Very recently we travelled through some new and undiscovered parts of the Netherlands. The city of Deventer turned out to be the perfect stop in between the Veluwe and the Achterhoek. We liked it so much that we decided to spend the night there, and we really had chosen the perfect place to stay in Deventer.

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boutique hotel huis vermeer deventer

About Boutique Hotel Huis Vermeer

Huis Vermeer is a luxury boutique hotel in Deventer. It has eleven four-star rooms, two of which are Grand Suites. In their 18th century building, where no two rooms are the same, you will be completely pampered. All rooms have their own, unique story and are partly furnished with 18th century antiques, that completely match the experiences and history of the building.

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Hotel Huis Vermeer is located in the city center of Deventer, right next to the church. It’s the perfect location to stay when visiting and exploring Deventer, as everything is located at walking distance.

Travelling by car you can park at the other side of the river for free, then take the ferry back to the city. The ferry will only cost you 1 euro, and certainly is a fun way of entering the city.

The buildings where Hotel Huis Vermeer and the restaurant are located are national monuments. They used to be the former banker’s residence of the Vermeer family.
Huis Vermeer is a very classic and stately hotel, in the most luxurious possible way.   

Restaurant Huis Vermeer

boutique hotel huis vermeer deventer Restaurant

Hotel Huis Vermeer has their own restaurant and terrace (both in the front and at the back). The restaurant is opened every Wednesday to Sunday for lunch, dinner or a drink. Their menu is decorated with beautiful fresh seasonal and regional products from the Deventer region.

boutique hotel huis vermeer deventer Lunch

Every day their team provides a carefully composed gourmet menu called the Chef’s Menu. The dishes in their menus are based on the French classical cuisine with a creative hint of the new international cuisine.

In the restaurant you can find some amazing and impressive paintings, these paintings are all original and date back to the 1800’s. Breakfast is served at the restaurant as well, and is personally served at the table, great service!

boutique hotel huis vermeer deventer Restaurant2

boutique hotel huis vermeer deventer Breakfast Room2

We were welcomed to Huis Vermeer with a lovely and delicious two course lunch, even including a bubbly drink of cava, what a warm welcome!

Royal Suite

boutique hotel huis vermeer deventer royal suite

We were given the amazing Royal Suite, as the lady at the front desk said, the best room of the house. Entering the room felt like walking into a palace. A truly one of kind, outstanding and awesome suite. So awesome that we spent most of our first day there, just being amazed by how big and impressive the room was.

I was convinced when I saw Rituals products in the bathroom. For me Rituals stands for luxury and pampering, and fits right into the picture.

The Royal Suite has a large bed, a fireplace and even a balcony. Balcony views include the terrace, church and the square. The minibar is filled, but not included in the room price.

Upon arrival, at your hotel room door, there is a bag welcoming you. This bag is filled with some mints, refreshing towels and ear plugs, just in case you can’t sleep because of the church. Great thinking! We didn’t need the ear plugs by the way.

The bathroom of the Royal Suite is very large, and has it all. Separate shower and bath tub, double sink and a fancy toilet, that even comes with a remote control. I have to be honest, we had to figure this one out, but once we did, it was kind of fun, it cleans everything!

boutique hotel huis vermeer deventer royal suite3

Don’t forget to look up to the ceiling when staying in the Royal Suite, this suite has some amazing ceiling paintings, well worth having a look. The Royal Suite is located in the former salon of the Vermeer banking family.

Terrace Top 100

boutique hotel huis vermeer deventer Terrace2

Every year there is a so called Terrace Top 100 competition in the Netherlands. This competition has been running for over 10 years now and offers terraces a great stage to present themselves.

In the most recent Top 100, in 2019, the Terrace of Hotel Huis Vermeer ended in the Top 5 of the Netherlands, which is a fantastic achievement! That brings a lot of positive publicity and more visitors who want to have a drink on a top 5 terrace.

The city of Deventer

deventer streets

Deventer is a small but charming city, with great vibes. Town square the Brink is the bustling center of Deventer. The best way to explore the city and get to know it is by doing a city walk. The local tourism office organizes these walks every day and will show you the best of Deventer during a 1.5 hour walk. Pre-registration is required to participate in this tour and the costs are €6 per person.

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The city is also known for its Deventer Koek (a bit like gingerbread) and something you must try when visiting Deventer. Make sure to take a look at the authentic shop at the town square. This Charles Dickens-esque little shop full of delicacies from grandmother's time will make your mouth water. Of course you will find all original products here. Fresh Deventer Koek is also baked here.

Hotel Huis Vermeer is unique in so many ways. It’s a small boutique hotel, but it offers high quality, personal and outstanding service. Staying at this hotel means pure luxury and indulgence, absolutely recommended.

This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She stayed at the lovely Boutique Hotel Huis Vermeer, on behalf of Traveltomtom, and wrote this blog about her experiences.