Traveling to Hungary soon? Avoid high roaming costs and slow overseas data roaming by getting a local sim card. In this guide you can read everything about buying a sim card for Hungary in 2021. I will show you where to go, the up to date prices, best network and more.

Arriving at Budapest Airport? Check my article about buying a sim card at Budapest Airport.


Flying to Budapest soon? Don't let high roaming costs ruin your trip to Hungary. Get yourself a local sim card on arrival. This is your guide to buying a sim card at Budapest Airport. I will show you where to go, up to date prices and everything else you need to know before buying a Hungary sim card.


Are you traveling to Hungary soon? Then this is the perfect blog post to find the best places to see in Hungary beyond Budapest. Of course I understand if the beautiful capital is going to be your base and you start traveling around the country from here. Lately I did the same, took a flight to Budapest, enjoyed the city and left on a road trip. In this blog I will tell you all about the Hungary sights to make the most of your holiday in this country. Including a sample itinerary.