Traveling to Portugal soon? Don't waste money on high roaming costs, Portugal sim cards are affordable. You can easily buy them in stores around the city or airport. You will be online in a couple minutes and enjoy high speed internet. In this article you will read where you can buy sim cards for Portugal, which provider has the best and fastest network and you will find the up to date prices as per June 2021.


Flying to Lisbon Airport soon? Avoid roaming costs when traveling in Portugal or even Europe. This is your guide for buying a prepaid sim card at Lisbon Airport. Where to buy a sim card, the prices, the best network... you find it all here in this guide.

Mid June 2021 I landed in Lisbon after my trip to Africa. First things first, I researched the airport again for local sim cards to update this article.


The capital and largest city of Portugal is a beautiful charming city with several characteristic Bairros de Lisboa (neighborhoods) with historical culture and unique architectural landmarks. It’s one of the oldest cities in Western Europe and in the world. Lisbon is situated at the mouth of the Tagus River and is Europe’s only capital city along the Atlantic coast. English is widely spoken so language shouldn’t be an issue if you travel to Lisbon.


After years of traveling I have done many crazy things and some of the best adventures around the world, but the last year there was one thing that was still not ticked off on my travel-to-do-list and that was to experience a vanlife trip. Driving around in a van, free to go wherever, free to stay wherever and live a simple but happy life was what I was dreaming of doing. Finally this dream was becoming reality and I flew to Portugal to pick up a van for my Portugal road trip.