In November 2019 after I was one of the lucky ones to join the Sky Princess inaugural cruise I flew to Helsinki to visit some friends. To find the best prepaid sim card for Finland I paid a visit to all the mobile internet provider shops as well a reseller for Finland sim cards at Helsinki Airport. In this blog you can find all the prices, the best network, where to buy a Finland sim card and I find you the best buy.

I searched for the best prepaid sim card for tourists in almost all 30 countries in Europe. Finland is an expensive country but prepaid sim cards are priced moderate. Must say in neighboring countries Norway, Estonia, Sweden, Russia and  it was much easier to buy a prepaid sim card for tourists, but well I managed in Finland as well. It was just a little more complicated!

Finland sim card and traveling in Europe

Since summer 2017 the European Union banned roaming costs within all of Europe, but for some reason the prepaid sim cards of some countries don’t qualify for this. The Finland sim cards unfortunately are one of them.

A Finland prepaid sim card is NOT good for traveling in Europe as you can’t use your data allowance across all countries in Europe. Therefore I recommend you buying a European sim card online. Click on the link for my article of the best sim card for traveling in Europe. Or have a look at the following one:

europe sim card orange 728x90

Mobile internet operators Finland

In total there are 3 main mobile internet providers in Finland: Telia, Elisa and DNA. All of them offer Finland prepaid sim cards for tourists.

prepaid sim card finland 3

Best mobile network in Finland

First let’s have a quick look at the mobile network coverage and see who has the best mobile network in Finland (source

Mobile network coverage map DNA Finland

mobile network coverage map dna finland

Mobile network coverage map Elisa Finland

mobile network coverage map elisa finland

Mobile network coverage map Telia Finland

Sonera is the former Telia Finland.

mobile network coverage map telia finland

When it comes down to the strongest mobile network then Telia is by far the best prepaid sim card in Finland. Especially if you go on a road trip or off the beaten path I would recommend you to buy a Telia sim card, purely because of their network.

Where to buy a Finland sim card

In Helsinki city center you can find several mobile phone shops and official Telia, Elisa and DNA stores in the shopping malls. Don’t bother going to a Telia shop though as they only sell contracts. At the Elisa stores they weren’t really helpful either, but they do sell prepaid sim cards for Finland.

prepaid sim card finland 2

DNA has pop-up stores all over and they do sell and help you set up your sim card for Finland. Telia and Elisa basically forward you to any R-kioski shop, a convenient store that is scattered all over Helsinki.

prepaid finland sim card

Buying a Finland sim card from R-kioski is like buying cigarettes, but don’t expect the staff to have any knowledge of what they are selling. Basically buying a Finland sim card was a bit of a though process.

Buy a Finland sim card at Helsinki Airport

At Helsinki Airport there is only one shop that sells prepaid Finland sim cards for tourists: R-kioski. They are located in the main hall on the arrivals level; keep on walking straight when you get out of arrivals. At the R-kioski at Helsinki Airport they sell all the Finland sim cards listed below.

Bring your passport when buying a sim card for Finland, you need it for registration.

Prices prepaid Finland sim card

Elisa Finland prepaid sim card

I went to two different Elisa stores and they only had one prepaid sim card for sale for tourists, it costs €5,90 and it comes with €6 credit. 

Me: what can I do with that credit? Any data packages I can buy? Elisa staff: I have no clue, go to the R-kioski stores, they can tell you more about it!

Haha you must be kidding me right? No sorry, I don’t know! This happened in two different Elisa stores!

Through one of the R-kioski stores I found out that €6 credit basically stands for 100 MB or 100 minutes. There is a package that you can top up with and gives you unlimited internet in Scanidinavia and the Baltics for €29,90.

elisa finland prepaid sim card finland

As you can guess Im not a fan and I would not recommend any tourist buying a Elisa Finland prepaid sim card. 

Telia Finland prepaid sim card

As I said before you can’t buy a Telia prepaid sim card at an official Telia store so you have to go to an R-kioski store. There I found out that you can buy a Telia prepaid sim card for €4,90 and it comes with €5 credit. For €19,90 you can buy a top up data package for unlimited data in Finland only for €19,90.

telia prepaid sim card finland

DNA Finland prepaid sim card

DNA may have the smallest network, but at least buying a DNA prepaid sim card is straight forward and they can help you at one of their official stores. A DNA Finland prepaid sim card offers you the following.

  • Buying a Finland DNA sim card costs €4,90 and comes with €5 credit.
  • For €0,89 daily you get unlimited calls and text within Europe and unlimited data in Finland.

dna finland prepaid sim card finland

Best Finland sim card

In case you visit Finland for just a couple days and go to the main tourists attraction then DNA is the best prepaid sim card in Finland.

May you go off the beaten path then definitely buy a Telia Finland prepaid sim card at the R-kioski shop and activate the unlimited data package through their website or go to one of the official Telia stores where they will help you.

Buy a Europe sim card online

May you travel onwards in Europe then buying a Finland prepaid sim card is NOT a good idea. Click on this link to find out the 8 best prepaid sim cards for Europe, I listed them all for you. Or have a look at the below Orange prepaid sim card with 20 GB data across 30 countries in Europe.

europe sim card orange 728x90

Portable WiFi device for Finland

When traveling with kids or as a couple have a look at a TEP Wireless portable WiFi device that gives you unlimited internet for just a couple bucks a day. Best thing is you can connect 5 devices at the same time and all enjoy the internet. Click on the link above or the banner below for more info.

portable wifi device for traveling

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