Lately I took a bus from Zagreb Airport to Budapest Airport where I checked to buy a Hungary sim cards on arrival. In the city center of Budapest I went to all the phone shops to find out which Hungary prepaid sim cards they are selling for tourists. All the info can be found in this article. Update January 2020!

This trip I only included Budapest in my Hungary itinerary. Last year November I did a road trip through the country and got to visit the best places to see in Hungary. Click on the link when you like to go off the beaten path.

Buying a local sim card is the first thing I do when I get to a new country, but as there are so many (price) differences I started to research the best options for tourists. Because wasting money on expensive roaming costs is useless and getting ripped off as soon as you arrive is not a nice way to start your Europe trip either, right?

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Hungary sim cards and traveling in Europe

As Hungary is part of the EU there are no roaming costs for European sim cards when traveling in Europe. Also the other way around when buying a Hungary sim card you can freely use your data in all other European countries.

This is not always like that and especially the Eastern European countries have the worst sim cards for traveling in Europe. Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia and even some Austria sim cards have no EU roaming included. Click on the link to read my complete article and find the best European sim card with data for tourists.

Order a European sim card online

Check out this sim card for Europe travel which you can order online through this link. This Orange sim card is valid in more than 30 countries and gives you 120 minutes and 20 GB data. Click on the link to see if you qualify for free shipping to your country.

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4 Best Hungary sim cards to buy online in 2020

Save the hassle of buying a Hungary sim card on arrival, let it be shipped to your home address before your trip to Hungary. The following Europe sim cards are also valid all across Hungary and 30 other countries in Europe.

1. Orange Smart Comfort S - 8 GB data

Price: $30

  • 8 GB data
  • 30 minutes worldwide
  • 200 sms worldwide
  • Valid 14 days

2. Orange Smart Comfort X - 20 GB data

Price: $50

  • 20 GB data
  • 120 minutes worldwide
  • 1,000 sms worldwide
  • Valid 14 days

3. Three Smart Silver - 5 GB data

Price: $30

  • 5 GB data
  • Unlimited calls within Europe
  • Unlimited sms within Europe
  • Valid 30 days

4. Three Smart Gold - 12 GB data

Price: $40

  • 12 GB data
  • Unlimited calls within Europe
  • Unlimited sms within Europe
  • Valid 30 days

For more amazing sim only Europe sim card deals, click on the link and read my complete guide about it.

Mobile internet operators Hungary

There are 3 main mobile internet providers in Hungary:

  • Vodafone
  • T-Mobile
  • Telenor 

Best Hungary mobile network

The best prepaid sim card in Hungary is not only determined by the prices and the available data packages. What about going on a Hungary road trip and as soon as you leave Budapest you loose connection? A strong network is just as important. Therefore I checked the network coverage (source of all the Hungary mobile internet providers.

Telenor network coverage map

telenor hungary network coverage map

Vodafone network coverage map

vodafone hungary network coverage map

T-Mobile network coverage map

t mobile hungary network coverage map

From what we can see from the above Hungary coverage maps is that Vodafone has the smallest network, though is still prominent with 4G+ in all the tourist destinations in Hungary. All networks are good for tourists.

Where to buy a Hungary sim card in 2020

There are multiple mobile internet provider shops in Budapest and all other tourist destinations in Hungary. The easiest way to find your preferred shop is through Google Maps. Go to the search bar, type in the mobile internet provider and add shop behind it. Google Maps will show you all the options to buy your Hungary sim card.

You can also buy a Hungary sim card at Budapest Airport. I went there and check it out for you. Click on the link to see if it is worth it!

What to bring when buying a Hungary sim card

For buying a Hungary prepaid sim card you need to have a photo ID or a passport with you. Don’t forget it otherwise you can’t get a prepaid sim card.

Prices prepaid Hungary sim card for tourists in 2020

I went to all the mobile shops and asked for their prepaid Hungary sim card packages and this is what I found out.

Telenor Hungary

They have relatively small data packages for Hungary sim cards but at least all the data and minutes are valid in the EU.

  • 1,5 GB - 50 min = 3490 HUF ($12)
  • 3 GB - 100 min = 5490 HUF ($19)
  • 5 GB - data only = 5490 HUF ($19)

All Telenor prepaid sim cards for Hungary are valid for 30 days and you are able to use a hotspot.

Vodafone Hungary

They have much bigger data packages at Vodafone Hungary! These are their prepaid Hungary sim card offers:

  • 10 GB + 200 min = 10.500 ($36)
  • 20 GB - data only = 10.500 ($36)
  • 15 GB + 200 min = 15.500 HUF ($54)
  • 30 GB - data only = 15.500 HUF ($54)

prepaid sim card hungary

All above prepaid Vodafone Hungary sim cards are valid for 30 days and a hotspot is available.

T-Mobile Hungary

They only sell one prepaid Hungary sim card at T-Mobile, but at least it is fairly cheap.

  • 1 GB - 80 min = 2000 HUF ($7)
  • Add extra 3.5 GB = 3.500 HUF ($12)

prepaid sim card hungary 2

The T-Mobile Hungary prepaid sim card is valid for 30 days, a hotspot is available and their data and minutes can also be used all over Europe.

Best Hungary sim card for tourist

Since there is hardly any difference in network strength it all comes down to the price. Vodafone is an expensive Hungary sim card for tourists I think, but if you are a fan of big data bundles like me then they have great offers.

In general I think T-Mobile Hungary is the most flexible and cheapest and therefore is the best prepaid Hungary sim card for tourists!

Buy your Europe sim card online

When traveling to any country in Europe then buying a Europe sim card with data online is not a bad idea either. Consider this Orange sim card with 20 GB data and 120 international calling minutes. Click on the link or banner below to see if you qualify for free shipping to your home address and get online as soon as you land in Europe.

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I also wrote a complete guide for the best European sim card. Click on the link to read everything about it and the best offers.

Portable WiFi device

When you travel to Europe with kids a TEP Wireless portable Wifi device is a good solution to keep them quiet. With a Teppy you get unlimited internet per day and you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time. Check out the link or the banner below.

portable wifi device for traveling

I hope all the above tips about buying a prepaid Hungary sim card are helpful. May you have additional question go to my Instagram @traveltomtom and leave me a message. This may create serious wanderlust with pictures from 7 years of continuously traveling the world to more than 100 countries and since 2020 I am aiming to visit every country in the world.

Wondering how to make money travel blogging or how I became a professional travel blogger? In the links I tell you my inspiring story!

Enjoy your trip to Hungary!

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