In January 2020 I traveled to Portugal for only the second time in my life. Definitely one of the most laid-back European destinations and I was just as stoked to find out everything about buying a Portugal sim card. In this article I will help you where to buy one, show you the best network coverage and tell you which sim card for Portugal is the best for tourists.

Upon arrival I immediately checked all about buying a sim card in Lisbon Airport. Click on the link to read the full article about it.

Portugal sim cards and traveling in Europe

Is Portugal your first destination on your Europe trip than make sure that you buy a Portugal data sim card with free EU roaming. Not all mobile operators in Portugal offer free data roaming in other EU countries. Check my complete guide for the best Europe sim cards for tourists in this link.

I traveled to every country in Europe and wrote sim card guides. Check for example: Madrid Airport, Spain, Oslo, Norway, Dublin, Ireland and many more.

4 Best Portugal sim cards to buy online in 2020

Save the hassle of buying a Portugal sim card on arrival, let it be shipped to your home address before your trip to Portugal. The following Europe sim cards are also valid all across Portugal.

1. Orange Smart Comfort S - 8 GB data

Price: $30

  • 8 GB data
  • 30 minutes worldwide
  • 200 sms worldwide
  • Valid 14 days

2. Orange Smart Comfort X - 20 GB data

Price: $50

  • 20 GB data
  • 120 minutes worldwide
  • 1,000 sms worldwide
  • Valid 14 days

3. Three Smart Silver - 5 GB data

Price: $30

  • 5 GB data
  • Unlimited calls within Europe
  • Unlimited sms within Europe
  • Valid 30 days

4. Three Smart Gold - 12 GB data

Price: $40

  • 12 GB data
  • Unlimited calls within Europe
  • Unlimited sms within Europe
  • Valid 30 days

For more amazing sim only Europe sim card deals, click on the link and read my complete guide about it.

europe sim card orange 728x90

Mobile internet operators in Portugal

Portugal has three main mobile internet providers: MEO Portugal, NOS Portugal and Vodafone Portugal. MEO is the most popular mobile internet operator in Portugal.

portugal sim card

Best mobile network in Portugal in 2020

Not only the price for a Portugal data sim card is important, network coverage is just as important. Therefore in the next images I am comparing the network coverage for all three mobile internet providers in Portugal. (source

Network coverage MEO Portugal

meo portugal network coverage

Network coverage Vodafone Portugal

vodafone portugal network coverage

Network coverage NOS Portugal

nos portugal network coverage

From the above Portugal mobile network coverage maps we can see that they are pretty much identical and that all mobile internet providers guarantee good coverage in all touristy areas.

Where to buy a Portugal sim card

Every big city or tourist destination in Portugal has plenty options for buying a Portugal prepaid sim card. Just find the nearest MEO, Vodafone or NOS store on Google Maps.

Buying a sim card at Lisbon Airport

At the most busy airport in the country you can also easily buy a Portugal sim card. Must say there is only a Vodafone store at Lisbon Airport so the choice is limited but you also can get a Lyca Mobile Portugal sim card at Lisbon Airport. Click on the link for my complete guide.

What to bring when buying a sim card for Portugal

Always bring your passport when buying a Portugal sim card as they need it for registration. Without you can’t get a sim card.

Prices prepaid Portugal sim card in 2020

These are the latest prices as of my research in January 2020 for sim cards for Portugal.

Prepaid MEO sim card Portugal

A MEO prepaid sim card costs €10 and you will need a €5 top up. They only offer 1 Portugal sim card for tourists and it basically it costs €15 and you get the following:

  • €15 = 3 GB data + 500 minutes OR sms - valid for 1 month in ALL of Europe.

Vodafone Portugal prepaid sim card

The Vodafone store at Lisbon Airport sells the exact same sim cards for Portugal across the rest of the country:

  • €20 = 5 GB data in Europe + 500 minutes OR sms + 30 international minutes - valid for 30 days.
  • €30 = 60 GB data ONLY for Portugal - valid for 30 days. (hotspot available)

vodafone portugal sim card

Prepaid NOS sim card Portugal

A NOS Portugal sim card costs €2,50 and you can top up with the packages shown in the picture below. For example:

  • €27,50 (€25 + €2,50) = 5 GB data + 7,000 minutes OR sms - valid for 30 days ONLY in Portugal.

portugal sim card 2

They also offer a data only sim card for traveling in Europe:

  • €30 = 30 GB data valid in all of Europe for 30 days.

Best Portugal sim card for tourists in 2020

As the mobiel internet networks are all the same is comes down to which provider offers the best value for money.

Vodafone Portugal gives you 5 GB data + 30 international minutes + 500 minutes/SMS valid in all of Europe for just €20 and therefore is the best prepaid sim card for Portugal. You can even buy this on arrival at Lisbon Airport.

For data only lovers the NOS Portugal prepaid sim card with 30 GB in all of Europe for €30 is a great deal too.

Buy a Portugal sim card online in 2020

Forget about the hassle getting a sim card for Portugal on arrival. You can order them online now and get them shipped to your home address. Get online straight away when the plane lands. Check out the best deals for Portugal in the link or click on the banner below.

europe sim card orange 728x90

Portable WiFi device for Portugal

Another option is to get a TEP Wireless. This portable WiFi device lets you connect up to 5 different devices (phone, tablet, laptop) at the same time and all enjoy high speed internet. Great solution to keep your kids quiet for just a couple dollars a day. Click on the link of on the banner below to find out more about it.

portable wifi device for traveling

I hope the above tips for buying a prepaid Portugal sim card were helpful for your upcoming Portugal holiday. In case you have any questions don't hesitate to send me a message on my Instagram account @traveltomtom. More than happy to help you out! Enjoy the pictures and wanderlust vibes on my Instagram as Im trying to travel to every country in the world as of 2020.

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Enjoy your trip to Portugal!

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