On my road trip through Germany with Breakzy, the cool exploring app, I visited Dusseldorf and found a super hip and trendy boutique hotel in the heart of the city center. Where to stay in Dusseldorf just got a little easier because I found this great place for you and in this blog I will tell you 11 reasons why you should stay at me and all hotels Dusseldorf as well.

Traveling to Germany

If you have been following my blog you probably know that I grew up in Holland but very close to the border of Germany. That way I have been spoon fed with traveling to Germany and Dusseldorf is actually just a 45 minutes drive from my parents house. I have been to the city several times and once stayed at the Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf, but never really took time to visit Dusseldorf as a tourist. This time I was exploring hotspots for the new travel app Breakzy, so the perfect time to get to know the city a little better. 

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On my quest to find a boutique hotel in Dusseldorf I stumbled upon this hotels and I can now tell you everything you need to know about me and alll hotels Dusseldorf.

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11 Reasons to stay at boutique hotel me and all Dusseldorf

1. Location

Unlike many cities around the world Dusseldorf does not have Chinatown, instead it has a Japanese Quarter. Here the Japanese community is the biggest in Europe after Paris and London and is concentrated around the Immermannstrasse and that is exactly where you will find the me and alll hotels. This hip area has loads of Japanese bookstores, restaurants, bars, cute coffee cafes and healthy places for lunch. Perfect location!

me and all hotels dusseldorf 1

Me and all hotels is only 750 meters away from Dusseldorf Central Station and 750 meter in the other direction to the Konigsallee, the most famous shopping street in the city.

2. Rooftop Lounge Bar

Me and all hotels has a rooftop Lounge Bar on the 11th floor that is open to the public every day of the week. Views from up here over the city are splendid as this high rise building is one of the tallest in the area. Also great for sundowners. Unfortunately there is no outside area, but the cocktails are good!

3. Free bikes

Oh I love this feature about the hotel. Dutch people love to bike, and so do I. Exploring the city on a bike feels so free and you get to see way more than on foot. Found a cool coffee place on the other side of the city? No problem! Jump on your bike and within 10 minutes you are on the other side of Dusseldorf. The city is not that big and there are many bike lanes. I know for a fact Dutch people will love the free bikes! 

me and all hotels dusseldorf 2

There are not that many bikes available and its first come first serve, but during my 3 day stay I had a bike for myself every day.

4. Co Working Space

On the ground floor of the hotel there is actually a co-working space. Not only for hotel guests but for everyone. Bring your laptop and enjoy the free wifi and get some work done on the big long tables. There are electricity plugs, there is coffee and 24 hour snacks available at the reception. An inspiring place to work.

me and all hotels dusseldorf 5

5. Good, reliable and really fast WiFi

Although I recommend people traveling to Germany to get a prepaid sim card for tourists, it is a blessing that me and all hotels Dusseldorf has very good WiFi. The open network is easy to access and you only have to accept the terms to receive a download speed of almost 300 Mbps and an upload speed of more than 100 Mbps. How good is that? Perfect if you are staying in me and all for business and need to make some video calls.

me and all hotels dusseldorf 10

6. Free mini golf

This is a really funny feature. Why need to go out for mini golf when me and all hotels has several small mini golf holes in the hotel lobby? This is no joke! Get your golf club from the reception and have fun before you head to your room or in the morning before you visit Dusseldorf. Funny fact, the mini golf is open for non guests too and is completely free!

me and all hotels dusseldorf 4

7. Fit parcours

What to do with a super spacious staircase? Make it interactive and get people to actually work out! Why not? Every floor of the hotel has its own workout routine painted on the wall. So start at floor 1 and finish at floor 11. In total 10 different little work outs and in and between you walk the stairs. Great way to exercise!

me and all hotels dusseldorf 6 

For those too lazy to walk the stairs, there is also a proper gym in the hotel.

8. Private parking lot

Me and all hotels has a private parking lot. Guests pay only €10 per day and that in the middle of the city. Great service!

9. Buffet breakfast

You know how much I love healthy food, so when the breakfast buffet serves hummus, walnuts, hazelnuts, greek yoghurt, fruits, etc. I am a happy guest! The breakfast is served up on the 11th floor and the views over Dusseldorf are amazing in the early morning. Drinking a coffee here lets you slowly wake up while staring in the distance.

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10. Young hip staff

The staff is super friendly and very helpful. This young team of professionals are super happy to tell you the best tourist spots in Dusseldorf. Where to get the best Japanese food, the best coffee places and photo spots. These guys know their city!

11. Price

With this good view, the spacious rooms and the great location in a popular and fancy city like Dusseldorf you must think this is an expensive boutique hotel, but I saw it online already for less than €100. This of course comes down to the time of year and the day of the week, but check out their best rates here for Agoda, If you rather use Booking.com then have a look at the rates for Me And All here. Agoda compares the best rates and makes the cheapest booking for you btw! :)

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Me and all hotels Dusseldorf review

Since I lived in Australia and did my barista course, I became a coffee snob, so I would have loved to see quality coffee being served at me and alll, but I was a happy guest at check out as you can imagine. Staying at me and all made my trip to Dusseldorf a great one. The uncomplicated vibe like check out at 12.00, breakfast till 10.30 and the chilled policy with the bikes, the parking and hanging out around this boutique hotel made me feel totally at home.