Visiting Madrid soon and flying to Adolfo Suarez Barajas Airport? If you want to save on high roaming charges Traveltomtom recommends you to get a prepaid sim card for Spain. Don't get fooled by slow overseas data roaming plans, they are expensive and reduce the data speed. It is 2023 and we want 5G! This is a complete guide for buying a sim card at Madrid Airport. Where to get a sim card, up to date prices as per May 2023, my recommendation and even info about international and e-sim cards for Spain.

The first thing I do when I get to a new country is buying a local prepaid sim card or getting an e-sim card. Because of my journey to visit every country in the world I have been to more than 200 countries and many major airports as per May 2023. Therefore you can find already almost 200 prepaid sim card guides on Traveltomtom from all over the world: Paris, London, Dublin, Lisbon, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam, BerlinBarcelona, etc. But also places like Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, PeruPanama, USA, Canada, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and many more.

So when planning your next adventure abroad come check out Traveltomtom for the latest prepaid sim card advice in your destination. Bookmark this website!

Why buying a sim card at Madrid Airport

It is very simple. You want an Uber to drive you to your hotel? Then you need an internet connection! Or what about looking for a nice restaurant nearby when walking through the city or getting direction from Google Maps. Having a data connection on your phone makes traveling to Madrid so much easier.

Also don't rely on the public WiFi of your hotel, bar or restaurant. There is no guarantee it works or is fast enough and above all a public WiFi connection is through an UNSECURED network. In these cases it is recommend to use a VPN to protect your data.

My recommendation

Traveltomtom recommends buying an Mas Movil prepaid sim card for Spain if arriving at Terminal 4. If you arrive at Terminal 1 you only have one choice unfortunately and that one is very overpriced. When arriving at Terminal 1 I recommend you to wait for Madrid city center or order a sim card for Spain online.

You can already order an e-sim card for Spain from $4.5 USD and get 1 GB data. Perfect for those travelers that are on a short trip to Spain and just want to stay in touch with family through WhatsApp, check their email and get directions.

The value for money buying a sim card at Madrid city center is much better and it is one of the cheapest way to get connected in Spain. Check out my complete guide for buying a sim card in Spain in 2023.

Traveltomtom also recommends global sim cards. These sim cards with coverage in multiple countries are very convenient and some of these international sim card deals are great for traveling to Spain and Europe. Have a look at my article about the best international sim cards for traveling in 2023 and find the one that suits your trip to Europe.

However, if you want to make it easy for yourself and fix everything within just a couple minutes then get yourself an e-sim card for Spain.

E-sim cards for Spain

But have you already heard about e-sim cards for traveling abroad? It is the easiest way to stay connected when traveling to Madrid in 2023. You order an e-sim card for Spain online, in your email you get a code and instructions. You follow the instructions, apply the settings as described, insert the code and you are ready to go. Check out the following Spain e-sim deals:

  • 1 GB for 7 days = $4.5 USD
  • 2 GB for 15 days = $6.5 USD
  • 3 GB for 30 days = $8.5 USD
  • 5 GB for 30 days = $11.5 USD
  • 10 GB for 30 days = $18 USD
  • 20 GB for 30 days = $26 USD

Click here to order one of the above e-sim card for Spain directly online or find more info in the link!

The above data-only e-sim cards for Spain are valid only in Spain and calls are not supported if you are looking for Spain e-sim cards that also support calls and include EU data roaming then have a look at the following international e-sim cards that are valid in all of Europe:

  • 10 GB data + $2 calling credit (top-up possible) for 30 days = $24.9 USD
  • 8 GB + unlimited calls/text for 14 days = $29.90 USD
  • 20 GB + unlimited calls/text for 14 days = $49.90 USD

Click here to directly order one of the above international e-sim cards for Europe and Spain or find more info.

How does an e-sim card works? In short: you receive a QR code after your purchase, this code you enter on your mobile, you follow the steps and within seconds you are connected.

europe sim card orange 728x90

You can also still buy a physical sim card for Spain online. Get for example 12 GB data all over Europe and unlimited calls/texts in Europe for $29.90 USD. Click here to find and order this amazing Spain sim card deal. This international sim card will be send to your home address prior to your trip.

Spain sim cards and free EU roaming

Spain prepaid sim cards are a pretty good deal for traveling in Europe, most prepaid sim cards offer free or unlimited roaming in the EU, but always ask your mobile internet provider when buying a sim card in Spain. Sometime they have sneaky rules with data caps outside of Spain. In general I recommend buying a sim card in Spain for traveling in Europe.

Free EU roaming means that when you buy a sim card in Spain you data, voice and text allowance is also valid in other countries in Europe at NO extra costs, so you don,t need to buy a new sim card in every European country you go to. Check out my complete guide with all the info for tourists about buying a local sim card in Europe or check my article with the best sim cards for Europe travel.

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Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas Airport

sim card madrid airport 9

The Madrid Airport (MAD) consists of 4 different Terminals and unfortunately terminals are very far apart. Terminal 2 and 3 are outdated but mostly for European arrivals.

Most intercontinental flights arrive at either Terminal 1 or Terminal 4. However, these terminals are 5 kilometers apart. There are shuttles busses that constantly run between the terminals but for just buying a sim card I would not recommend it. That said, a sim card for Spain at Terminal 1 is more than DOUBLE the price than a sim card at Terminal 4.

