Last April 2019 I traveled to Copenhagen and as part of my travels around the world as a professional travelblogger the first thing I do is to check out whether it is worth it buying a European sim card at the airport I land. Traveling to Denmark is expensive so I guessed buying a sim card at Copenhagen Airport wouldn’t be really affordable either, but this is what I found.

Denmark sim cards

I have done research for buying European sim cards for tourists (click on the link for a full report) in nearly all EU countries and airports (UK, Paris Airport, Barcelona Airport, Germany etc.) but in Denmark I stumbled upon a new phenomenon. When you have read my best Denmark sim card for tourist article you already know that none of the 4 mobile phone operators in Denmark sell prepaid sim cards. You have read that right! Not a single mobile internet provider has prepaid packages for sale. This is the first country I found where the market for prepaid sim cards is so complicated.

Buy a Europe sim card online

A great sim card for traveling in Europe is the Orange sim card with 20GB, valid in 35 countries around Europe. Click on the link to find out more about it. You can order this sim card online and get it delivered to your home address before your trip to Denmark. Much cheaper I can already tell you!

europe sim card orange 728x90

Portable WiFi device

If you are traveling with kids a portable wifi device could be a great option as with a TEP Wireless Wifi device you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time and you will get unlimited data per day for just a couple dollars. You can use it in over 100 countries, check out more about it in the link.

portable wifi device for traveling

Copenhagen Airport

The airport in Copenhagen is rather small and not really a big hub for traveling in Europe, though there are still a bunch of direct intercontinental flights arriving from North America, Middle East and Asia. There is only one Arrival Hall and it is in Terminal 3. As soon as you walk out of arrivals you basically find yourself in the heart of Copenhagen Airport and shops and public transport into the city are just a stone throw away.

Where to buy a Denmark sim card at Copenhagen Airport?

There are only three options to buy a Denmark sim card at Copenhagen Airport: WH Smith shop and the 7-Eleven in the arrivals hall and a sim card vending machine at the baggage claim hall.

wh smith shop copenhagen airport

There are no mobile phone shops at Copenhagen airport. You can’t really expect any service from the above convenient stores and I don’t even wanna talk about the sim card vending machine. 

Good thing at least is that people in Denmark speak very good English. But I experienced that most questions I asked were difficult to answer for the staff at the convenient stores selling them. For example: are the data bundles valid all over Europe or are they capped? I found out that most of the data bundles are for use in Denmark only! So be careful buying a Denmark sim card when traveling in Europe. Denmark sim cards are among the worst in Europe unfortunately!

Vending machine in baggage hall

Even before you collect your luggage you can already buy a sim card for traveling in Europe. The sim card vending machines at Copenhagen Airport sells Lebara and Lyca sim cards. There is obviously no service at all and when buying these Denmark sim cards at Copenhagen Airport. You will need to activate the sim card yourself and find a shop where you can top up as the sim cards come without anything. The sim cards costs between $5 and $8.

7-Eleven CPH Airport

The 7-Eleven shop is on your way to Terminal 2, so as soon as you walk out of arrivals turn left and keep on walking until you pass the Information desk and then it will be on your left hand side.

At 7-Eleven Copenhagen Airport they only sell one sim card for tourists in Denmark: Lebara sim card - 49 Krones ($7,50).

lebara mobile denmark 7 eleven

The Lebara sim card comes with 10 Krones credit just for calling. Which basically means you will have to buy extra bundles for data seperately. These are the bundles you can buy on top up with and you can buy them directly from the 7-Eleven cashier. Lebara operates on the Telia and Telenor networks in Denmark.

lebara denmark 7 eleven top up

The LEBARA 10 TIMER 60GB for 99 Krones ($15) sounds like a great deal. That means 2GB per day and 10 hours of calling for $15. But…

All the Lebara data bundles bought for a Denmark sim card are ONLY valid in Denmark and NOT in the rest of the EU! This totally sucks if you are on a Euro trip and therefore I would NOT recommend buying a Lebara sim card in Denmark.

WH Smith shop

The WH Smith shop at Copenhagen Airport is easy to find as it is right in front of you when you walk out of arrivals and across from the DSB ticket machines where you buy your train ticket to get to Copenhagen city center.

oister denmark prepaid sim card copenhagen airport

At the WH Smith Copenhagen Airport they only sell the Oister sim card. I had never heard of this, neither when I researched the best Denmark sim card. It works exactly the same as the Lebara sim card they sell at the 7-Eleven, but then cheaper! The Oister sim card operates on the network of Three mobile network.

oister denmark prepaid sim card

The Oister sim card at Copenhagen Airport cost 49 Krones ($7,50) and comes with 50 Krones credit. This credit stands for 100MB data or 100 minutes calling time. Obviously not enough and therefore I went online to their website and figured it out for you. I used Google translate as their website is in Danish only. This is what I found.

oister denmark sim card top up

For 89 Krones ($13) you can get 25GB data in Denmark, 5GB data in Europe and 5 hours calling time.

Best Denmark sim card at Copenhagen Airport

Looking at the above it is an easy conclusion calling the Oister Denmark sim card from the WH Smith shop the best Denmark sim card at Copenhagen Airport!

The Oister sim card you can use all over Europe and the Lebara packages are only valid in Denmark. I am not sure how long you are intended to stay in Denmark, but it is a really small country! When you continue traveling through Europe then I would advice you to wait with buying a sim card or buy your Europe sim card online. The Orange sim card option is much more valuable or wait till you get to Sweden or Germany. Check here how much a sim card in Sweden or Germany costs. Flying to Rome Airport, London, Paris or may be even Greece? Check out the links or go to my Europe destinations page to find all the info for buying European sim cards per country.

Buy a sim card online

Check out the Orange sim card with 20GB data valid in 35 European countries, the perfect sim card for traveling in Europe.

europe sim card orange 728x90

If you don't want to buy a sim card at the airport you can wait till you get to Copenhagen city and look there for a Denmark prepaid sim card. Click on the link to find everything about it you need to know as I also did research finding the best Denmark sim card for tourists.

How to get from Copenhagen Airport to the Copenhagen city

As soon as you walk out of arrivals continue straight. On your left hand side you will see the WH Smith shop and on your right had side you will see the DSB ticket machines for trains to Copenhagen. There is staff walking around for answering your questions about getting to the city and the (multi) day passes you can buy.

how to get from copenhagen airport to copenhagen

I hope all the above information about buying a sim card at Copenhagen Airport was helpful. If you have any specific question, please leave me a comment below and I will try to help you.

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