When I arrived in Georgia in September 2018 I already checked out the prepaid sim card deals in Tbilisi Airport. Local sim cards they sell at airports are always more expensive and options are often limited. On top of that not everyone who is about to travel to Georgia arrives at Tbilisi Airport. Therefore I also did some research for you and found you the best prepaid sim card in Georgia for tourists

Mobile operators in Georgia

There are 3 main mobile internet providers in Georgia:

  • Geocell
  • Magti
  • Beeline

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Where to buy a Georgia sim card in 2020

All of them are very well represented in the cities and airports. Buying a Georgia sim card is pretty easy as the operators have a couple different shops around the cities. In Tbilisi your best bid is on Rustaveli Avenue where all three operators have their big flagship stores. In Batumi you can find them a little more spread out but also pretty much in the center as well.

magti georgia

Best mobile network in Georgia in 2020

As a reference for best mobile network in Georgia I used the 4G coverage maps of all the mobile internet providers and compared them with each other.

4G Network Geocell Georgia

4g network geocell georgia

4G Network Beeline Georgia

4g network beeline georgia

4G Network Magti Georgia

4g network magti georgia

As you can see Geocell does not have a strong 4G network compared to Beeline and Magti. Based on the 4G coverage maps I would already recommend tourists not to buy a Geocell sim card for your trip to Georgia.

The Beeline and Magti 4G coverage does not differ that much, but it is clear that Magti has the best 4G network in Georgia. Both Beeline and Magti cover most of the tourist spots in Georgia. So I would surely recommend to buy a Georgia sim card of one of these two mobile operators when traveling in Georgia.

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Prices prepaid sim card Georgia in 2020

Geocell sim card

As said I would not recommend a Geocell sim card for tourists in Georgia. When traveling around they have the smallest 4G network and therefore are not the best sim card in Georgia. But if you just travel to Batumi or travel to Tbilisi you can also opt for Geocell.

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geocell georgia

Geocell sim card for tourists - Start Pack All Inclusive

Price 20 GEL ($7,5)

  • Unlimited calling and sms in Georgia
  • 30 minutes international calls to almost any country
  • 2GB data
  • Valid for 15 days

geocell georgia prepaid sim card

If one wants more internet or a prepaid sim card with only data, Geocell Georgia offers the following:

  • 2GB = 7 GEL ($2.5)
  • 4GB = 10 GEL ($3.25)
  • 6GB = 15 GEL ($5.75)
  • 15GB = 30 GEL ($11.25)

These internet packages are all valid for 30 days. There are no extra activation costs if buying a Geocell sim card for Georgia.

Beeline Georgia

If you are buying a Beeline Georgia sim card you will be charged a little over $1 for the sim card. You can see these 3 GEL as activation costs. Beeline has the following packages available.

The data only Georgia sim cards from Beeline are offered at very competitive prices. The data packages are all valid for 1 month.

  • 1GB data = 4 GEL = $1,5
  • 4GB data = 9 GEL = $3,5
  • 8GB data = 16 GEL = $6,0
  • 30GB data = 25 GEL = $9,5

These Beeline data sim card prices are the same as the sim cards at Tbilisi Airport.

prices beeline sim card georgia

If you want calling minutes included you will need to add a different package.

10 GEL = $3,25

  • Unlimited calling to Beeline numbers
  • 250 minutes to other networks
  • Unlimited texting
  • 30 days valid

Magti sim card Georgia

Buying a Magti sim card will also cost you 3 GEL extra for the sim card and activation. They also have a special tourist sim card, which a so-called free sim card for tourists in Georgia.

'Free' tourist sim card Georgia from Magti

30 GEL = $11

  • 3GB data
  • 30 minutes international calls
  • Free calls in Georgia to fixed lines
  • Free texting
  • Valid 15 days

15 GEL = $5.50

  • 5GB data
  • Free texting
  • Valid 15 days

magti georgia sim card for tourists

Apart from the Georgia tourist sim card Magti also has normal prepaid sim cards. Where you can add packages for example 1,000 sms for 5 GEL. Most important to know is of course the data packages.

  • 2 GB = 7 GEL - $2.5
  • 4 GB = 10 GEL - $3.25
  • 6 GB = 15 GEL - $5.50
  • 15 GB = 30 GEL - $11

prices prepaid sim card magti georgia

Best prepaid sim card in Georgia in 2020

Based upon the above information we can now come to the conclusion what is the best sim card for Georgia. As we saw Geocell is no longer in the picture for traveling in Georgia because of its much weaker network than Beeline and Magti.

Beeline has a good mobile internet network and gives you the best value for money, therefore the best Georgia sim card for tourists in 2020 is Beeline. For less than $10 you get 30 GB valid for a month.

beeline georgia

May this is because I am a big fan of huge data packages and I bought therefore a Beeline data sim card for traveling in Georgia. In a little over 2 weeks in Georgia I used more than 15GB. I was lucky I bought the 30GB data package of Beeline for 25 GEL.

When I left Georgia (I traveled by train from Tbilisi to Baku) I still had about 10 GB data left. But better way too much data left than a tiny bit too less.

Traveling in Georgia

Traveling in Georgia around October was great fun. Not only did I take a trip to Armenia from Tbilisi, I also went into the mountains and stayed overnight in Kazbegi. After my trip to Batumi in November 2017 it was my second time visiting Georgia. For a complete Tbilisi travel guide click here.

travel to georgia

I like this country, I will be back again! Thanks for reading my blog and I hope I was bale to help you with buying a Georgia sim card for your trip. Don't forget to have a look at my Kazbegi travel tips. I am sure that after reading about my trip up North and seeing the pictures you are willing to go there.

I hope the above tips for buying a prepaid Georgia sim card were helpful for your upcoming Georgia holiday. In case you have any questions don't hesitate to send me a message on my Instagram account @traveltomtom. More than happy to help you out! Enjoy the pictures and wanderlust vibes on my Instagram as Im trying to travel to every country in the world as of 2020.

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Enjoy your trip to Georgia!

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