
  • 200 minutes
  • Valid 30 days

All of the TELE2 credit is only valid in Croatia and NOT in the EU.

A1 Croatia prepaid sim card

Price: 80 Kuna ($12)

  • Unlimited data (hotspot available)
  • 5 Kuna calling credit
  • Valid 7 days only

All of the TELE2 credit is only valid in Croatia and NOT in the EU.

a1 croatia sim card zagreb

Best Croatia sim card Zagreb Airport

It is pretty easy to determine what is the best Croatia sim card at Zagreb Airport as there are only two available. An A1 sim card is more expensive and only valid for 7 days. A TELE2 sim card is valid for 30 days is cheaper and still comes with 10 GB.

Therefore TELE2 is the best sim Croatia sim card at Zagreb Airport.

There is also T-Mobile Croatia, but they don't sell them at Zagreb Airport. For a complete guide for the best Croatia sim card click on the link. Make it yourself easy and check out my guide for the best sim card for Europe, an independent research on 25 airports and in 20 countries.

Order a Europe sim card online

The best sim card for traveling in Europe is an Orange sim card with 20GB valid in 30 countries. You can order it online and get it shipped to your home address before your trip to Croatia. Check the link or click below.

europe sim card orange 728x90

TEP Wireless portable WiFi

Traveling with kids? Check out a TEP Wireless portable WiFi device. It lets you connect 5 devices at the same time and for a couple dollars a day you get unlimited internet.

portable wifi device for traveling

How to get from Zagreb Airport to Zagreb city

Apart from an expensive taxi you can also take the bus to Zagreb from ZAG airport. There are two different busses, a local one and a direct tourist bus. The local bus leaves every 35 minutes from the main street, about 3 minutes walk away from the airport and costs 8 Kuna ($1,30). It is cheap but takes a while to get into the city and only drives till Kvaternikov Square.

from zagreb airport to zagreb city

More convenient is the direct tourist bus that leaves every 30 minutes just outside the arrivals hall. This bus costs 30 Kuna ($4,50) and goes directly to the central bus station in Zagreb.

bus from ZAG airport to zagreb

I hope all the above tips for buying a Croatia sim card at Zagreb Airport were helpful. In case you have any questions send me a message on my Instagram: @traveltomtom and Im happy to help.

As a professional travel blogger I am always online/traveling and pretty much able to help you instantly! Interested how I afford to travel the world for 7 years continuously then click on the link to read my story.

Enjoy your trip to Croatia!

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