Where to buy a Spain sim card at Madrid Airport

madrid airport sim card

This completely depends at which terminal you land. In Terminal 1 there is a big phone shop called: Betel Phone it is in and between the two arrival gates. Unfortunately it is the only place to buy a sim card at Madrid Airport Terminal 1 and prices are HIGH!

But at Madrid Airport Terminal 4 there are 3 different places to buy a sim card for Spain: WH Smith shop, The Market convenient store and at Consigna Left Luggage. The WH Smith shop is on your right hand side when you walk into the Arrivals Hall and on your left you will find The Market store and Consigna - Left Luggage.

Prices prepaid Spain sim card Madrid Airport 2023

Betel Phone Terminal 1

prices spain sim cards madrid airport

At Betel Phone Madrid Airport Terminal they only sell Orange prepaid sim cards. Be aware they are expensive! See the prices in the photo above. The Betel Phone opening hours are: 08.00 to 18:30. They close very early and when arriving at Terminal after 6:30 PM there is no place to buy a sim card anymore. Pretty disappointing!

The cheapest prepaid sim card at Madrid Airport Terminal 1 costs €45 and gives you data for 1 month. All sim card deals offer free EU roaming so you can use your sim card in all of Europe. For more info about free EU roaming check out my guide for buying a prepaid sim card in Europe.

When landing at Terminal 1 it is much cheaper to order your Spain sim card online or get an e-sim card for Spain. See below for more info.

WH Smith shop Terminal 4

where to buy sim card madrid airport

This convenient store is known for selling prepaid sim cards across major European airports. At the moment they only sell Mas Movil sim cards.

mas movil prepaid sim card madrid airport

The Mas Movil prepaid sim cards are the best sim card deal I have found all across Madrid Airport.

  • 40 GB data = €20
  • 80 GB data = €25
  • 120 GB data = €30

Packages are valid for 1 month all across Europe. The WH Smith shop is open from 07.00 till 22.00. 

The Market Terminal 4

sim card madrid airport 10

The Market shop is located when you walk to your left when entering the arrival hall. The shop is open from 8.00 till 20.00 and they sell an Orange prepaid sim card for traveling in Spain and in Europe.

market store orange sim card

For €25 you get a sim card with 100 GB data with 15 GB free EU roaming, see the above photo for more details. 

Consigna - Left Luggage Terminal 4

consigna left luggage store madrid airport terminal 4

The Consigna - Left Luggage store is a little hidden all the way at the end of the terminal on your left hand side past the Market convenience store. It has great opening hours: 05.00 till 23.00.

Here they also sell Orange sim cards, but different ones than at The Market store.

orange sim card madrid airport

The cheapest Spain sim card deal they offer costs €20 and you will get 20 GB data valid in all of Europe, see the picture above.

Best sim card for tourists at Madrid Airport in 2023

If you arrive at Terminal 4 you are lucky, because here they sell the best Spain sim card deal at Madrid Airport in 2023: Mas Movil at the WH Smith store! For €20 you get 40 GB data valid in all of Europe + calling minutes.

Here is a vlog about my experiences buying a sim card at Madrid Airport on arrival at Terminal 4.

I also went to Terminal 1 for you and recorded a vlog to show you everything. Please if you can like the video for my effort.

Prices for Spain sim cards at Madrid Airport are pretty steep compared to what they offer in Madrid city center. The official mobile internet operator stores of Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo and Movistar have some amazing sim card deals. Click on the link to read my article about the best Spain sim card for tourists in 2023 and also find out who has the best 4G/5G network coverage in Spain.

Order a sim card for Spain online

europe sim card orange 728x90

If the above sounds like too much effort then don't waste time buying a sim card at Madrid Airport and order one online before your trip to Spain. Get an international sim card that covers Spain shipped to your home address. Easy, quick and convenient... just put it in your phone on your arrival and it gets activated automatically. The following international sim cards deals are a great deal for traveling in Spain AND Europe:

Three data pack 12 GB - $29.90

  • 12 GB data in all of Europe and UK
  • Unlimited calls/sms within Europe and UK
  • Valid 30 days

O2 Go Card - $24.90

  • 10 GB data in all of Europe and UK
  • $2 calling credit - top up possible
  • Valid 30 days

Orange Holiday Europe - $49.90

  • 20 GB data
  • Unlimited calls/sms in Europe
  • 120 minutes worldwide
  • 1,000 sms worldwide
  • Valid 14 days

Click here to order one of the above prepaid sim card deals for Spain or find more info in the link.

Personally Traveltomtom recommends option 4 as that is the sim card I also use when traveling to Europe. You can order any of them and many other international sim cards directly through the links above.

Also a last reminder that you can also order an e-sim card for Spain, simple and fast. Click here to order an international e-sim card for Spain through SimOptions or a data-only e-sim card for Spain through Airalo or get more info in the links.

How to get from Madrid Airport to the city center

Outside of every terminal there are busses leaving constantly for the city center, but my preferred way of traveling from Madrid Airport to the city center is by Uber. In Spain an Uber is affordable. A bus ticket costs €5 and can be bought on the bus. The journey takes around 40 minutes depending at which stop you get off.

I hope the above tips for buying a prepaid sim card at Madrid Airport were helpful for your upcoming Spain trip. May you have any more questions please leave me a message below and I am happy to help. Also regarding Madrid travel tips.

Curious what it looks like trying to visit every country in the world? Go check out my Instagram account @traveltomtom and follow along. As of May 2023 I have visited more than 155 countries, so still a long way to go.

Enjoy your trip to Spain!

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